Relationship horoscopes for 2009

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relationship horoscopes for 2009

Casual relationships continue to mature and become more serious this year. Towards the end of , work and health matters become more serious matters. Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Ox (Cow) Predictions . Male Wood and Female Earth in Year have attraction relationship into Earth. This is a very. Get Leo yearly love predictions for and know how favourable the stars are for your relationships in the coming days and make the best use of the good.

Mars shows us the style in which we go after what we want, including the ways in which we express our sexuality. While the positions of these planets and cosmic bodies in our natal charts remain static, their positions are always changing in the cosmos, activating houses and hotspots in our natal charts. The horoscopes presented here are necessarily general, as we are focusing on only the Sun sign or Ascendant, and how these sexual cosmic bodies are currently affecting the natal chart.

These horoscopes are more accurate for the Ascendant sign, so if you know it, read them for the sign of your Ascendant first, and the sign of your Sun second. Libra brings many opportunities for fun and games, romance, and entertainment for most Libras. With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moving through your romance and pleasure sector virtually all year, is bound to bring pleasure in the romance department.

Love and romance may enter your life or current love relationships are enhanced with good humor and warmth; and social engagements abound. You are feeling quite free from responsibilities until the end of October, making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good time! New responsibilities and possibly pressures are likely to appear in the last two months of the year, particularly for those born very early in the sign September and for those with a Libra Ascendant of 0 to 4 degrees.

Two planetary retrogrades that impact your love life occur this year. One is the retrograde of Venus your ruling planet from March 6-April 17, while traveling mostly through your partnership sector; and the other is the retrograde of Mars the ruler of your partnerships from December 20th and into During these cycles, your love life may seem to slow down or you could even feel like you are stepping backwards.

These are periods of review rather than times to make big decisions about love. Both a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse occur in your romance sector this year.

The solar eclipse towards the end of January signals a new beginning romantically speaking, although this could also affect issues surrounding children, entertainment, hobbies, and creativity.

The lunar eclipse brings eye-opening experiences in August. A romantic affair may be tested. The demands of your larger goals in life may have been eclipsing your pleasure-seeking activities. For most single Libras, there is unlikely to be a love commitment made this year.

Fun and pleasure are themes for the most part. Very strong opportunities for starry-eyed romance occur this year with Jupiter joining Neptune three times in your romance sector—in May, July, and December. Mind you, there is also a tendency to be a little on the gullible side—you could be believing what you want to believe rather than what is. Note that many Libras will be quite fertile this year. Saturn enters your sign on October 29th and will stay in Libra until October All Libras will experience some new responsibilities, but those born early in the sign September will feel this influence strongest in the last two months of Right away, Pluto challenges Saturn, suggesting some testing experiences that could put the pressure on.

Likely these have to do with family responsibilities, changing attitudes toward domestic life and family, and possibly issues with control and dependency. This energy can shift your focus away from romance somewhat. Many Libras will be feeling quite a bit of pressure to organize their lives and become more responsible.

From April 24 to May 31, both Venus and Mars are in your partnership sector, heating up a close partnership. Although most Libras are unlikely to commit this year, some will meet a person during this period who could eventually become a partner in years to come.

Get-fit plans get a kick-start from Jupiter. You have a big purpose and it feels great. You ease yourself into healthier habits. A friend clues you into new ways of relaxing and chilling. Things shape up, you get a whole new lease of life and you realise there can be no half-measures when it comes to your ambitions. You may find someone arrives and gives you an entirely new perspective, or perhaps a cash boost preferably both. You aim high in November and manage to create more financial freedom for yourself.

Anything which is proving too costly needs a solution or resolution. This takes place in November, when you finally break out of that old rut cash-wise and ride into a bright new financial future. Hot money dates February 2: Mercury brings a new focus to finances. You bring others on board and it works. You can afford it after all. And more than once Venus brings that flush of luck romantically. And perhaps you are! Knowing you can manage a challenging person or situation does a lot for your confidence and by March or April, you start to feel secure at a much deeper level.

There are going to be anxious moments, when you question whether you did the right thing, but this time around you turn negatives into positives and hang on to your bright, cheery approach. The New Moon on May 24th indicates that an important milestone has been reached. And when love planet Venus makes her entrance into Gemini on June 5th, expect smiles and celebrations all-round.

Red-hot Mars takes control in August, bringing erotic and intensely emotional experiences. Events leading up to Christmas find you loved-up as you embark on a two-month passion phase. You do the right thing for you. Speaking the truth about your emotions feels great.

You steer towards a sweeter, sexier future. If that means a new regime, the planets bring staying-power in shed-loads. In February a personal dream has its roots in inspiration, but it still needs more input from others, especially if it involves a total image make-over or new wardrobe. The advice of a friend does a lot for your confidence. In March and April you let your mind wander into new dimensions and possibilities.

Pluto unleashes an amazing amount of potential at this time and anything which has been causing you stress can be faced and finally sorted. The positive side of the Uranus link during the summer is the opportunity to do something a little different.

Joining a health education website is good. You can get to grips with fitness issues, create your ideal workout and focus on fat-zapping techniques and tummy-flattening exercises. Eating and exercising sensibly has never been easier, as long as you go for the middle way and avoid anything extreme.

Cancer - Tuesday - 05/26/2009 - Soul Horoscopes

October is a month of good times and fun-filled developments! Hot health dates January A Moon phase finds you in tune with your feelings. You achieve twice as much in half the time. Uranus brings a positive little shake-up. A new tension breaker helps you through a tough time. You seize more control and feel great.

In she may find that a relationship takes her to a new level. Pluto brings enormous scope for growth and development, as you forge new paths, explore new ideas and blaze a stunning trail. Once Venus hits your career zone on February 3rd, you mix business with pleasure and a lucky break turns up just when you need it.

Chinese Horoscope and Astrology - Year of Ox or Cow

Nothing ventured, nothing gained is the main message in And despite how things seem on the surface, a number of upturns are forecast. Taking a shortcut in terms of a new money-making scheme could pay off, but in the main, slow and steady wins the race this year. The suggestion of a friend reinforces your own ideas about a mortgage or other borrowing in August.

But you get the chance to sweep clean with a new broom and get the balance right professionally. Determination propels you forwards and in December, ambitious Mercury speaks volumes about your desire to move on up. Hot money dates February Your people skills bring that great result.

The Crab is playing with some big numbers now. You splash the cash — and love it! There are chances to re-examine your deeper feelings and to improve many things in many different ways. Personal issues are very much in focus from late January through to early March.

From April, the outlook romantically picks up again, as a relationship blossoms under the influence of Venus.

Is it commitment time Cancer? Perhaps you want to make a promise or renew ties of affection? The biggest shift comes in July, when two incredible Eclipses on the 7th and 22nd kick-start a spurt of new growth love-wise.

relationship horoscopes for 2009

An unexpected insight brings a new slant on a lover. August is a scorcher and not just in terms of the weather. Venus connecting to Pluto brings an intense emotional experience or a hot, sexy romance. You accelerate into high gear, as you focus on your search for fulfilment.

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You make a powerful, intense connection. New ways of dating and mating. Hooked on a heart-throb? It works out well. The word commitment crops up. Cosy couple time for all Cancerians. Your mission in is mostly about achieving a clean bill of health emotionally. This year you prove it, as you work to find that delicate balance, asking yourself a few tough questions along the way.

In March and April, the power of your individuality shines through, as you face up to challenges in your own unique way. The planets shift in your favour and awaken your mind to new possibilities. A fascinating insight in June gives you a stronger grasp of your own potential. There are certain key goals that are not so difficult to reach after all.

In November, you enjoy four weeks of healing and calm, as you look forward to a phase of renewal, re-growth and regeneration. Hot health dates January 4: A boost to energy.

You get your head sorted and your love life follows close behind. You start to believe in yourself and your abilities. The energy of Uranus is liberating and loving. You remind others you have a life too. Being confident brings its own rewards and a big new challenge is possible: In fact, once you start to focus more on the plusses, many things start to feel lighter, brighter and more accessible.

In February you can prepare for a steadier, more productive phase, keeping tabs on an ongoing cash-related issue until a better moment presents itself. Once Mercury powers into your career zone on April 9th, you make big inroads at work. You listen hard and learn something valuable too. Even if Neptune tries to muddle things up, Uranus brings much-needed clarity and cuts through any confusion.

May and June is an eight-week phase when personal ambitions are important and big results start coming. Under the positive influence of Jupiter, you have incredible ideas spinning around. And the more you bounce them off others, the clearer they become. Your actions, reactions and responses have a bigger impact on outcomes in than you can imagine.

Hot money dates January Opportunistic Jupiter does the business. You set your sights high and are not disappointed. Venus and Mars support your big ambition. You climb aboard the wheel of fortune. Your all-time best is reached as Mars regains power in your business zone.

Patterns need analysing, responses need changing and you need to focus on a relationship in a more optimistic way. Venus definitely adds that extra spark, as events combine to bring a feisty, full-on four-week phase in February. This helps you to move forward again in March. Singles are on the verge of something special in April. But for all Leos, saying something important wakes others up to how you feel. Over summer you discover just how your love-life impacts on your well-being.

With Mars making the link to Pluto the power planet, you find yourself at an emotional crossroads. Before pushing on, pause and think about what you want. Taking charge of a situation is one way of changing the rules. But there are other ways. In you get a glimpse of these new realities. Romantic possibilities turn into big realities. You wake up to the perfect twosome. Big gifts, big gestures and big promises. Leo health Towards the end of February you take those first steps towards creating that happier, stress-free lifestyle.

A climate of long-lasting arrangements is being pushed along by the planets, as you settle into healthier patterns and routines. In March you feel alive and that everything is happening on your doorstep. If you want to hang on to that sense of joie de vivre, be true to yourself. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Having a sense of wellbeing is all about being clued-up so you can make smart choices. If you feel flabby, cover up in style and invest in great accessories. August, September and October are especially good months for sticking to your new resolutions. You prove yourself to yourself on a new level. You follow relaxed and less rigorous routines. Power-walking and Pilates really do it for Leos. If you want to get on that upward curve financially, you stand to gain most by taking expert, independent advice on board.

Even so, there are good astrological reasons to be optimistic, because the planets give the potential for gaining an advantage somewhere. The Sun, Mercury and Venus do something nice for your money in June. And many things get clarified and fall into place by the time of the Full Moon on September 4th.

2009 Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Ox (Cow) Predictions

There are bound to be challenging moments, but the month ends on a positive note with a partner or friend adding that extra something. With Venus the money planet sparkling in Virgo from late September to early October, be happy to sign on the dotted line. At that time, exciting new developments career-wise compensate for the absence of progress in other areas. In the lessons of Saturn and Pluto are tough, but on the journey you become more reliant and self-assured.

Hot money dates February 1: You navigate a big challenge brilliantly. Mars opens up a new dimension to your working life. Venus brings a flush of luck for finances.

Virgo New Moon kick-starts a new cash cycle. A big obstacle disappears and you find yourself on a roll. This can be a dilemma. But in January, any idea that the grass is greener elsewhere has no foundation. And anyway, the close link from Uranus throughout suggests the next 12 months have more than their share of exciting, exhilarating moments. In fact, Venus brings a hot, passionate vibe to an existing relationship. And dynamic aspects in February coincide with a major turning point in your personal life.

A rare moment of insight helps you make a big decision.

Libra Horoscope 2009: Love, job, money and health

Make it well Virgo: A new, more constructive chapter opens up after the Virgo Full Moon on March 11th. The summer opens with Venus in the sensual sign of Taurus, giving others a glimpse of your raunchy side. Singles can expect amazing options, especially in July and October.

The stars draw others to you in November and this is a high point for Virgos. And work to make it happen. A heaven-sent opportunity to be loved for who you are. A whole new cycle in relating and relationships. You dare to let someone in.

