Digimon world 1 how to meet frigimon

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digimon world 1 how to meet frigimon

I cant get Frigimon. This stupid digimon is in Freezeland but I dont know how to get it. Once you have raised a cold-resistant Digimon, return to Frigimon and convince him to join File City. Nov 1, 04 at pm (PST) ^. For Digimon World on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Frigimon Recruitment - Something I Noticed". Mercenary_Kiro 6 years ago#1. Hello. I noticed though I couldn't make Frigimon rescue the poor thing at night. For Digimon World on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs Answers question titled " How do necessary, but they just won't get sick, and Frigimon wouldn't come out .

Beat them and he will take off. Now go to the Freezeland and find Whamon in the area where the Mojyamons at. Talk to him and he will talk about the bandits.

Then he will take you to the Secret Beach Cave and you will see Ogremon and defeat them. Now go to the Drill Tunnel and the market manager will appear. Now go inside, beat them, and finally he will join the city! He will find Leomon's ancestor's cave. Now go inside and find Leomon's Tablet and go to Gear Savanna. From the entrance, go left and head north. Go to Leomon and give him the tablet. Once you got the rod, go fish in the south of Dragon Eye Lake and go for Seadramon.

Once you caught him, ask him to be your friend and he will take you to Beetle Land. Now go to the east gym of Beetle Land and talk to Kabuterimon and answer his question right by selecting arena. Help him by defeating Giromon. After beating Giromon, go back to him and he will fight you. Beat him to make him join the city. He appears every few days.

When you saw him walking around, defeat him in a fight and he will join the city. You will see a good entrance of Ninjamon and he will fight you.

digimon world 1 how to meet frigimon

Now beat him and he will join the city. Go inside and go straight then head left to the left elevator and Giromon should be there. Beat him in a fight and leave. Go back to him after recruiting Andromon in the city and he should join you.

The machine freezes your game so save first before you talk to him! Airdramon should be there and he will attack you costing your life points then he will challenge you to a fight and beat him. You can also save before going outside Jijimon's house just in case. Infinity, he becomes a fortune teller. He will fight you and beat him to make him join the city. Check the dining room and the room where you found Myotismon the first time then try to leave the mansion.

Devimon should stop you and he will leave allowing you to access the locked room you've never entered before. Go inside and find Myotismon. Help him by defeating SkullGreymon and he join the arena although it never says he just joined.

Go to the dining room and talk to Myostismon. Try to earn over profit and he will say that it was just a test to see if you are good enough to save the city. Panorama plains and you will see more circles, then go back to the city and check the bulletin board. There should be more news about the UFO, read it and go back to the Mt. Panorama Plains and Vademon will be there.

Convince him to join the city. Go inside and you will see a hidden door. Now go down and find the secret passage in the right and just go straight and you will see a room with Garurumons. Just go straight to the teleporter. Go straight until you find yourself with four teleporter. Now find the right one to warp you to the blue shiny thing. This is hard because the correct teleporter is random so if you chose the wrong one, it will teleport you to a wrong area.

If you chose the right one, then just beat the digimons guarding the blue thing and then go to the blue thing. After that go to the entrance and you will notice that the Angemon statue is gone and a real Angemon will appear then he will join the city! Panorama where the MudFrigimons at.

Don't expect to see him always because he appears there randomly! You will see a Monzaemon costume. Talk to it and Numemon should go inside.

Now beat WaruMonzaemon and talk to Tinmon and he will say that Monzaemon joined your city. Just walk around until your digimon faints.

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Frigimon should come and rescue you. From Whamon, go to the next screen and sometimes you will see Metal Mamemon in a corner but it says that he is Metal Greymon but he's not. Battle him and he will join the city.

Infinity to make him join the city. The chips is very useful but it decreases the life span of your digimon at the same time. Infinity and he will join the city. Defeat him and he will join the arena. Infinity after beating MachineDramon.

Go back to the room where MachineDramon was and you will see Digitamamon seating in the center of the room. Beat him in a battle and he will join the city. Some are already in the city at the beginning of the game to help you gather information. Here is the list of the following digimons. He asks you questions at the beginning of a new game. He tells you about the digimon that just joined the city. And he tells you the prosperity rate of the city.

Later on gives you some information and plants a Rain Plant after the farm had been expanded. He is in the lower portion of the city. Later on gives you some tips on items and buying items. Then sells you stuff for mmerit points. After getting amazing rod, go to the southern part of the Dragon Eye Lake and fish for Seadramon between the high pole and the bucket. Catch him and you will be given choices: Choose anything you want. If you didn't chose to be friends with him, that means you need to catch him again.

If you chose to be friends, then you can call him anytime you want. He also leads you to Toy Town. He is found in the same room where you fought him. He is random so don't expect to see him always! He also drops Xenotype keychain when you found him in all five locations. Some mini-games are required to be completed in order to make a certain digimon to join the city, and some are not.

Here is the list of the mini-games that you will actually play as you progress through the game. It allows you to catch fish duh and use the fish by either giving it to your digimon or selling it for money. You can also get a better rod by getting the Amazing Rod from ShogunGekomon. It allows you to catch bigger fishes and catch fishes that cannot be reach by the Old Rod. Also, you can catch Seadramon using the Amazing Rod so have fun!

No Entry This is a mini-game that is hidden at the west of the Tropical Jungle. It is required to be completed in order to finish the game. All you have to do is go through the "O" door without getting hit. If you got hit, your digimon's HP will be reduced. You can avoid getting hit by hiding at the "safe spots", it's like a hiding place so the digimon who shoots you wouldn't be able to hit you because the wall is blocking the digimon from hitting you.

Greymon will build an arena because he wants you to become stronger so you can save the island. There are different classes of monsters in the Arena. The highest is S and the lowest is Class D depending if your digimon is a rookie or a champion etc.

There are two types of tournaments, a normal one which is held very often in the arena and the other one is Special Tournament which are held rarely every year or once a year. Winning these tournaments will give you lots of money and items as your prize depending on the type of tournament. Curling Curling Arena will be built inside the Battle Arena.

To play, first you have to give her any type of fish. Then she will give you 5 stones. There are heavy, medium, and light ones so think which ones you are going to use before you actually use them. Some stones have 4 pegs.

They stick to where they land and can be very useful. All you have to do is to choose a stone, then direction and how strong you are going to throw the stone. If your stone lands on the GOOD mark, you get two points. If the stone lands inside the blue circle but outside the good mark, you get one point. If your stone lands on the BAD mark, you lose two points so be careful with the direction of where you are going to throw your stone.

If final scores are tied, you lose. If you win, she will give you an item as a prize. Item Selling This game can only be done if Monochromon is not in your city. To play the game you have to go to the Item Shop in the Great Canyon by going through the invisible bridge. Talk to Monochromon and he will ask you if you want to work for him or not. Say yes and he will let you be the one in charge of selling his items.

You can put the prices up or down and you will get different reactions from the customers depending on what digimon is your customer. If you raise the price and they bought it, you will earn more money for Mono's shop. After the game, he will reward you with an amount of money depending on how much money your earned for his shop while selling items. If you earned more thanhe will join your city!

Good luck and enjoy! You will spend hours and hours in this mini-game without any break so you may want to take a rest and bring your digimon to the washroom first before playing this mini-game. If not, you know the risks and consequences. In this game, you will see Biyomon running around.

Talk to Biyomon and he will run. Now keep on chasing Biyomon until you gained the option to wait. Also note that most questions here can be answered by looking at the City Guide section. I keep on defeating this Digimon but he never joined the city, why?

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The digimon you just defeated was an enemy digimon. The difference of the enemy digimons and the good digimons in appearance is that they have different colors, just like a Tsukaimon which is supposed to be Patamon but this one has a different color.

I want to catch Seadramon but I can't seem to find digimon cards to trade it for an amazing rod. Where can I get it? First, you have to have Unimon in your city to upgrade the item stand to an actual shop. Make Monochromon, Biyomon, Unimon, or Patamon join the city and when you get 3 of 5 of these Digimons including Unimon, you will acquire the card machine.

Now go to the item shop and you will find a vending machine for digimon cards. Each card can be sold for bits each in the machine but you cannot choose a card. Another way is to go to Gear Savanna. From the entrance of Gear Savanna, just go straight to the next screen turn left, you will find a rare item shop as well as a shop for digimon cards.

You can buy a pack of three for bits or select and buy one card. The price depends on how rare the card is. Where can I get the item that Leomon wants? To get the item, you need to have over 45 prosperity points. Once you have 45 prosperity points or more, go to the Drill Tunnel and visit the last Drimogemon digging, which is on the southern part of the tunnel.

Get the tablet inside and give it to Leomon. How can I get past the Guardromons in Factorial Town? You must wait until it is 12 o'clock in the afternoon or midnight inside at Andromon's room then go there immediately.

I want to go to Beetle Land but I cannot find it. Get the Blue Flute from Seadramon by asking him to be friends with you once you caught him in the southern Dragon Eye Lake. How do I get inside the mansion in Overdell Cemetery? I was able to go inside Grey Lord's Mansion but there is a locked room that I cant enter. How can I go inside that room? Check the bulletin board and if there's a news saying that Myotismon is retiring, go to the Grey Lord's Mansion with a virus type digimon.

