Partner taking me for granted relationship

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partner taking me for granted relationship

May 27, 11 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted In Your Relationship If you have a nagging feeling your partner is taking you for granted, but you're not sure or not ready to face it yet, You could have asked me if I wanted to go. Mar 21, Sometimes relationships give us comfort, but not the nurturing we need. is incapable of nurturing or they simple take the other for granted. Visit partner site · Visit partner site . The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is funded by the federal Substance.

Are you fully showing up and being the most loving person you can be? Do you freely show love, respect and appreciation or are you always waiting for your partner to do it first? In other words, if you want to feel appreciated, show appreciation.

You must be the change you want to see and give what you want to receive. If you truly, give love and appreciation to your partner and still feel taken for granted, you might want to more deeply evaluate your relationship.

Are you with a loving person? Do they have good relationship capacity? Not everyone is a good candidate for a long-term relationship. There are many narcissistic and other damaging men out there who do take loving women for granted.

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Be aware of these types of damaging men and get professional help if you suspect this is what you are dealing with. Many women waste precious years in relationships with men who are incapable of expressing love in a healthy and genuine way. Yet, on a positive note, there are many loving men who will appreciate you and treat you like a queen once you heal your own heart and show up as a woman ready for mature love based on mutual honor, trust and respect.

This man will show a lot of interest in the beginning, but then will need to have all of the attention on himself. This person needs to work on himself before he becomes involved in a relationship. In long-term relationships, I think people, both men and women, just get lazy.

We feel secure, so we find ourselves taking the partner for granted. Relationships need to get fed. Although we should all try to become more self-validated, the truth is that in relationships most of us need some feedback that tells us we are special to our partner.

There are some courses of action that a woman can take nudge her partner into being more conscious of showing her appreciation.

First, make sure you are showing appreciation to your partner. When you are, you are contributing to creating a culture of relationship appreciation. Also, be sure to let your partner know that you notice and appreciate his efforts in this department.

Lastly or maybe firstly! Most of the time people just get into ruts and make the assumption that you know how they feel about you. While wonderful and rewarding, good relationships take work.

When we take our partners for granted, the quality of the relationship diminishes. We become unhappy, resentful and, in the absence of feedback, often full of doubt. It just takes a small effort to remind your partner that you care.

partner taking me for granted relationship

Some of this is a normal cycle and some of it may have come from the individuals own actions. Either way it is something that does not have to remain in place. Often after a couple has left the honeymoon zone and are now in day to day life and the relationship, they can often feel that this part of their life is secure and no longer needs attention.

Although this is a common occurrence it is not healthy and does not need to continue. Part of any healthy relationship is communication including when we are not feeling loved or appreciated. There are positive ways to express this and not so positive ways to express this. If we are attacking and pointing the finger it is not likely to be received in an open and changeable way.

If instead we express how we are feeling, and what we need yes be vulnerablewe are likely to be received with an open ear and heart so that changes can be made. Sometimes we are feeling taken for granted because we have created that situation. What I meant by that is we have allowed it to occur to the point it has become the norm. We have either said oh no need to thank me, it is no big deal, I love doing things for you or other things like that.

We have likely allowed ourselves to be taken for granted for a while and not said anything or expected anything differently. Either way we have set the tone for this behavior and validated it is okay.

Now we want the person to change and not have this behavior or to see it is not appropriate. This situation is much more difficult to change because it has not been the standard of appropriate acceptable behavior. We must begin to set clear expectations and stick to them.

If they are not held, we need to follow through with the actions we have said we will. If I feel that I am always seen as a plan B for dating.

Then the crucial part is sticking to it, whether it is other activities I want to do or just time alone. If we stick to our expectations of being valued others will tend to fight it at first but then understand we mean it and are not going back to the old taken for granted place.

Whatever the cause of feeling taken for granted, we must be the change. We do not have to stay in situations where this continues and we just openly accept that is how it is.

But, we must be the ones to take actions, either expressing ourselves to allow change or setting expectations of change, and then following through. If we stay in status quo and just continue to complain then we must accept we are also taking ourselves for granted in addition to letting others and only we hold that change key.

partner taking me for granted relationship

Neesha Lenzini, MS - www. We enter a relationship with our whole heart and soul. We do for others as we would like done for us. We want to feel loved, respected, and appreciated.

So what happens when we are not getting those things back?

partner taking me for granted relationship

What happens when we feel like we are always giving and never getting anything in return? Long term relationships come with many challenges, but they also come with a great deal of comfort and joy. Often when we have been with the same person for any period of time we begin to feel like we are being taken for granted.

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We begin focusing on everything that we are doing and notice how little recognition we are receiving for it or how little our partner is doing for us in return. Or we begin to realize that what we do has become an expectation when it was once cherished and celebrated.

There are different ways to look at this. First, begin by looking within yourself. Are you a person who enjoys giving? I know I am and this has often caused me to fall into the trap of expecting others to behave as I would. I give and give expecting nothing in return, but suddenly my expectations change.

I realize how much I have given to someone and how little I have received in return. I unconsciously am drawn to people I can help because this makes me feel good. If this is you, it is time to make a choice.

7 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted

You can either recognize this trait in yourself, or you can choose to consciously work to change it. Another way is to recognize that in committed relationships we often reach a level of comfort with the other person where we no longer feel the need to show appreciation as we once did.

This can be a sign of security in a relationship. While this can be looked at as a good sign, it is also one that must be addressed if it is causing you to feel as if you are being taken for granted.

As humans we have this amazing ability to communicate through words, yet so often we wait for our partners to read our minds. I promise you, this is not possible. If you are feeling like you are being taken for granted, it is up to you to say something to your significant other.

How can we show our partner more appreciation? Where can we show up better and model the way we want to be treated within our relationship? If you fall in the trap of feeling taken for granted, it is often difficult to show appreciation for all they are doing too. Each of us is contributing to the relationship in different ways. So make sure you are recognizing how your partner is showing up and be sure to show gratitude for that as well.

The final category is the one where you have entered a relationship with someone who will always take you and everyone around them for granted. But does she respect you?

partner taking me for granted relationship

A partner who respects you will be thankful to have someone who has such a big heart and is good-natured beyond measure. When you have a strenuous workout, one hard enough to break your muscle tissues down — the food you consume and the sleep you get is utilised to build stronger muscles, thus preventing them from breaking down again.

The same occurs in a relationship. When you have a serious argument or fallout, effective communication and time apart between both parties allows the process of healing to begin, resulting in a stronger relationship. Either by those in the relationship, or other meddling friends and family members.

No appreciation or reciprocation Building on the last point, do they appreciate the positive traits you bring in the relationship, and most importantly, do they reciprocate when you make them feel special? One rule for them — another for you Whenever you do something, it is considered unacceptable — but if he does it, all is ok? Some examples maybe… Having a bunch of friends over for a party, on a consistent basis — yet you cannot do the same.

Being told not to speak about specific details of your relationship and its happenings to outsiders — but she will proceed to do the same thing. Not to mention, having to clean up after him for months on end. He must be in heaven! If someone genuinely wanted to become a part of your reality, they will do their very best to make it so. Relationships are about give and take, and are potentially a perfect lesson for teaching people how to compromise.

Your partner always has something better to do, somewhere else to be, and a million other excuses. Some examples… You try to make plans days, even weeks in advance, but your partner always comes up with a convenient excuse to cancel especially last minute.