How to channel anger in a relationship

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how to channel anger in a relationship

What do you do when your partner gets angry? Do you get angry back, or shut down and withdraw, or give yourself up, or freeze? Here's how to escape your. The second biggest challenge in staying in a relationship with a resentful or the angry and resentful frequently feel disappointed and offended, which, in turn. Resist the urge to be a channel for the anger and resentment of others. The anger and resentment of others can be seductive — they can have.

That can invite the other person to listen to us and to remedy the situation. Usually this is a sense of vulnerability or feeling threatened. As part of exploring my own relationship with anger, I noticed I often resorted to sarcasm or barbed comments rather than expressing anger and the underlying feelings openly.


When we have a healthy relationship with anger, we acknowledge these underlying emotions and experiences just as much as we acknowledge the anger itself. This is easier said than done: Once we can do this, identify the true source of our anger, and name the feelings underneath, we can then decide how we want to show up in the interaction.

We can by-pass our knee-jerk response, skip lashing out and respond with a rational, loving approach towards ourselves and others.

how to channel anger in a relationship

How to cultivate a healthy relationship with anger 1. Start by recognising its masks. Explore the messages you received around anger. When you express anger, people will leave you. Your anger is unjustified and unreasonable. Recognise that anger is a valid and acceptable emotion, just as much as joy, sadness, grief, or anything else on the emotional spectrum.

Redefine your relationship with anger: Look for the feelings underneath the anger: These are the root of our anger and we need to acknowledge them to relate to and express our anger in a healthy way.

how to channel anger in a relationship

Practice conscious expression of anger. This will help you choose your words more carefully and not say something you will regret.

How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Anger

Surprisingly, this makes the experience of those feelings actually diminish. For one, hug, and do have sex. Even though you both might not be in the same emotional place during the resolution process, connecting physically can help. In fact, some marriage counselors suggest that if the marriage is on a downswing, have sex at least once a day.

how to channel anger in a relationship

The scheduled connection might put things in a different light and aid in resolving resentment. Meet on a bridge. This can be metaphorical and also realistic. In order to actualize this place of mutual understanding, one idea is to literally go to a bridge nearby.

Pack a blanket and a light picnic snack, go to the bridge, and talk things out.

How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Anger - Becoming Who You Are

The relaxing setting and fresh air can lend itself to openness, as well as taking things less seriously. The bridge has the advantage of serving as a successful means to reconnect.

Engage in daily empathy actions. Empathy is not necessarily the default feeling and needs some retraining to become par for the course.

how to channel anger in a relationship

Routine empathy can be actualized by checking in with our partners about how they are feeling, looking them in the eye, and regularly giving the benefit of the doubt. Once empathy becomes intrinsic behavior, resentment often becomes a thing of the past. Are There Limits to Unconditional Love?