What score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

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Wilbur's missions are traditional side-scrolling stages that involve the standard mix of running, jumping, and shooting. By contrast, Lewis' missions are viewed from a top-down perspective and involve puzzle-oriented tasks, such as pushing blocks and activating switches. You'll also periodically get to pilot the time machine in shoot-'em-up stages that, similar to Gradius or R-Type, involve shooting down flying enemies and dodging hazards while the screen continually scrolls.

To get through the majority of stages, you typically have to find the blueprint for a new gadget, collect the parts necessary to build that gadget, and then destroy a certain number of Doris hats.

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Some stages end with a confrontation between you and a larger rendition of Doris that's been tricked out with appendages and weapons. Despite offering three different types of stages, the game as a whole lacks variety and exudes the sort of simplicity that makes it obvious it was specifically developed for young children or very inexperienced players. With a few random exceptions, nearly all of the enemies in the game are small or large renditions of the same bowler hat.

The message there is: If it's not a bowler hat, grab it! Stage layouts are straightforward and rarely offer a challenge.

Disney's Meet the Robinsons Review

Apart from shooting bowler hats, you'll occasionally have to jump over a pit or move a block out of your way. You'll feel only remotely frustrated when you're supposed to track down an item or a switch that's invisible, which is never a big problem because you'll eventually find the appropriate hot spot just by walking over every inch of ground.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

Dungeons are made up of basic object-moving puzzles or platforming mazes, and each one is filled with area-specific baddies and bosses. The main objects include the Disassembler, an item that can rip any enemy or object into parts; the Chargeball Glove, which is a basic distance attack; and the Robinson Scanner, an all-purpose scanner used to detect hidden areas, find weaknesses in enemies, and solve puzzles. In addition there are the Havoc Gloves and Levitation Ray, two other half-offensive half-puzzle gadgets, as well as a bunch of other hidden items such as action figures, concept art, and blueprints.

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So while the gameplay is purely fundamental by design, there's enough to keep movie fans happy until it lands on DVD thus beginning the ever-lasting single-movie marathon in houses nation-wide. The game's core animations and player actions look fluid and movie-inspired, though the game can suffer from low-poly levels and some basic character modeling. Rather than taking shots from the film to fit between missions, however, the game features cut-scenes built from the ground up for the game by the developer, and they look pretty impressive.

Granted it's nothing on par with the original film itself, but a ton of work went into the cut-scenes from the game, and it shows.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

The gameplay is basic, but it takes inspiration from more fleshed out titles, and it all works well. You don't need to know anything about the movie to understand what's going on in the game. You play the part of Wilbur Robinson, a precocious teenager living with his family in a high-tech mansion.

Wilbur and the other major characters are introduced in short order, while various minor characters make brief appearances throughout the course of the game. Incredibly, the game manages to present a story that's similar to the one from the movie without actually giving away the movie's major plot twists.

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In both the movie and the game, the mysterious Bowler Hat Guy steals the Robinsons' time machine and goes back to to bring about an alternate future. In the movie, a boy named Lewis is brought to the future, meets the Robinsons, and subsequently uses the time machine to undo some of the changes that the Bowler Hat Guy caused. The game tells the other half of the story and reveals what Wilbur was doing when he wasn't with Lewis.

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With the story put together in this fashion, the game stays true to the movie's story without recycling every single scene exactly as it was depicted in the movie. So, even if you have seen the movie, the game will still seem fresh to you.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

The game also does a great job of copying the movie's attitude and style, even though the graphics don't push the hardware capabilities of any of the systems for which the game is available. On the one hand, the characters and environments often look just like they did in the film; the bosses are massive and the draw distance is such that you can see everything for miles in any direction.

Locations like the Robinsons' mansion and the Ant Hive are larger than life, exhibiting some outlandish architecture. It's fun to watch furniture and chests shatter into multiple pieces after using the disassembler ray on them. You'll even notice some snazzy use of cel-shading in the clouds and streams, if you take a minute to observe them in motion. On the other hand, the quality of some visual details tends to vary, which means that some locations look like they were taken right from the film, while others look more like something taken out of a generic PlayStation 2 game.

But more often than not, the game resembles the movie, which is ultimately what matters.

Disney's Meet the Robinsons

As for the audio, the catchy guitar music and the realistic atmospheric noise help keep the player immersed in Wilbur's world. However, what you'll probably remember most are all of the whimsical dialogue exchanges featuring the voices of the same Hollywood actors who voiced the characters in the movie.

The nervous tone of comedian Harlan Williams makes him perfectly suited for the role of Carl, the stressed-out robot that's constantly badgering Wilbur over the radio. Tom Selleck's charming tone and gravely delivery totally sell his brief appearance as Wilbur's dad. And Adam West, who is best known as TV's Batman, turns in a masterful performance in a pair of cameos as Uncle Art, the galactic pizza-delivery driver. Minigames, such as charge ball and protectosphere, Super Monkey Ball knockoffs, give you something else to do besides exploring.