How did joseph and wendy prince meet

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how did joseph and wendy prince meet

By his own admission, Pastor Joseph Prince is a shy man and a former stutter. . His homemaker wife, Wendy, 35, is a volunteer creative consultant at the church. The two met in church in and were married a year later. Recommended: My Meeting With Pastor Joseph Prince – Dr. Michael Wendy is a devoted wife to Joseph and a loving mother to Jessica. “His ability to talk to you is greater than your disability to hear Him. Meet the extraordinary Joseph Prince. . Joseph Wendy Prince people-i-d-like-to-meet.

Saved at 12 years old, Prince decided to go into full-time ministry while in his 20s. He began serving on staff at New Creation Church, preaching and assisting the pastor in ministry, and was named senior pastor in At the time the congregation had just members, and Prince watched it grow to about 2, in the next seven years.

Everything changed inhowever, when he says God spoke to him while he and his wife, Wendy, were vacationing in the Swiss Alps. It was a voice, and I heard God say this clearly to me: But the voice persisted. In earlywhile again on vacation, he says he had another life-changing encounter with God. He and Wendy were in Canada when they saw a minister on television preaching about hellfire and brimstone.

Since then, testimonies have been pouring in, and both the frequency and reach of the television program have continued to increase.

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But Prince is not without his critics. The law is perfect, just and good, but it has no power to make you holy, just and good.

how did joseph and wendy prince meet

Only the blood of Jesus, which He shed willingly and gave freely, makes us holy. The apostle Paul makes this clear for us in Romans 6: Jesus first told the woman that He did not condemn her, and then He told her to go and sin no more. Experiencing the grace of our Lord Jesus gives people the power to stop sinning.

how did joseph and wendy prince meet

Every time he lit a cigarette, he would confess that Jesus took his addiction on the cross and that he was the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, says Prince has a passion and commitment to see people understand and walk in grace.

how did joseph and wendy prince meet

If the church at large could fully grasp this timely message, I truly believe it will bring magnificent release for so many into their gifts and callings. It is important to build a firm foundation upon the finished work of Jesus Christ and realize that in the new covenant, it is not about what we need to do but all about what Jesus has done.

I kept reminding Him of how good I was, how I kept myself pure because of Him, and how I deserved to have a wife. Later, I began dating Christian girls and became serious about one of them.

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But she broke up with me and that made me resentful because I had treated her well. I kept asking God for forgiveness but it only brought more condemnation. From then on, I began looking at girls all the time with lust in my heart. I heard these accusations in my head: I did my best to spend time with Him by praying and reading the Bible. I also forced myself to look elsewhere when an attractive girl passed by.

how did joseph and wendy prince meet

And then the cycle of these religious efforts would start again. I even increased my time of praying and reading the Word.

how did joseph and wendy prince meet

I also fasted and went to church six times a week! However, after a few days, I would be back to flirting with girls on the Internet with my head full of lust for them. Then, I was back to crying and asking God for forgiveness. All these only brought more condemnation and guilt into my life and I started getting deeper into sin, even developing an addiction to masturbation. I thought God was not going to bless me with a wife because of my actions and thoughts, and at the suggestion of a church leader, I made a vow to God.

I promised Him many things including stopping masturbation in exchange for a wife. But after a few weeks, I was back to sinning again and I felt even more condemned about breaking the vow.

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I thought God was going to curse me. By then, I was thirty-eight years old and still not married. I was angry because friends my age were already married and blessed with children. The turning point for me came when I saw one of my favorite pastors posting an update on Facebook about a book he had enjoyed reading.

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I believe that the Holy Spirit put the desire and curiosity in me to buy the book, and I started to read it after I got it in the mail.