How did ben lee meet ione skye

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Australian singer Ben Lee didn't receive a pen from Ione Skye on their recent trip to India he received an "I do!" After consulting with their guru. Say Anything star Ione Skye said "I do" to musician Ben Lee as the including How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor and Skye's older brother, Donovan Leitch. She also has a daughter, Kate, with ex-boyfriend David Netto. Lee lives here with actress Ione Skye, the daughter of another music legend,. Scottish the question every Australian asks me about Ben Lee: how does such a.

This studio, in Lee's home in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon, may be unexpectedly modest for one of Australia's most well-known performers. But then Lee, 38, has long been a fearless experimenter, and one who's historically been rewarded for it, with hits in various musical genres, big label signings and celebrity friends.

And when he later switched to penning sensitive and slightly melancholy hits, like Gamble Everything for Love, he evolved into an indie heartthrob. Of course I was absolutely convinced that I was that girl". And when previously he morphed into a ballsy, chest-thumping self-promoter, in the vein of Liam Gallagher from Oasis, by declaring his album Breathing Tornados was "the greatest album of all time"?

He not only weathered the public dressing down that followed, but went on to collaborate with a drum roll of high-profile musicians, from Sean Lennon to Zooey Deschanel for a light 60s-esque ditty and Mandy Moore for a 50s-style duet. But could Lee have gone too far with his latest batch of wacky moves?

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Might his fans, once and for all, revolt, damaging his career? After all, Lee is the first to admit his habit of jumping into projects, without first considering the potential consequences, has led to him making mistakes.

how did ben lee meet ione skye

Or is his unpredictable quirkiness a key part of being an artist and, as he suggests, something his disciples should embrace?

He has also begun to use his celebrity to sell essential oils for a company that has been accused of being a pyramid scheme, or something close to it.

From chart topper to death doula: Ben Lee's latest quirky career move

They're the sort of offbeat interests that prompted online music magazine fasterlouder to ask in a headline: I felt like I hadn't heard about you since Ripe' — Lee's sixth solo album, released nine years ago — 'I felt you went back to Australia. I am past the point of being afraid of what people think of me, says Ben Lee. Paul Costello But following one's passion, and going against the grain, is a message that lies at the heart of his latest album, which encourages people to resist succumbing to "groupthink".

For instance, the song What's Good Is Good, a slightly melancholy lullaby, protests against the messages about sex and love that his daughter and stepdaughter receive from the mainstream media.

Lee is no stranger to falling victim to "groupthink". This tendency is responsible, he says, for one great stuff-up — what he calls his "I'm Australia's greatest performer 'performance art' [phase]" of the late s.

I was copying Liam Gallagher and Andy Kaufman. So it's interesting how people still think of me as arrogant, instead of realising I was mistaken. This time around, though, he's being a little more cautious, given their controversial nature. I'm not allowed to make health claims" — essential oils are not classified as medicine — "but I'll just say that the support offered by essential oils has been significant and meaningful," he says, when asked what he likes about the oils he sells from US brand, doTERRA.

In the videos he and wife, actress Ione Skye, post regularly to their Skye Lee Oils Facebook page, they have said the oils are "supportive" in many ways, from aiding the respiratory system to helping quell anxiety. They could be right under your nose. You married Ione in India.

how did ben lee meet ione skye

Do you practice Hinduism or are you a religious person? I would definitely not call myself religious. There are Hindu rituals that I do. I have my relationship with Amma, which is very sacred to me.

I explore all different things. Is Ayahuasca a psychotropic drug? Your little girl, Goldie Priya Lee, was born in How has fatherhood changed you? I mean, its just love, really. I feel so myself around her. Just the opportunity to love someone unconditionally and be loved back unconditionally is very, very healing. It has just made me a better person. Is it intimidating to have him as a father-in-law? Did you and Claire Danes remain friends after the breakup in ? We speak every now and then, but not particularly.

A Wedding in India for Actress Ione Skye

Especially once you have kids, your life becomes much smaller in terms of the amount of people you can continually keep up with.

I can imagine laughs. Were you pleased by her comments in the documentary? I mean, we went through so much together and we grew up together. So that was very generous of her to be part of it. Maybe it would be just to work out some stuff to put on the list laughs.