How can I go inside Ice Sanctuary? Where can I find Nanimon? He can be found randomly in five locations: Opens a little shop. First go where the 3 Goburimons stand and walk left into the room.

A Drimogemon will be there insane from the heat and attacks you [HP: It will apologies afterwards and ask you for help. Then go right where you've been before and there will be a Drimogemon drilling a tunnel. Talk to it to help bringing away dirt to the outside. After some time it will be finished but there is a huge bolder you have to move champion Digimon required. After you defeatet Meramon to erase the heat it will start drilling again.

Come back many days later and it will be done and joins the City What?: Opens the Treasurehunt servives, where it searchs for items when you order him. When your Digimon gets sick while in Freezeland it immedietly loses conciousness and you will wake up at Frigimon's iglu. Come back another day with a Digimon that is cold resistent hence doesn't show sad smiley while in the cold and talk to it.

To easily get your Digimon sick go to the Dino Region to the Vendingmaschine and buy stuff till it's saying you bought "Steak". This Steak actually is molded meat and makes your Digimon sick. Freezeland right next to the entrance to Misty Trees How?: Defeat it in battle[HP: Come back next day at around 10 o'clock and defeat it again, then it joins. It will heal to full HP when you aren't on time and keep in mind that this time you won't be able to help your Digimon in battle.

File City infront of Jijimon's House How?: As soon as you hit 25 prosperity talk to Jijimon and then it will encounter you when you go outside. Beetleisland in the right tree, bottom right corner How?: Talk to it and tell it that you train in the arena and it will join What?: Misty Trees in the morning go to the place where the statues stand and it will be there How?: Defeat it in battle [HP: Will build a statue next to the toilet and sometimes stands infront of it.

Beetleisland left tree, top right corner How?: Talk to it and answer with "there is a sure-fire way" What?: Talk to it and you will learn that he needs a tablet. After hitting 50 prosperity go to the Drill Tunnels and take the way to the south where a Drimogemon was drillin forever.

The way now is open and you will find the tablet in a Hall. Bring it to Leomon at Gear Savanna and he will read that he has to help the island and therefor joins the City.

Drill Tunnel at the end of the tunnel you helped digging How?: It will fight you and then joins the City [HP: Great Canyon beyond the invisible bridge in his shop How?: Talk to him and help him in the shop by generating Bits profit. It is quite tricky and depends a bit on luck what customers you get. They Typus of your Digimon might influence what they buy not confirmed.

This mini-game has it's own article: In the Freezeland fas south, there will be 3 Mojymons sitting in their places. Trade every item at least once with every Mojyamon and the last you trade with joins the city. Trade last with the middle one because the top one has the hairgrower item and the bottem one is used for the "MoneyTrick" What?: Different locations you have to revisit How?: South of the Digibridge How?: At prosperity of 50 or higher walk south at the Digibridge and it will attack you.

Sewers after the smell is gone How?: It will fight you but has only 2 HP What?: At the Great Canyon walking the right path at the elevator after talking to Yuramon.

Defeat him multiple times. Great Canyon after Ogremons Fortess escape How?: Simply go back to the Fortress through the elevator and walk all the way around to meet it. At Trash Mountain, the first one you see How?: Just talk to it There will be no message that he joined, but if you talk to Jijimon afterwards he will confirm it What?: Ancient Dino Region, right after Centarumons labyrinth. As soon as you step foot into the area it will attack you[HP: Go into that zone and find Meteormon and defeat it [HP: Talk to Tyranomon afterwards and it will join.

Give it a healing item or medicine, it will join then What?: Dschungle going up and the first right, there is a little circle How?: At the 15th of a month will grow a rainplant next to Tanemon. Take it, talk to Yuramon and then go to its location. You will see a little plant and you give it the rainplant to grow. Veggiemon comes from the ground and joins the City.

Freezeland in the south where the Mojyamons are. Help him defeat Ogremon at the secret Beach Cave. Factorial Town in a Radiohouse How?: After you've defeatet Giromon talk to it, wait a day and talk to it again. It will join then. Mount Infinity at the top How?: After defeating Machinedramon talk to Jijimon and go all the way up the "mountain" again. Digitamamon will wait there and attacks you[All stats maxed!!! It will join after you defeat it.

Native Forrest at the tree with the door.

digimon world 1 how to meet frigimon

After reaching 50 properity nock at the door of the tree. Etemon jumps from down hurtung you ALOT! Will stand at the Digibridge and says that he was kicked out of town. Factorial Town, far east in the guarded Building How?: