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The drawing now sort of resembles a tent being blown over in the wind. Boy was THAT ever hard to explain to him}} 50 Ways 50 Ways One of them is hot, but we should each flirt with one of her less-desirable friends. Piczo, The Compass-Rose-Shaped Island, Broadcaster, Flickr,, DeviantArt, Isle of. If it's clear and upfront, then it's not called flirting anymore, but rather an advance ( friendly or more explicit). This is mostly a restatement of steps 1 and 2, but it's nice to have these Pork actually should have a little bit of rose inside; I only cook my This weekend I finally finished my compass anklet. If it's clear and upfront, then it's not called flirting anymore, but rather an advance ( friendly or more explicit). This is mostly a restatement of steps 1 and 2, but it's nice to have these Pork actually should have a little bit of rose inside; I only cook my This weekend I finally finished my compass anklet.

Sooner or later there will be a problem with your joint checking acct. Eventually the joint acct will close from lack of use and you will find that he is now in charge of all finances. This will leave you in a state of confusion and mistrust. He has no intention of returning which is good but it will take a while for you to figure that out He will continue abusing you for as long as you let him.

Trust me, I know. I wish you luck but mostly I wish you would leave now. The longer you wait the harder it will be. Lily August 31, at 1: New me built a new life. He now lives across an ocean. He decides to tell me he is sorry. He still loves me. He wants our baby.

Procedural Knowledge Gaps

He proposed to me. Who am I now? Two people it feels like. Old me woken up and traumatised. I was with him. Intelligent, independent, secure, successful and happy family life. With kind giving partner. Back then I was angry at him. Blamed him for loss of baby. Now…The anger is no longer there. All I see is the positive. Frontal lobes removed in surgery.

Does that excuse his behaviour. Could medication resolve our problems? If trauma bond or love or what ever label you want to put on it, creates the feeling in me to go back, this addiction, shall we say…. What can I arm myself with to stay away?

Jesus is the one who stops me from writing the letters to him. Texting the texts, man, even feeling the need to buy him presents and sending those to him. Well, if you thought you had it bad…How sad does this make me? I lost my man to schizophrenia eighteen years ago.

I lost my baby. What other trauma do I need to experience at the hand of this man before I am ready to throw in the towel and realise that it was eighteen years ago and I have a better life now than he could ever give me? I have the choice. Go back, or stay? Intelligence prevails, for now. I have children to think about. I have a partner to think about. And thank God, Right.

How could he be capable of such a thing? How could I be so stupid? It was an awfully bent arrow that cupid shot that day twenty five years ago when I first met him. The fear I feel when I sit in the cinema in case he is coming for me? Well, how does an intelligent women dispell those? Put it behind me? What about when he makes you feel responsible for him and slashes himself for your attention? Or tries to commit suicide if you go to leave? I have not come across a book good enough yet to show me what to feel or how to act or what to say.

I have a choice, like I said. I love my partner and my family. They mean more to me than the internal desires kicking off for someone who treated me like dirt a long time ago. No one says that you will enjoy the prospect of leaving. But it is possible to love more than one person at once. You just need a new life. Take time to find out who you are.

I want to help. He appealed to my finer nature. But, what I tell my kids is…Life is all about balance. You need to go find one. Make a new life. Just a normal odd bod. And happy to help. He once told me I am clever. What I do know is that I can aspire to be clever. To win over my emotions. I am going to be clever.

Clever enough to stay away. At least for now. One step at a time right? Go on…Take the leap. Somewhere around the corner could be someone as special as my partner. You may become as lucky as me.

Tell yourself that you are strong and you can cope far better without him. He is not your responsibility. He is your partner and a partner has an obligation to you also but if he is not prepared to give…. There is a saying in the bible which says that someone may be able to hurt your body, but they can never hurt your soul.

I read that years ago. I am nobody special but if there is anybody out there who would like to talk to me about stuff… I still have me. I am still giving, kind caring and wanting to help. Just a little bit wiser too. Please feel free to email me.

I hope you have a good day. Its been a pleasure. Because we have each other. September 23, at I have been there also. I found myself in a terrible relationship that was dangerous to my physical health and emotional well-being. Actually, I would leave him constantly but then go crawling back because I missed him. When I told people how he treated me they would look at me in aghast. I kept trying to work out why an intelligent and financially independent woman would accept his treatment and not walk away — trauma bonds.

Then one day he went too far and something deep inside me changed. I moved km away from him and although we still saw each other for the first month I finally found the strength to let go completely. His cruelty is what is sapping your strength.

Rosebud September 27, at 7: Torn September 27, at I am a 50 year old man, living in Canada. I had found my partner wife of 12 years 18 years ago. I thought I was trying to be careful in waiting for such a long time. We have 2 children girl 11 yrs, boy 6 yrs. Everything in or about our relationship has been outlined in the postings here. She consistantly keeps me in a state of eccentric control. The perfered method for her is anger. I learned earlier that my wife liked to distroy various items I owned.

The most extreme of which was when I came home from work on a Saturday afternoon and found a note again, 6. The police advised me that she was playing a game, she had sat there, and watch the whole thing unfold for the last 6. I tried to leave her then, but she had some kind of sick power in drawing me back into this relationship. On Christmas morning 3 of years ago, we gathered at the top of the stairs before going down to our tree, my children went first.

At this point my wife turned to me and said: Please understand, the only reason I stay is because of my 2 children. I can only hope I am doing the right thing.

I think she has created over many years an imbalance of power with control.

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I would be very interested in reading some replys, Thank you… Drew November 6, at 4: You a laughable and what you intended to do… I dont know what was it exactly… Go back to Hell where you belong… people like you are vermon.

