How did pewdiepie meet marzia

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how did pewdiepie meet marzia

Know all about PewDiePie girlfriend, dating, net worth, and such Several times in , he visited Italy to meet Marzia and so did Marzia. this was in frifays with pewdiepie: pewds does everythingg ♡ . I so badly want to meet Pewdiepie, Marzia, Amosh, Kalel, and tobuscus. Pewdiepie and Marzia. YouTube stars Marzia Bisognin and Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, are engaged. At least, she's The couple originally met after a friend of Bisognin's recommended she watch Kjellberg's videos on YouTube, which she did.

As she told LinkedIn in"I would say that so far, my biggest accomplishment this year was to finally create my dream dress, as I have been working on it since October When asked what the most important lesson she had learned so far was, Bisognin had an answer ready. With time, thanks to YouTube, I have learned to speak up for myself, go for something if I really want to, but at the same time never let anyone push me to do things I'm not okay with.

But many do not know about the beginning of their relationship. As the couple shared in a YouTube videowhen they first started dating, it began as four or five months of long-distance. And as Bisognin shared, it definitely wasn't easy.

In one of her videosshe described this further, saying, "Before I met Felix, my plans were to move to Paris and study art at a university, and none of that happened, but I am extremely happy and have no regrets…I couldn't be happier to be where I am right now.

In one blog postshe went into detail about a few of her tattoos and where their meanings came from. For example, her "shy" tattoo has to do with her being able to open up more throughout the years.

She wrote, "I got it last year, after realizing how much progress I made in opening up to people and pushing myself to do things I wanted to do but had always been to afraid to even try. I would see nobody other than Felix [PewDiePie]. It was a dark period, I thought I was going to have to see someone about it, but then something changed, and I got out of it.

In her blog, she wrote in more detail about this tattoo and the story behind it. As I previously stated, growing up I felt awkward about my body, no matter how much I tried to eat I could not gain enough weight to look like the other girls.

But now I cherish my body. And many have questioned if her accomplishments were a result of her relationship with YouTube sensation PewDiePie. Well, that is just not the case.

When did Marzia and Felix meet?

Back inBisgonin posted a video addressing this very issue. Although this video is no longer available for viewing, her commentary from the video has remained. As she said via SuperFame"Probably at least 90 percent of the people on the internet know me as PewDiePie's girlfriend, and they do not even know that my name is Marzia.

I kind of grew accustomed to that, and tried not to be bothered by it — but there is always someone in every single one of my videos that has to point that out, reminding me about it…The funny thing about it is, there are so many YouTube couples on the internet, but for some reason I am the only person that doesn't get seen as an individual.

That is what really hurts sometimes. And travel has been an important part of her life for a long time. She spoke of her favorite places to travel, noting, "My trips to Asia, Tokyo and Singapore specifically, both have the high score in my heart.

Growing up I have always dreamt to be able to go to Asia, one day, and when I finally got the chance to, my expectations were exceeded and my mind was blown away by these amazing places.

New Orleans comes out on top.

Facts you may not know about Marzia Bisognin

Other locations on my list are Scotland and Iceland. For aspiring YouTubers, she's a source of legit inspiration. What does he do with it? In spring ofyear old Felix is sitting in his room at home in Gothenburg.

His computer is on. His character in World of Warcraft, an orc warrior, has reached 70, the maximum level.

PewDiePie And Marzia Bisognin Just Got Engaged

He devotes all his free time to game strategy and thinking about gaming. Given the choice between gaming and meeting up with friends, he always goes for World of Warcraft. Now that his character has reached the maximum level, he begins the process of creating a new character, to start it all over again.

Suddenly the realization hits him. For real, what do I get out of this? This whole thing is just killing my time, says Felix Kjellberg. Instead, he began focusing on his studies. In just one year, he turned his mediocre grades into top ones. Achieving what I want is all I think about, says Felix Kjellberg.

Since, Felix has turned from a lonely, introverted WoW-gamer to something completely different: Just reaching Felix Kjellberg took months. It required more than 10 phone calls to his parents and even more e-mails sent to several inactive mail addresses before finally getting in direct contact with him.

He has no manager, no assistant or friend to help out with work-related contacts. All those faces you see on the cover of magazines are there for a reason: They have something to sell. A message or a product. They need to stay on good terms with the media, and at times with various advertisers or sponsors.

By doing interviews, they want to reach more people, a new audience. Felix Kjellberg sells something too: Icon magazine has a circulation of roughly 18 issues and a readership three or four times larger than that. Pewdiepie gets more subscribers than that — every day. From November of last year till May this year, his subscribers increased from 16 million to 27 million.

Today, close to 31 million people subscribe to his videos. His close to 2 videos have been viewed more than 6,1 billion times. No daily paper, TV-show or news site in the world can touch his reach. Previously, he has also turned down — or rather neglected to reply to — all the interview proposals he receives every day.

This is his first cover interview ever. How come you agreed to meet with us? You were also flexible when it came to meeting times, and I appreciate things like that, ha ha.

how did pewdiepie meet marzia

We meet up at Felix has already been up for two hours, editing. Despite the fact that he and his girlfriend — who, under the name CutiepieMarzia is also a huge YouTuber in her own right with 4 million subscribers —— could travel in luxury all over the world on a never-ending tour attending events and gaming conventions, he turns it all down in order to work.

Their Victorian apartment has three small rooms and the living room ceiling is five meter high. With all the stucco and architectural adornments, the living room is reminiscent of an elaborate cake. According to this old-school scale, YouTubers should place at the very bottom.

The digital platforms have turned all that around. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection, or just a smartphone, can publish themselves online. People with talent and persistence can build their audience and make their own money — leaving old intermediaries like media houses, talent scouts, agents and production companies out of the picture.

At first, he posted a few self-edited game scenes without commentary. And then a few cuts where he played computer games while commenting on them. It has grown gigantic in scale in recent years, but when Felix started out, it was still fairly unassuming. There was room for someone like me. After completing a Science Foundation year, he got in at the first try. They all wanted to make a business career, something I had no interest in what so ever.

how did pewdiepie meet marzia

While he was a student at Chalmers, his videos started to take off, attracting an increasingly large number of viewers. He had tried playing the horror game Amnesia, filming himself as he screamed his way through the scariest scenes of the game. It was an incredible feeling. At this point, he was uploading several clips every day.

Since he had begun filming himself, his audience had also changed. In the beginning, his audience was 99 percent male, but from now on, more girls started watching too. And as fate would have it, one Italian viewer sent a clip to a friend along with the comment: Instead, she started following his YouTube-channel and after some time, she sent him a message on Facebook. Around this time, he had 1 subscribers and read every e-mail he received.

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Felix and Marzia begun e-mailing each other and exchanged video messages every day for two months. Marzia and one of her friends met him at the airport. The ride home to her parents was uncomfortable and embarrassing. But the romance endured reality and Felix stayed for two weeks. Marzia subsequently moved to Sweden and a while later the couple moved to Italy together. It took too long just posting videos on YouTube, says Felix Kjellberg.

Moving to Brighton turned out to be a rational solution, as they both wanted to live in a city close to a big city, preferably close to the sea, somewhere where people spoke English. Everybody wanted to collaborate and meet up — and it was fun meeting people from the same world, but in the end I still wanted to just sit down and nerd around with my computer.

It was fun for a while, but it was enough. What kind of offers did you receive? There was one thing I did agree to do, to be an actor in a feature film. The idea was that I would play myself and get brutally murdered. But in the end, the film was never made. Would you like to create a game of your own?

Gaming press recently reported that the four years old game Skate 3 from ea had made it to the bestseller list because Pewdiepie had posted a series of clips on the game earlier this year. Since he did, demand for the game has been so high that ea has had to bring the game back into production despite the fact that it is a lousy skate game suffering from tons of problems, making it excellent comedy material for YouTube.

But Felix Kjellberg has also been helpful in the success of the horror game Slender and the humor games Goat Simulator and Flappy Birds. I played the game and it caused somewhat of an explosion, it was really weird to see. But you can look at the statistics and see that games increase to an extreme degree when I play them. What happens to you then? After making a game big? Do you play outside YouTube? When it comes to games, my own personal taste differs a lot from the ones I play on YouTube.

The games that are the best suited for YouTube are the really terrible games — if you want to be nice you could call them diamonds in the rough. One game I really wanted to play was Dark Souls, but often great games result in boring videos. I just want to play the games, not influence sales. If a game is really bad, do you say so?

These days, I just quit. When it comes to your video production, how far ahead do you work? I tailor the content according to the response I receive. It may shift from day to day. I read as many comments as I possibly can.

Which videos are the most popular? My audience has grown successively. I keep testing new things all the time. Squeezed in between kitchen and bathroom, with small dark windows along the top end of the wall, the room suffers from poor air conditioning. On the walls, there are horror themed paintings, a man in a hood but without a face and an evil clown. The local county administration bought one of them. I bought my first computer with the money I made.

Once the screens and lights are all turned on, it gets very hot very quickly in the little room. In the background, you can often hear the sound of Felix shouting from his room. The comments on YouTube make up a very special kind of monster.

The fans treat Pewdiepie both like a friend and as an unobtainable idol.

how did pewdiepie meet marzia

Many do everything in their power to get attention, a reaction. Felix has close to 4 million followers on Twitter.

When he replies to any of the hundreds of fan accounts — which often use pictures of himself, Marzia or one of his dogs as profile pictures — the receivers become overjoyed and get a great deal of attention themselves. Seeing all this stuff on Facebook and Twitter worries me a little bit.

Towards the end of August, shortly after reaching 30 million subscribers, he posts a video where he suddenly states that he will close down the comments on the channel. On his Tumblr the following day, he asks people to cast their votes on a new idea: