Rituals for letting go of a relationship

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rituals for letting go of a relationship

Burning significant items like a photo or letters attached to a broken relationship can invite in transformation. The fire ritual can be done in a safe place like on a. This is a simple candle ritual for letting go when it's time to say goodbye to the people, and habits that no longer serve our highest good. What are you holding onto right now that you're afraid to let go of? something hurtful someone said to you, a relationship gone south, or your lack of control over a situation? This is my personal favorite ritual for letting go.

She was hesitant but decided to go for it. And spoiler alert it was a success! Releasing Past Love The steps are simple: It was autumn, so I suggested that Jess build a little bonfire in her backyard to burn the emails and cards.

  • Small Life, Slow Life: Five Cool Rituals to Help You Let Go.
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  • Step 1: Burn Baby, Burn

You will want to be able to sit comfortably near your fire and prepare any other ritual items you desire, like a candle or sage. Or, go to a campground where there are fire pits and make a weekend retreat out of it. Metaphysical shops often sell mini-cauldrons that people use for burning resins and charcoal.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

If there is simply no way to create flame safely where you live or if you are uncomfortable with fireyou can visualize burning the objects. If there are items not appropriate to burn, like jewelry, you can give them away or even sell them with the intention of releasing the past. Jess sent the ring back to Mattie with a brief, friendly note not an explanation.

Another client left a ring at a temple for Lakshmi. You can totally do this.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

I believe in you! Tell your story three times, and then ban yourself from telling it anymore. This is a Navajo Forgiveness Ritual that I just think is so incredible. So all of the yucky parts, all of the sad parts, the whole windup, the crashing blow. The people in the circle listened without speaking and sent the speaker their deepest compassion.

Letting Go: A Ritual. — The Hoodwitch

After the third time the story was told, the listeners would turn their backs on the speaker. Time to let go. Here is a really cool link on this ritual if you want to read more! That being said, it IS important to tell your story to get it out of your system.

Make sure you pour allllllll of the details into your story, every detail from beginning to end, all the ways you were hurt…make it really juicy. Get it all out.

A Simple Ritual To Let Go of Old Love and Let New Love In

This exercise is incredibly powerful. Then get your lighter and set that thing on fire, baby.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

Well, I have two warnings. Ever heard of a gratitude stone? Well, this is the opposite. Pick a stone up at the beginning of a week and carry it around with you for seven days. See the depression and anxiety swirling in your body, through your arm, into your hand and leaving your fingers as it transfers into the stone. Practice this as many times as necessary and for as long each time as you need to. I recommend at least one minute each time.

How to do a Burning Ritual

After seven days, go to the nearest body of water or hike somewhere far up. I now release my burden so that I may feel light and free again. The remainder of your healing time will be considerably easier. I then take a few deep breaths and rub my hands together: The key to this burning ritual is release. You must be willing to let go of all attachment to both the bad AND the good.

When you let go of expectations, then the universe is free to provide for you creatively. So, you can be as situationally-specific or not as you want to be.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

When should you do this ritual? There is no wrong time, but new moons and full moons are excellent times when it seems to be more potent to work with intentions, ceremonies, invocations, and releases.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

Your supply list to create a similar burning ritual is: Paper Pencil or Pen Lighter or other source of flame Burning-friendly surface: Do you feel lighter? Has the universe read your letter or list?