Sports meet anchoring script for skit

Annual Sports Day Anchoring Speech Script, Vote of Thanks

sports meet anchoring script for skit

If Anchors moves the event in a good direction then people will make it blasting success. Here is an example of Script College Fest Anchoring Script: Vakrathunda Sri . to announce the names of the winners of sports events. National Sports Day speech India , annual Sports day anchoring speech script, welcome speech script for school, colleges, events function in India “The five S's of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”-Ken Doherty. The Annual Sports Meet of Lourdes.

I request all to do a wonderful clap and salute to the flag. After performance concludes Lets have the hugest round of applause for the XYZ group. They surely put whole lot of efforts to entertain us. They deserve this applause. Once again, can we have applause? Lets encourage them After cultural dance concludes WoW!! I am short of words to describe how enthusiastic and energetic that performance was.!! It was just brilliant. This performance makes me feel proud of our country even more.

Cultural skit performance Drama is an art form.

sports meet anchoring script for skit

Drama fills our mindpurifies our mind and makes us more aware of our surroundings. Everyday children should spare time for sports. He wished all the students good luck and thanked the management.

sports meet anchoring script for skit

The President of the function Fr Manager in his Presidential address congratulated the organizers and the students. He said that sports is an important activity and education itself.

sports meet anchoring script for skit

It develops all round development of the body, mind and soul. Importance should be given to games and sports. It builds fine physic and develops energy to learners to learn lessons, helps to build team spirit. He also said winners win, winners lose and winners play.

Republic Day Anchoring Script – Republic Day

Healthy competitions rule the mind to reach mark of excellence. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Veerendra Alva. Various sports events like m race, m race, m race, m race and 4Xm relay were witnessed.

Sharma also agreed to negotiate the terms with Academy. Thank you, again sir. We will be also buying the new equipment and material for other Sports too.

Annual Sports Day of Secondary and Senior Secondary Section

We believe sports are as important as academics. I would like to request Sunil to call in individual winners and winning team on the stage for prize distribution. The vote of thanks is the part of the closing ceremony. You can end the vote of thanks with nice good quotes.

sports meet anchoring script for skit

Honorable chief guest, respected principal sir, teachers, sports coordinators, ground curator, non-teaching staff and my friends, a very good evening. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tears.

sports meet anchoring script for skit

Today, you all earned it with your efforts and discipline. This year was the best for us, we completed all events on time with no major injuries. Food, medical facilities were excellent.

Republic Day Anchoring Script

Teams were trained better this time. This year is best so far for our school, we hope we will surpass this performance next year and this progress continues. We have been informed in the morning that our chief guest Mr. Sharma helped our sports planning team to plan, execute the event efficiently not only in terms of arrangments but the financial part of it too.

I express my hearty gratitude for sharing your expertise and time.

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A big round of applause for sir. Now let me thank our principal sir. Most of you might not know this but our principal sir is a former athlete, he was national level badminton champion.