How did hank and peggy hill meet

20 Obscure ‘King Of The Hill’ Facts All Diehard Fans Should Know

how did hank and peggy hill meet

And Butt-head, Office Space, and many others) meets Greg Daniels' character- and relationship-based Hank Hill (Mike Judge) is a perfectly conceived central character, a staunch Not only does Bobby get addicted, the episode causes reformed smokers Hank and Peggy to backslide, providing a nice. She always talks about how she's from Montana, but I just watched that valentines day episode where she finds out Hank had mono, and I. Margaret J. "Peggy" Hill (née Platter) (born March 9, ), the deuteragonist of Hank stated that Peggy does not have a twin, however, he didn't meet Hoyt.

how did hank and peggy hill meet

Apparently this door has some kind of anti-opening device. The peanuts are emitting toxins as an evolutionary defense mechanism. They're tired of being eaten, and now they're fighting back. Anyhoo, I just stopped by to pick up my buddy Boomhauer. You see, we're both in here by mistake. Now I can't vouch for Boomhauer, but I am most definitely not crazy. Did you just say, "Go Mom"? Now who's the crazy one? In a self-help class in a mental hospital It's just that in the alley, no one cares what I have to say, but here, I feel heard and accepted and dare I say We gotta get out of here.

The smoking breaks are too short, the food is good at best and the anti-depressants are making my mouth dry and happy.

Bill raises his hand.

how did hank and peggy hill meet

Why don't we just call Hank? Hank must never know we were in here. Our society stigmatizes the mentally ill Hank realizes he's all alone and sighs.

Then he sees Khan starting to build a fence.

King of the Hill (season 4) - Wikiquote

I thought I heard someone mixing concrete. Eight feet tall between your house and my house. Yeah, you see Khan, in this neighborhood, side fences have to be 5'6 or under. It's not in the code or anything, it's just something I'm trying to enforce. You really want to help me, Hank Hill? You keep your dirty little boy's hands off my innocent genius daughter!

Now what's that supposed to mean? Last night, I catch Bobby half-naked in Connie's room! The truth about your little boy not so pretty after all, is it, Hank Hill?!

Well, that boy's gonna get a talking to, I tell ya what! Hank walks away and secretly laughs Whew. Aunt Peggy, Mister Kahn saw me naked!

20 Obscure ‘King Of The Hill’ Facts All Diehard Fans Should Know

Movin On Up [4. The only thing your roommates ie: It worked for Dick Nixon. For example, get ahold of some goat's blood. Then when your roommates need blood, give them the tainted goat's blood. It's a perfect plan. I don't want to hurt anyone I just want them to do the dishes.

Oh, well in that case stack the dishes in the shower. That's the way Nancy gets me to do them. So you found yourself a project. Do you get the same, uh, high I get from lawn care? Bill of Sales [4. Of course, I'm still in the propane business. That sounds more like Mihn. I wish they'd move. Let go of my finger! Character[ edit ] She wears glasses and is generally seen wearing sleeveless blouses and culottes.

Her feet are the one trait she is deeply insecure about, despite the fact that it's been said that such feet give her her exceptional confidence, perfect posture and incredible athletic ability. She is gifted at baseball, among other sports. Within the household, Peggy provides a voice of reason to and a buffer between Hank and Bobby, who have difficulty relating to each other.

Peggy has taken Hank to task about their relationship, or the lack thereof. Peggy's devotion to family extends to her niece Luanne, whom she thinks of as a daughter.

Peggy freely encourages Bobby and Luanne; sometimes to Hank's distress. Peggy's high opinion of herself is often quite an annoyance to her family and friends. She usually considers herself smarter than everyone she meets and knows; more attractive than Luanne, Nancy and many other more conventionally attractive women; and constantly takes credit for things she has never done. Hank finally confronts her about her confidence issues in "Peggy's Fan Fair".

