Duff mckagan how to be a man single and in relationship

How to Be a Man: by Duff McKagan

May 11, At the time, Duff McKagan was still sticking it out as the longtime bassist niche writing about everything from music to marriage to his beloved Seattle with guys who may remain single and kid-less for the rest of their lives. May 11, Being in a rock & roll band doesn't teach one how to be man. Book Excerpt: Duff McKagan Recalls the Bitter Dispute Over the Guns N' Roses. May 10, One wouldn't usually turn to a veteran of Guns N' Roses for advice on how to live, but Duff McKagan is not a typical rock musician. He got sober.

So I started to feel like it was a friend, like a panhandler that I knew in my neighborhood. POP That was The Stooges were sort of shedding our skin at that time. We were trying to get a step above Fun House, but weren't quite where we would eventually be with Raw Power. Sort of like you guys with GN'R Lies. There was some strong stuff on there, but it wasn't formal enough to be the next big release. But it had the fire. POP That's always been kind of a lost song, because it was never on an album.

So when I did one of those repackage things a few years ago [the Iggy Pop anthology, A Million in Prizes], I put it on there so it would see some light. It's a really cool, fast song with a totally depraved lyric, and then when it gets to the time for the guitar break, we just didn't bother. The band just plays the riff over and over a lot of times and nothing happens.

It was one of those gigs where the whole thing was magical. I was coming off mushrooms, and the show was part of my trip. You had [former Damned guitarist] Brian James in the band.

POP Oh shit, yeah. That was a pretty good group.

How to Be a Man: (and other illusions)

He did it on foot! Klaus was a good drummer. He made his own kit. Nobody was panicking or anything. But you just walked up with… I think you had a salad bowl. And, I dunno, it may have been filled with water, or maybe you just thought the salad would put it out… POP A salad bowl? I wonder if that was my German helmet. I had this old German helmet I used to wear around that time. But I like the salad bowl.

It was at the Felt Forum, in New York. I've had about 10 or 12 times where I've gone to a rock show where it's what it should be, and does to you everything it's supposed to do. There was the Stones in '69, there was you guys at the Felt Forum, and, actually, another one for me was a Hole concert in the '90s, although it got there just barely, and in a really cheap way. Everybody in the band seemed vaguely confused and uncoordinated with one another, like you had just sort of bumped into each other on the street.

It was an anti-entrance! That was very good.

Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan Interviews Iggy Pop

I thought, Oh shit, I haven't seen this before. But then the music was real strong, and you didn't oversell it. The songwriting had enough craftsmanship so that the listener was regularly surprised and taken aback, and also lifted by the music.

And the riffs had a lot of power but they didn't hit you over the head. It wasn't like you were being clubbed into submission by some digitally enhanced power drill. It rolled as much as it rocked. And I always liked that drummer of yours, Steven Adler. POP When he was good, he was very good.

duff mckagan how to be a man single and in relationship

You guys had this thing where the music washed over you as if you'd dropped acid or something. Something like the way light plays on rippling water. How did it come about that you got me and Slash to play on Brick by Brick? POP You know, that's a good question. Did I meet one of you guys somewhere?

Special interview with Duff McKagan

That was a fuzzy time. It could have been through my son, Eric. One thing I do remember is that when you guys came down to the studio for the first time the engineer got real nervous. We were doing the song "Home," and after a few takes you guys went to the bathroom and he pulled me aside and said, "Listen man, you gotta get that guy to take off his chains, because they're coming through on the track. And I said, "No, that's really cool. That's what this track needs, some authentic Hollywood-asshole-brat-rock-guy-street-Coconut-Teaser chains, you know?

duff mckagan how to be a man single and in relationship

I had never experienced that kind of big buffoonery at all, and then I was right in the middle of it. I was trying to keep touch with what was real.

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And getting your demos for those Brick by Brick songs was like, This is the fucking real thing. This is what it's about. And that thing is still kicking around the world. It showed in, like, Poland last summer. I still get a kick out of that! I know that you're something of a history buff. The whole operation was so erratic that it didn't seem to fit with my hopes for parenthood, for stability. Singer Christopher Blue was brought in to replace Steve Verwolf, who was serving a term in federal prison.

Inthe band released their self-titled album on Sub Pop. The album featured nine tracks, including two new versions of songs originally recorded by The Fartz, namely "Is This the Way? For the tour supporting his ill-fated solo album, he formed the band Loadedwhich consisted of McKagan on bass and vocals, Dez Cadenaformerly of Black Flag, on guitar, Michael Barragan, formerly of Plexion guitar, and Taz Bentleyformerly of The Reverend Horton Heaton drums.

Loaded independently released the live record Episode Livebefore disbanding in late Both Squires and Rouse joined after the recording of the band's debut album, Dark Daysreleased in Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland completed the line-up.

Inthey released their debut album, Contrabandwhich debuted at No. Their second album, Libertadwas released in to mixed reviews; it failed to achieve the same commercial success as its predecessor.

InMcKagan temporarily joined Alice in Chains as a rhythm guitarist, [32] performing with the band for the first time at VH1 's Decades Rock Live concert honoring Heart[33] and later during their reunion tour.

duff mckagan how to be a man single and in relationship

I have a lot of respect for this band and the guys in it. Loaded twice served as opening act for Guns N' Roses in December of that year, with McKagan again briefly joining his old band on stage.

The band downsized and became the Kings Of Chaos in Others who round out the group are: The band released the cover song " Never Before " by Deep Purple.

Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan Interviews Iggy Pop | Revolver

He played five full shows in South America, filling in for Tommy Stinson. The following year, he played on Stradlin's album Ride Onand joined him on a tour of Japan supporting the album.

The following year, he played on Stradlin's album On Down the Road. Inhe again collaborated with Mark Lanegan on his album Bubblegumalong with Stradlin. McKagan played on three tracks off Izzy Stradlin's album Concreteincluding the title track, as well as seven songs off his album Wave of Heatwhich was released in In addition to his musical career, McKagan has established himself as a writer.

Since Augusthe has written a weekly column for SeattleWeekly. His second book, How to Be a Man: