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meet corliss archer comics for sale

But those imaginations got a boost in when the Meet Corliss Archer comic book, published by Fox Feature Syndicate, came out in. Meet Corliss Archer #1 (Fox Feature Syndicate) - Used in SOTI pg. Meet Corliss Archer ran from January 7, to September 30, Although it was CBS's answer to NBC's popular A Date with Judy, it was.

Archer points out how jealous Corliss will be if she sees Dexter with another girl, he eventually caves. Dexter is too nervous to talk on the phone, so Mr. Archer has to call Lucy Peters to set up the date.

Lucy agrees to go with Dexter but only because she wants to see the picture. She has a long list of rules, including no hand holding and no smooching. At the drive-in, Dexter does his best to make Corliss jealous. At first, Lucy keeps pushing away when he tries to sit next to her.

Meet Corliss Archer - Harry's Diet

By the time Lucy lets Dexter put his arm around her, Finly and Corliss are gone. The next day, Mr. Archer stops Dexter from marching inside the house and fighting Finly, then gives Dexter boxing advice. When Dexter finally confronts Finly, the fight is over before it starts.

Finly never lays a finger on Dexter, whose own punch sends him into the bushes. He whistles and calls for her. Archer asks her husband for fashion advice.

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He inadvertently tells her to go shopping for a new pair of shoes and a hat, then accidentally suggests she buy a new dress. At the end of the episode, after seeing Dexter laying down the law with Corliss, Mr.

meet corliss archer comics for sale

Archer tries the same thing with Mrs. Archer, insisting she return the bag and get one that matches her clothes. But he is the head cheerleader. But what a drizzle.

meet corliss archer comics for sale

The most amusing parts of the episode were the brief comments from the unseen narrator. Perhaps quaint is the best way to describe it. The gender roles are as old-fashioned as much of the dialogue. I do wonder if this episode may not be the best representation of Meet Corliss Archer, however. Dexter is the focus, not Corliss.

meet corliss archer comics for sale

Her role in the episode is very limited, which is too bad because Ann Baker seems to have a lot of fun playing the free-spirited teenager. Clumsy, nerdy Dexter, a sweet but constant bungler with a nasal voice, is best remembered for his trademark phrase, " Holy cow!

Meet Corliss Archer

Harry Archer, Corliss's father, is a lawyer who tolerates Dexter only when he wants to use him to help flaunt male superiority. She is calm and understanding with her daughter and her husband, both of whom sometimes try her patience. Meet Corliss Archer was written by F.

meet corliss archer comics for sale

Hugh Herbertwho first introduced the character and her friends in the magazine story "A Private Affair," the first of a series of stories. Kiss and Tell was a play that was adapted for a film starring Shirley Temple.

The sequel, A Kiss for Corlisswas re-released in Television Ann Baker and Mary Brian in the TV series Like many other radio shows, Meet Corliss Archer made the leap to television with live performances in andand from toas a syndicated television show starring Ann Baker and Mary Brian. One of the show's unique features was the occasional cut to a comic-book-style drawing, with announcer's commentary, that illustrated the current story situation and was used several times during each episode.

The program was produced by Ziv Productions.

meet corliss archer comics for sale

Comics Radio listeners had to use their imaginations to visualize Corliss, her friends and her town. But those imaginations got a boost in when the Meet Corliss Archer comic book, published by Fox Feature Syndicatecame out in three issues from March to July Al Feldstein Albert B.