How to be a leader in dating relationship

how to be a leader in dating relationship

Feb 9, A godly husband is called to a life of servant leadership in the marriage relationship, and that means putting his wife's needs ahead of his own. May 18, This is no dating game—the relationship, whether or not they stay love interest isn't coming from a place of leadership or ethical awareness. I am convinced the key ingredient to help any relationship grow is by showing Guys in particular crave to be looked at as a leader as someone whose ideas.

There was a right of passage that turns boys into men.

how to be a leader in dating relationship

In as much, he never taught you how to lead either. This is very key to keep in mind when you developing the masculine leadership side of yourself.

Not Leading: Biggest Dating/Relationship Mistakes Part Four - Attraction Institute

You are essentially looking to them to let you lead. When this happens THEY are the ones who are in the lead because at any time they can stop letting you lead and do their own thing. A true leader goes without the approval of the pack. Ironically, this type of leading will get people to follow you the most.

how to be a leader in dating relationship

You must know what it is you want to accomplish. Without that knowledge it is doubtful you will ever get anywhere-you will end up wondering the sea without a port for an eternity. Here is an exercise to develop leadership: Next time you are in a group of people or with a friend and you want to cross the street or go into a store, DONT say anything and just do it. Take this exercise and do it ALL of the time. When you are at a club and you want to dance, just go dance without asking anyone else or checking to see what everyone else is doing.

Apply the reverse as well. Tell her that you will be leading her and that she needs to trust you. Then walk her around for a little while with her eyes closed. This will put you in the leadership role and her in the follower role. As well, it will build mass amounts of trust and attraction between the both of you.

First step is to know what you want and where to go. The second step is actually going in the direction you want regardless of what others think and what other people are doing. She should cause him to love and see her as a person, and not just as an object. Guys in particular crave to be looked at as a leader…as someone whose ideas are important.

Guys want to know their girl is interested in what they think. He feels respected when she cares about how he thinks and feels.

how to be a leader in dating relationship

He will feel deeply valued. Sometimes guys have a hard time communicating, especially their thoughts and emotions.

how to be a leader in dating relationship

It is good, however, to repeat back to him what she heard him say, so they are both are on the same page. She encourages and supports him. Guys easily feel belittled by girls. When she cheers on her man, she is breathing life into his soul. Telling him she believes in him and supports what he is attempting to achieve is a very powerful way to show respect.

how to be a leader in dating relationship

When he feels that support, the confidence she is pouring into him will help him to feel invincible. Someone once said, Behind every great man, is a great woman. So give a guy a gift he will never forget: Let him have his own life, make his own decisions, spend time with his friends.

This shows you respect him, and will make her more attractive to him. She must respect herself. There are many girls who are extremely insecure and are convinced they are not worth being loved or respected by others.

So they end up sabotaging their relationships with guys because of their low self-esteem.

Respect: The Key Ingredient for Every Dating Relationship

He talks with her in a courteous way. Making jokes about her body, is never appropriate or talking behind her back.

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He never texts her with cruel or biting comments, and he is there to defend her if somebody does. This is a big one. A guy shows respect by not pressuring a girl to do things she does not want to do.

How to Be a Spiritual Leader in a Dating Relationship | Dating Tips

He respects her morals and strives to hold himself to the same high moral standard. A girl should be seen as a treasure, not a magnet for the guy to be attached to. He gives her time and attention. All women love the gift of time and attention. A guy gives her this gift by talking with her and asking questions about her life. He refuses to brag about his own accomplishments to try and impress her. He points out her strengths.