Valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

Sports Event Closing Speech

valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

National Sports Day speech India , annual Sports day anchoring speech Now let me tell you that this year we have found great sports talent in our school. Here are excerpts from some of the speeches written by this June's Our teachers amused and inspired us with their quotes of the day, Chuck Norris Students who played sports remember rivalry games and pasta the basic parts of a typical valedictorian speech: the thank yous, and the congratulations. CHIEF GUEST'S SPEECH GIVEN AT th PRIZE GIVING ON 27 NOV 10 BY The day she left was the day Mr. Mathur had difficulty getting full attendance. knowledge and information so that his students could excel in class and sports. It was however a great shock to everyone when 18 months later I handed in my.

I come from a family of civil servants.

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Generations of my family have been in public service. First before independence for the state of Mewar or Udaipur and then after independence as diplomats and civil administrators. It was a surprise to no one therefore when I too joined the Indian Administrative Service in July That was always assumed to be my destiny.

It was however a great shock to everyone when 18 months later I handed in my resignation to the Collector, Jaipur. I was then the Assistant Collector under training. They were shocked for many reasons. First I did not have another job. I was in effect giving up a safe, secure and hugely prestigious career for unemployment. Second, I could not provide a satisfactory explanation to anyone for my drastic decision.

I had not suffered political interference — I was too junior for that. I had not come across any instances of corruption and dishonesty — in fact my collector was an extraordinary person and represented in my mind the very qualities that attracted me to the service. I had enjoyed the few months that I had spent in the field and was convinced that the IAS offered a unique opportunity for people at a young age to get meaningfully engaged with development. And last but hardly the least I had been assigned my home state — Rajasthan and so could look forward to a working life close to family and friends.

Notwithstanding all of this I did resign and I did refuse to buckle under the considerable pressure put on me by family and friends to retract this decision. Why did I do it. Even to this day almost 32 years later I cannot give a cogent answer. All I can say is that I knew in my gut that I had made a mistake; I knew in my instinct that while the IAS offered a fantastic career it did not suit my temperament or aspiration. Simply put I resigned because I listened to my heart and not my head.

The important point is that was and is the best and most important decision that I have ever made. It defined my working life. And I have never regretted it not for a moment.

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Had I not recognized it as such I would have spent my working life in the wrong profession. To find this next step even when the hopes with which one started out have been dashed; to not to panic but to look forward and to retain the conviction that there will always be a second chance — a third chance. There is no universal prescriptions for meeting this challenge but I do believe two factors are critical.

valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

These were the reasons I found that next step s. One, education and learning and the second hard work and perseverence. My mother had always insisted that I should complete my education before settling into a career. Her logic was simple. The world is changing; it is getting more competitive and whilst there are enormous opportunities to be had these opportunities will only be available to those who have the right skills and capabilities; the knowledge and learning to respond and adapt to the unexpected and the self confidence to take risks.

I did what my mother advised and completed my graduate degrees in Energy and Economics before sitting for the IAS. That degree and the specialized knowledge that I acquired gave me the self confidence that sooner rather than later the furore surrounding my resignation would subside and that I would indeed find the next step. Of course, education and learning can only provide the directions. They cannot guarantee that you will be successful in finding the next step. For that you need hard word, discipline and perseverance.

How many of you know that Thomas Edison tested different materials to select just one tiny part of the light bulb that he invented; that J.

valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

Rowlings the author of he Harry Potter books had her manuscript rejected 12 times before someone finally decided to publish it. Awards are a way to encourage good behaviour and inculcate competitive spirit.

This is the reason why our school organizes award ceremony every year to encourage its students. So we are here to give away the awards in mainly six categories, viz. The awards to be distributed today are not just for recognizing those students who have performed exceptionally well in their academics, but also to honour those students who excelled in sports, performing arts and visual arts, including the ones who were proactive in various social events.

The aim is to recognize that extra talent of our students other than academics and motivate them to shine in their respective fields. Our institution has always provided its students with a healthy and fairly competitive environment to help them grow in every sphere of activity, be it academics, sports or any other extra-curricular role.

We have given equal opportunities to all our students so that they realize their true potential and get ready to face the outer world once they complete their school studies. And I am much pleased to see our dear students performing and excelling in their respective areas of interests.

Also, I would like to address those students who have not won any prize and say that do not lose hope as this is not the end of everything and there will be many more opportunities coming your way to prove your mettle.

valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

School award ceremonies are just a beginning. I have a very inspiring line for all of you said by George W. Bush, the former president of the United States: And to the C students, I say, you too, can be president of the United States.

Sports Day (運動会) and Farewell Speech ~ Abroad in Japan

I would also like to extend special thanks to all the parents for joining us and making this occasion a huge success. Welcome Speech for Academic Awards Ceremony A very Good Morning to our school committee members, honourable judges, staff, parents and dear students! I feel really honoured in sharing with you the achievements of our brilliant young students.

valedictory speech for sports meet and gre

This is an occasion of joy for all of us as we have come together for celebrating this auspicious day. This goes without saying that the award ceremony is amongst my most treasured occasions of the school as it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the preceding year, address the whole community and share the achievements, success and plans of our school for the days to come.

Our school truly believes that good education plays a crucial role in building a bright future for our children. Therefore, here we are committed to providing an atmosphere to our students where they all can imbibe good values and learn new things every day.

I am extremely glad at the fact that our school committee members as well as teachers are leaving no stone unturned in working towards this direction. On this important occasion, we get a chance to publically celebrate this success achieved through the sheer hard work and perseverance of both our students as well as teachers.

Our students have not only excelled in academics but are also very good at the extra-curricular activities like sports, drama, artworks, organizing school events and many other things. They have not only made us proud, but brought accolades to our school and have given it a nation-wide recognition, thus adding extra feather to its cap. Students like you are responsible for the continuous growth and development of our school in combined efforts with the extremely proficient council members as well as our teachers.

Our school has constantly received attention from media, and has well-hosted the visits of the renowned personalities from the well-known institutions, national as well as overseas. The best thing about the education system here in Finland is that they let you choose your own speed, you are not judged by the scores in your grade-sheet. The various current-issue studies, the case works, group works the research projects, the assignments, each were helping me develop skills, which of-course at that time I wasn't ready to accept.

Various network groups of Oulu Business School such as business Kitchen, the Oulu SES, Demola were other sources that were helping us to practically implement our knowledge. The practical approach here in the education system is what makes the business school a world class choice for international students like me. Thank you for improving every day, and helping us be in align with the current market condition through your developed policies.

The university paying for the internships that students undertake during their time of study shows how the university seeks to help provide the students with practical knowledge. All the efforts from the student unions, student tutors, professors, career consultants helps make a student feel at home.

Welcome Speech for Award Ceremony

The Oulu Business School has been adopting various change models to upgrade their standards every day and this is very commendable, but at the same time I would also like to suggest that the business school help the students connect with the businesses for internships and or on-campus hiring.

It is difficult to even get an internship for international students, so if the university provided students with networking opportunities with companies that hire business students to be specific, it would help us practically implement our learnings and build a career.

My request to Finnish Business houses and start-ups: Don't just hire engineers, engineers are good at building products, but business graduates are better at selling those ideas.

If not then we wouldn't be spending our precious years to studying business, we would all be engineers. International universities provide an opportunity for both national and international students to network, share each other's culture, and make this world a global village. This is a huge opportunity for us students. For example I am from Nepal, and I could help you take your business to Nepal even though I may not directly be involved with your business I can help you connect with the right persons and also help you understand the business culture, similarly any other student from another country can help us do the same, if we plan to internationalize our business.