How much is an original meet the beatles album worth

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how much is an original meet the beatles album worth

First pressings by big acts like The Beatles or Bruce Springsteen, and finds like have (or used to have) that are worth way more than their original sticker price. How much are worth and valued your rare and collectable vinyl and cd by searching on THE BEATLES MEET THE BEATLES ORIGINAL LP STILL SEALED. The Beatles Meet The Beatles LP Capitol T Mono Original Vinyl Record The Capitol C1 series is considered by many to be the best quality mixed and . VERSIONS OF THE BEATLES ORIGINAL ALBUMS FOR ONE LOW PRICE.

Discogs The Beatles's self-titled double album which later became known as the White Album originally released inbut not all copies were created equal. The members of the band and executives at the studio were given copies stamped with serial numbers that began with A, each in consecutive order A, A, etc. The very first copy, which Clifford J. The odds that you once owned a copy of the album that had a low serial number are slim to none, but not impossible.

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Given the amount of time that has passed since then, and the unfortunate fact that Bowie is now deceasedand you can imagine what these rare copies would sell for today. No one knows how many copies are still unaccounted for, but someone surely has to be lucky number Discogs Between and copies of this jazz record were released inand there is one small change that makes them more valuable than other records from the label.

how much is an original meet the beatles album worth

According to The Vinyl Factorythe rumor is that Blue Note ran out of labels halfway through the first pressing of the album. The standard address for the record label is 47 West 63rd NYC, but some of the records have labels that say 47 West 63rd New York 23 on one side. There were multiple pressings of the album in the first year, but collectors pay attention to the labels to tell which is the rarest of them all.

If you or your parents were riding the wave with Paul and the boys from the beginning, hopefully someone had the foresight not to open the copy. Discogs Collector John Marshall of moneymusic. I think he was hoping to get something slightly better than garage sale price and I'd like to get it before he decides either to sell it to someone else or keep it himself. Any help would be great!! Harb83 Jun 14, Here's the ones to look out for Firstly, it's very easy to see if a copy is in stereo or not - it has STEREO written on both the front cover and the record label.

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The original 60's presses have a black Capitol label with the rimtext around the edge in white and inside the black. Copies from look the same but have the word "Subsidiary" added to the rimtext. Then, after that the label changed from orange, Apple, purple etc etc. These reissues aren't really worth much at all. So, if it's an original 60's pressing, we can go down into which variation it is.

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Yup, there are 4 different publishing company variations - 4 for the east and 3 for the west I'll get to how you can differenciate between the coastal pressings in a bit. But to start with, let's work out which variation it is - this simple guide will help, all you need is the side 1 label!

If all the songs are BMI then it's a 4th variation. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th variations aren't really worth much, but if you get the 1st variation that have no BMI or ASCAP publishing credits then it's worth quite a bit!

When Capitol were getting the LP ready for release they were making the labels and didn't know what the publishing credits were. Rather than wait to find out they just cracked on ahead and left them blank and ran off the first run ofcopies. These were the copies that were absolutely trashed by fans and because they were issued in such limited numbers, today they're extremely hard to find, even more in decent condition! The 1st variations only appeared on the East coast pressings.

how much is an original meet the beatles album worth

The west coast production didn't start until the 2nd one had come into force. But how can you tell an east from a west?

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Simply look at the side 1 label. If the number 1 denoting the side number is just a simple vertical dash then it's an East pressing. If it has a little dash at the top to make it look more like a 1 then it's a west coast pressing. The print is also thinner on a west coast pressing and the type looks like it's too far to the right on the label.

how much is an original meet the beatles album worth