No mistakes, just opportunities to grow together. You create the future you really want. You do things differently this year. In April, Neptune brings a touch of religion, spirituality or magic for Virgos with the right frame of mind and the right approach.

You feel calm at a deep level. May is your detox month, as you prepare for the beach and the body beautiful. This might relate to the way you exercise, the way you eat or the way you connect emotionally.

The real feel-good factor starts to seep in around October. And the atmosphere until Christmas is one of pleasure, pampering and positive mental attitude. Hot health dates January 1: You make a resolution to love your body more. Energy pushes you to a new fitness level. You look at old habits, understand them and discard them.

Jupiter gives you a whole new sparkle and shine. Pluto unlocks secrets and may push her to take a risk. The way you earn, handle and spend your money is going to change a fair bit over these 12 months.

Ask yourself whether you can afford a particular lifestyle. Is it time to make cut-backs? What is the best way forward? In February someone surprises you by taking the lead. Bright ideas propel you forward in March, as a cluster of friendly planets gets you into some serious networking. The high octane energy of Uranus is highly motivating in early April, when self-employed Librans think seriously about a new venture. Many things connected to finance and work undergo a radical restructure, but Mars in your career zone brings some sort of happy conclusion in July or August.

An ending in one place is quickly followed by a new beginning. And when Venus makes an entrance into the money part of your chart in November, brilliant news arrives, or a cash-connected opportunity lands in your life from nowhere. Feelings of being over-stretched and unappreciated turn into their opposite. You start to sort yourself out. An opportunity in December to create something more permanent on the career front is too good to miss.

You find out where you stand at work. An important new stage for your financial security. The planets have magical potential. Possible rewards from a new venture are promising. It all kicks off on January 5th at A whole bag of issues can be discussed.

Anything that was tricky before becomes easier, as you stretch your mind and see it from another perspective. Matters of the heart demand a lot of your attention in April. A relationship is cemented by a bold, gutsy decision.

With Mercury bringing his personal touch in September, you go through a number of changes. But the angst of love is worth it in November, when a proposal or commitment finds you bowled over.

relationship horoscopes for 2009

You want to devote your heart and soul to a certain someone. And with a bit of luck a celebration is on the cards. By Christmas it could be trebles all-round for loved-up Librans. Venus opens a new kind of emotional window. Your personal power day. Passionate Pluto transforms your life forever.

You get up close and personal. You rise to a big emotional challenge. Libra health Well, stands out as one of the best years for some time in terms of your emotional health.

Exercise reduces stress and increases brain activity, so if you want to be smart this year, get moving. You rise to the challenge of a New Moon on February 25th and an amazing link from Mars at the same time gives you the impetus to make those changes. In June you stumble across a way of lightening and brightening aspects of your daily patterns and if this means a shift in priorities, so be it.

Knowing you look good and feel good gives you a real boost. This is handy during September, when big decisions are on the Libran agenda. Late autumn stands out in your happiness calendar. You give off the right vibes and look amazing with almost no effort. That Libran ring of confidence gets a little polish.

You treat your body with more respect. You balance home life, work and the children. Mercury guides you forward and gives you a new lease of life. Brand new get-fit possibilities present themselves. Cat discovers what she needs and may realise that an important decision has to be made. Jupiter is largely to thank for Scorpio successes this year.

Use the powers of revitalised Mercury from February 2nd to discover whether it has real potential. Hopeful signs for the future make March a month to remember. It also makes sense to look at various financial issues to see if they need a re-think. If you have big concerns over cash, scrutinise outgoings and investigate ways to make savings.

August finds Scorpios making maximum impact as the Sun shines from the very top of your chart. By September the outlook improves once more, when you build on your security and create a permanent little nest egg for you and yours. You can make many things really work for you now. A combination of Scorpio confidence and courage brings a big breakthrough in November. You develop a new kind of flair which guides you accurately through the financial ups and downs over the months ahead.

relationship horoscopes for 2009

Hot money dates January 9: You achieve a long-awaited goal. Breakthroughs for really motivated Scorpios.