God Bless the people who are kind, caring, sensitive, giving and loving … and may we all remember that we are worth so much more and deserve so much more… because we are GOOD people. Michael to give you the inner strength to break away and stay away. I did and have. Wont say it was easy.

I wont go into detail because I wont give the above vermon the satisfaction… How bad is it that I cant be open about what happened because this vermon decided to get onto this site.

It has been hard. The abuse continues but I find that I am getting stronger.

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There are occasional triggers, night terrors, melt downs, but I am determined to stand up and speak the truth about this man. He cornered me, isolated me, followed me to 2 different states. He is a sex addict. And yes, on the outside, we looked like the perfect church-going home-schooling couple. Fpr those in the trap, get help, get counseling, get support, and mend. Julie Potter December 4, at 3: I dont know what age your kids are but kids model behavior they see.

Your kids are learning how to act like your wife. I had recently been divorced and began talking to a old fling from my past. Well little did I know he was only using me. Then I ran into his foster brother. Jason told me I was being used and rescued me from that situation. A decade later, the families of 10 soldiers who died on Afghan soil would be forgiven for looking back on that as an understatement.

Asked if, looking back, she could say to those who served and the families of those who died that the deployment was worth it, she could only give a qualified answer: Since spearheading the invasion of and the overthrow of the Taliban, the US had continued to lead in Afghanistan. New Zealand would be inheriting one of the PRTs the US had already established - at Bamyan province, in the mountainous centre of the country. Former Army Reserves commander Richard Hall, who led the New Zealand rotation insays the PRTs were a recognition that there were people who needed to be won-over with non-traditional military means.

In any war, there are people who support the Government, those who oppose it, and a vast group in the middle. Afghanistan was no different. If there was a mantra of the Afghanistan war, this was it. Politicians of all hues loved it.

Convenient and catchy, it evoked feel-good emotions and diverted attention from more awkward questions about what we were doing there. But what does it actually mean? Try doing that in Afghanistan, home to a disparate collection of tribes and ethnicities, scarred by generations of war, invasion and occupation.

The thwack of blades as a helicopter heads to the nearby US embassy provides an aural endorsement of his words. There he saw for himself the patchwork of different ethnicities and bloody rivalries[m] borne of generations of invasions.

And it's rather like how I imagine Scotland was in the s with the various clans all operating. They make alliances to make sure they are on the winning side. I was happy to be with the police, but because of my injuries, I cannot work with them. They do not recruit me again. He seems more diplomat than soldier. He spent 24 years in the British Army before moving to New Zealand in and joining the Territorials.

You see tremendous bravery, tremendous resilience, courage, comradeship. At the same time you can see what human beings are capable of doing to each other. Was it the right decision at the time given the information that you knew at the time? But he also believed in his hearts and minds mission and the theory behind it. And so somehow you have to address that social, economic, political, ethnic, religious issue that is creating the need for people to turn to violence.

At least, that was the idea. But even the best of intentions sometimes have a way of going horribly off track. Always, there is the chance insurgents will storm past the blast walls and the armed guards outside.

Insurgents can strike anyone, anywhere. In the middle of the room, two men wearing traditional dress of richly-textured fabrics and headwear are sitting cross-legged on dusty cushions sipping cups of green tea - the ubiquitous beverage in this mostly alcohol-free country. Once there were homes in their village, now there are only about The rest have been destroyed or abandoned. Any journey is treacherous, requiring slow, snaking journeys along side roads to avoid the paths most commonly planted with roadside bombs.

The two men in front of us have lived within deafening earshot of blasts. And once, the people at the end of those guns were New Zealanders. Hands clasped in front of him, he emerges from behind a door in Defence Headquarters, Wellington, to face the cameras for the first time.

The five-year SAS veteran seems daunted. A Defence Force media release simply stated two SAS troopers were being treated in hospital after a firefight with insurgents. The release of the Victoria Cross citation[? Apiata and some of his comrades in arms are in two vehicles, laid up in a defensive position for the night.

As heavy fire from automatic weapons pour in, a dazed Apiata realises one of the vehicles has been destroyed and two crew members from his vehicle have been injured.

One of them, Corporal D, is in a serious condition. With Corporal D suffering serious arterial bleeding, Apiata realises his only hope is to get his wounded mate to the rest of the patrol. But that means crossing open ground in the middle of a fierce enemy attack. He decides to go. With the fire of the blazing vehicle burning bright, Apiata hoists his dying colleague off the ground and runs. Somehow, unbelievably, they make it.

With Corporal D safely delivered to a medic, Apiata grabs a weapon and rejoins the fight. Three years later, at the press conference where he first fronts the media, Apiata is nervous and apprehensive about talking. In his job, to say a little is to say too much. Since you were a kid you know what landmines are, what suicide bombers are, what gunshots and bombs and grenades. And I know it's crazy to say but you get used to it - that's your own country and you are with your family, and that's the environment where you are raised in.

To have saved Corporal D, in the face of ferocious attack, exemplifies the best of the human spirit. In the decade since, Apiata has been lauded, and rightly so. But… Yes, there is a but I have absolutely no way of knowing whether that's a correct account or not. I suppose I have to trust the military to get it right. Not so much the battle itself - more what happened before and after.

The men, whose province was one of the places where the New Zealand SAS conducted patrols inare cousins. The other, Villager B, sells fuel. Under the Taliban government of the late s and early s, a brutal regime dictated a strict way of life.

Thieves had their hands chopped off. But after the fall of the Taliban inlife became peaceful. With dust billowing around them, the soldiers climbed out of their vehicles. Curious villagers, who had last seen vehicles like this during the Russian occupation of the s, gathered around. And then they started insulting people and using foul language, saying: