How guys flirt josh lucas

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how guys flirt josh lucas

Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillipe and Josh Lucas head the cast. The pic at r2 is how he looked when he was hooked up with Guy Pierce in Oz. . still flirts and pretends to love women but he has been going through almost the entire. Amazing performance from young Alonso anchors this movie, which flirts with cliché but scores a bull'seye emotionally. (Johansson) and drives the streets of Scotland, picking up single men for nefarious purposes. Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas. Lange (Amanda), Christian Slater (Tom), Sarah Paulson (Laura), Josh Lucas ( Jim). threatens to fire the guy who sells the least amount of prop- erty that month. Mabel flirts excessively with Ted's best friend while Ted hires another Mabel.

Now bring on the reconciliation! Our favorite small-town detective with a heart of gold has been transferred. And while Jake is on medical leave, a tiny mean woman named Captain Santini Callie Thorne barreled in from the Bronx scaring everyone with her orderly desk and contemplative environment.

Welcome to season 2, Queen of Darkness. Jake ditches his last week of medical leave in lieu of returning to the precinct. Max Max Carnegie gives him an enormous, awkward hug. He is by far one of my favorite characters on this show. I could watch Max and Laura banter for days and be a very happy camper. Add Josh Lucas in the mix and you have a show I can get behind.

No one has time to argue this professional hiccup because a child has been kidnapped. The odd part about the kidnapping is that the first attempt went horribly wrong.

A sketchy guy jumped in front of a few children, screamed at them to run from a taxi careening into the playground, and then was struck and died instantly.

It turns out that our mystery guy has a rap sheet and statutory rape is on the list. Say hello to the rape victim. Her parents turned Ronnie in because she was 16 when she got pregnant.

Ronnie used to be a junkie, but he is clean now.

how guys flirt josh lucas

One of the kids at the playground has been targeted. The kidnapping worked this time. Laura and Jake try and comfort the parents, but Theo has diabetes. The clock is officially ticking.

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The mom talks about her perfect son and her perfect home birth. Laura and I both wince. She pops a few pills and consoles her teenage daughter while Jake learns that the dad owns a bunch of parking garages. That means he has access to a lot of cash at all times. Whoever took Theo has to know this. All they can do is wait for the ransom. Soto and Bose check out a lead from the dad, Carl. He had a disgruntled employee who stole money from him.

His record-keeping books are a work of fiction. Laura puts two and two together — Theo is not their biological son. I think it's one of those things where he's very Wolfgang's interesting because I guess it's something he's learned, you know? And he's very clear about the fact that he's learned how to use it and how to work with it and the more he learns and knows how to work with it, the more he wants to, because the challenge of it is so massive.

There's nothing as difficult as working with. Water and fire are completely uncontainable even on a soundstage. Wolfgang loves the fact that you're creating something where you're putting people inside of a situation that cannot be controlled as much as it can be. And I think that becomes something for him every day that he's really enjoying that challenge and enjoying putting people within that and trying to see how they would react.

It comes from Das Boot obviously and then each time I think he feels he's gotten better at it and better at understanding how to play with it. It's a treat for him, I think. Did this make you question your own mortality? And if this really happened, would you stay with the captain or go try to find a way out? There's no doubt I would go. I think that's the sort of interesting question of this.

Without a doubt I would go. There's no way I would wait to be saved. And did I question my mortality? The think about Wolfgang, it's so interesting You're putting us in danger and you're only going to get one take. That's all you can have -- one take.

how guys flirt josh lucas

So you'll do it again. I absolutely questioned my mortality. What were your thoughts on working on a new version of a well-known movie?

And I think, you look at them, they are radically different films.

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There are a couple homages to the original and that's about it. And to experience what he then put us through, which was a radically challenging environment on a daily basis and trying to maintain, like you say, some sense of character within it without dialogue, which is almost a silent film in a way. Is it a sign of the times that we don't need the character stuff from the original?

That's a good question. Ask Kurt about this too, because we talked about this a lot. We said this will be an interesting movie to analyze, the difference between the original Poseidon Adventure and this Poseidon and to analyze it from the point of view of how movies have change and how culturally there's a shift too from really accepting the joyful cheesiness of that movie.

If you really look at it, it's really what the strength of that movie is, the original, and what absolutely this movie basically strips away. Is that a reaction to the fact that we went through such horrible disasters?