She was easily indoctrinated into a homogenous cult in "Fun with Jane and Jane". She has been conned into participating in two separate pyramid schemesone selling Herbalife -inspired health food products, the other selling kitchen utensils. She believes that people can do anything if they commit themselves. This often gets her into trouble, as she takes the philosophy too literally. Peggy often plunges into things, disregarding her own complete lack of skill; for example, during the episode "Phish and Wildlife," she walks onto a crime scene expecting to become part of the investigation just because she is "on a roll.

how did hank and peggy hill meet

For example, in the episode "Lady and Gentrification," when Peggy begins selling working-class housing to upper-middle-class Millennial hipsters in Enrique's primarily Mexican neighborhood, property values skyrocket and Enrique nearly loses his house due to the massive increase in his rent. To solve the problem, Peggy makes it appear as if typical middle-class families were moving in, prompting the hipsters to leave. Peggy assumes that everyone else thinks as highly of her as she herself does. Upon meeting Eduardo Felipe, star of the fictional Monsignor Martinez, she believes he wants to have an affair with her.

Peggy believes she is far more conventionally attractive than she is, from believing she could win a beauty contest hands down, to thinking herself on par with Bobby's girlfriend.

She believes that she can speak fluent Spanish, but her actual knowledge of the language is very limited. Her own egotism makes her believe she is better at speaking it than native Mexicans. After returning the girl home, she was arrested for kidnapping, but was found not guilty after she testified in Spanish, her poor Spanish proving she was innocent, despite still claiming she speaks fluent Spanish. As another running gag, Peggy often calls attention to her part in something for its own sake.

She often states well-known facts and claims them as her original thoughts, like suggesting that "the day after Thanksgiving is, in my opinion, the biggest shopping day of the year. Peggy occasionally makes claims that seem to have no basis in reality at all, such as "Swiss cheese is not Mexican, it's American.

She also believed Minh had an unhappy marriage because she enjoyed growing roses. When she is particularly pleased with her own cleverness, she raises her hand to her chest and chuckles, "Oh, Peggy! Her family dinners are a regular rotation of a few menu items which include Frito pie with Wolf Brand Chili on Mondays, fried pork chops on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays "Spa-Peggy" and meatballs, [8] the one dish which, according to Hank, "she's kind of made her own" though it is simply spaghetti with meatballs with "just the right amount of sugar and grated parmigiana cheese.

In the Season 7 episode "Goodbye Normal Jeans" when Hank begins to prefer Bobby's cooking over her own, Peggy shows that she is not above sabotaging even her own son to restore her ego. In the same episode she is also shown as jealous of Bobby after she ruined Hank's jeans in the wash and Bobby made him a new pair with skills he had learned at school in Home Ec, claiming that her sewing machine could not make seams as straight as Bobby had achieved.

As the series progresses, it puts increasing emphasis on Peggy's superiority complex.

how did hank and peggy hill meet

As her egotism grows to extremes, other characters become more aware of it. Other characters seem to tolerate Peggy's behavior. In a season eight episode, Peggy states she was once a cheerleader. Bobby says he thought it was more of her "big talk," acknowledging her tendency to self-aggrandize.

Peggy never actually was a cheerleader. The irony in this is that Randy Travis did indeed steal the song, but not even Hank believed her due to her egotism. Peggy's overly high self-esteem may be a reaction to her mother's constant criticism.

how did hank and peggy hill meet

Character flaws aside, Peggy is a kind person at heart who often works from the best motives. Peggy is completely devoted to her husband and family. She refers to Hank as the love of her life. Peggy has demonstrated her love for and protectiveness of Hank several times.

For example, in the episode "What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis" she stood up to Buck Strickland on her husband's behalf when his antics drove Hank to get drunk and make a scene in public at a trade show. Peggy confronted Buck and told him very bluntly that Buck owed his successful business to Hank and demanded that Buck help her fix the mess that he got Hank into as a result of his behavior.

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However, Peggy makes no secret of her contempt for her father-in-law, Cotton Hill, particularly because of his neglectful, cruel behavior toward Hank. Of course Cotton shows even more disrespect towards Peggy herself, including frequently referring to her as "Hank's wife" instead of her name.