Key factors for a successful relationship

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key factors for a successful relationship

Dec 15, The 10 most important factors for a healthy relationship (according to people) It turns out, the relationship secret all successful couples know isn't . Yoga and Ujjayi Breath; Understand and implement the 7 key steps. Below are seven crucial factors, excerpted from my book (click on title): "Seven Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success". 1. Do You Trust Your Partner? Trust is . Dec 4, Trust doesn't develop on its own. It takes serious effort from both partners. Here are some ways to develop trust and build on it together.

key factors for a successful relationship

Without good communication, how can anything in the relationship be clear and the rest of these values be strengthened? Loyalty This one is up there with trust. Loyalty acts as a building block in relationships for other values such as those on this list.

You have to actually want to be in a relationship and commit to it in order for it to work. Relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows, but the happy times should far outweigh the unhappy ones.

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  • And without them, you don't have anything.

Being happy is really important in a relationship and if you are not happy then it is time to move on. Compromise Relationships are all about give and take. If one partner only takes and never gives, something is bound to break.

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Healthy relationships need compromise in order to work and to establish happiness between both partners. Safety If you don't feel safe with your significant other then you are not in the right relationship. Nothing is more important than your own safety and security. Love makes it hard, but it is not worth it if you are being abused in any way. Independence Some couples eat, sleep, breathe and live together - and that is okay!

key factors for a successful relationship

Even if you two have similar hobbies or genuinely enjoy spending as much time as possible with one another, you should never put aside your own identity for anyone. Here are the 3 main factors that build successful relationships.

Communication It might sound cliche, but communication is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. In fact, some call it the secret to a long-lasting, positive partnership. Communication is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. Click To Tweet Now, communication is difficult — that, we know. We have three other great tips for positive communication: Share your feelings with your partner or friend, regardless of what they are.

13 Secrets for a Happy Long-Term Relationship

Speak openly and constructively. When communicating, picture yourself on the receiving end of the conversation. How would you feel or what would you think after hearing it?


Honesty In relationships, especially partnerships, honesty is integral to a great bond. While you might be committed to him or her, you must ensure that you are honest in your communication every single day.

key factors for a successful relationship

Honesty comes in so many ways, so here are our tips to keep you honest in your relationships: Realize that it might sometimes just suck.