How does transactional analysis help in improving interpersonal relationship

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how does transactional analysis help in improving interpersonal relationship

Transactional analysis is a powerful model which can help people used in communication training programmes to improve the communication skills It is important to note that the Parent, Adult and Child ego states do not. “Transactional analysis is a technique used to help people better understand their own Individual therefore does not want to share it with subordinates and wants to keep hidden. There are certain factors to improve Interpersonal relations. Does not support media & animations It is a technique used to help people better understand their own and other's behavior in IR Dr. Eric Berne gave the basis for this Utilities of Transactional Analysis Improved interpersonal Communication Resolution of Interpersonal Conflict Better Understanding of.

You are impatient and your disappointment is clear in your voice and body language. You are anxious about getting a big assignment done and need the input of your staff. They may or may not be aware of the pressure you are under, but your tension comes across.

You are very good at details and often have valuable insights so you review things in detail and almost always have suggestions for everything your team does. My boss sounds like my Dad or Mom when I was a teenager and came home after curfew. They feel like you may not trust them to perform adequately, even when they have been doing the work for some time. The key here is to heighten your awareness of how your communication is being received. If you get into the Parent — Child mode too often with a subordinate, it can be very frustrating.

The relationship you have established with them. Do they fit the team and are they responsive to your style? Have you invested enough time to have them understand your expectations? Do they have the skills and training they need to succeed? Can they do what you are asking? Any one transaction has two parts: Individual transactions are usually part of a larger set. Some of these transactional sets or sequences can be direct, productive and healthy or they can be devious, wasteful and unhealthy. When people interact they do so in one of three different ego states.

An ego state is a specific way of thinking, feeling and behaving and each ego state has its origin in specific regions of the brain. At any one time our actions come from one of these three ego states. The Parent is like a tape recorder.

how does transactional analysis help in improving interpersonal relationship

It is a collection of pre-recorded, pre-judged, prejudiced codes for living. When a person is in the Parent ego state, she thinks, feels and behaves like one of her parents or someone who took their place.

How Can Transactional Analysis Improve Human Relations in Business Situations?

The Parent decides, without reasoning, how to react to situations, what is good or bad, and how people should live. The Parent judges for or against and can be controlling or supportive. When the Parent is critical it is called the Critical Parent. For example, the employee would expect that you might ask him a question regarding whether he had a good time.

Understanding Personalities The pharmacy business requires pharmacists to be able to communicate effectively with patients, employers, employees and other health care professionals. Most pharmacy students have an option to take a transactional analysis communications course to improve human skill development.

The course gives them a better understanding of transactional analysis with the goal to help them engage in adult-adult interactions, according to a article published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

When the students began communicating with peers as an adult instead of as a parent, they reported an improved relationship. I'm OK Psychiatrist Dr. The messages you give to your staff have an effect on the quality of work they produce.

When you are communicating effectively, you are likely to achieve the desired result. The four effective modes in transactional analysis are structuring, supporting, co-creating and playful.

Transactional Analysis - A Model for Effective Communications

Structuring is offering constructive criticism. Supporting gives affirmation of the work your employees have done. Co-creating allows you to work with your employees on projects. When you are playful with employees, you can diffuse a potential problem.

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This makes employees uncomfortable and might even cause permanent bad feelings. Ineffective modes consist of criticizing, being inconsistent, interfering, over-adapting, being oppositional and being reckless. When you are critical, you are conveying to employees that only you can do things right. You will not produce a loyal staff this way.

how does transactional analysis help in improving interpersonal relationship

When you are inconsistent in your behavior, you make it difficult for your staff to trust or follow you.