Go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

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go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

In our “Go Negosyo: Meet the Presidentiables” forum with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte last February, he reiterated that he will have. Go Negosyo hosted the Meet the Vice Presidentiables Forum last Monday, March 14, (L-R) Luchi Cruz-Valdes, Atty. Mike Toledo, Sen. The Go Negosyo meet the vice presidentiables forum. posted March 20, at pm by Mike T. Toledo. It is said that the Vice Presidency is just a short.

Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc. In case of refunds, cancellation, and substitution: Refund is unacceptable made for cancellations after the stated deadline. Substitution is possible but only upon the advice of the original attendee. The original participant can email the details of the representative. For organizations and institutions: Please bring your deposit slip at the registration booth on the day of the event as a proof of payment.

You will find a 7-Eleven and Joey Pepperoni on the ground floor. There is parking area behind the RFM building. There is a gate located beside 7-Eleven or you can turn right on Sheridan St.

Is Duterte good for business? GoNegosyo panelists answer

For questions and clarifications, you may contact Go Negosyo at 02 and look for April Casas, or you may email gonegosyoacademy. Thursday, March 17th, After the success of the four Negosyo Talks: This forum gathered four vice presidentiables who have shared their platforms, plan of actions when they get elected.

Antonio Trillanes joined our forum and I must say we had a very lively discussion, heightened by the cheers from their respective supporters after every answer. But we definitely had a great discussion.

go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

Quite challenging for the candidates I must say because of the time constraints, but I believe they had conveyed their plans and policies very well. They were articulate, but concise to the points they wanted to stress, smart and passionate to do their share in serving the country.

Due to the limited time given, it showed who among them is prepared to answer the questions. Of course, voters would have their choices on who in the end they believe are sincere, will perform, and can help execute the plans, who will remain honest and remain true public servants.

On the entrepreneurship development side, all are in full support of the MSMEs. As an agricultural country, this sector is one of the most important sectors that needs support, especially now that it has been lagging behind relative to other sectors.

Leni advocates for rice self-sufficiency and the provision for crop insurance which is also supported by Chiz. Aside from that, Chiz mentioned that our research and development should be strengthened.

go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

Sonny wanted to modernize agricultural sector by providing modern equipment while Bongbong cited smuggling and irrigation as the major problems that needs to be solved. With Bongbong Marcos running for a national position, the issue on Martial Law was one of the hottest topics raised during our forum.

But for those who have experienced martial law like Leni who has been nothing but vocal in her dismay to martial law, this is not the answer she wanted to hear. They all smartly answered questions on education system, healthcare, conditional cash transfer system, foreign ownership, agrarian reform, and also controversial issues to which our audience applauded and laughed about.

That night, we were also introduced to the several women entrepreneurs from the Bicol region who have been supported by Cong. Leni Robredo, a known strong advocate of women empowerment.

go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

One of them is Nanay Fe Carranza. She is a PWD entrepreneur who manufactures a variety of soy bean-based products like taho, soya milk, soy coffee, soya bread, and nutrimeat. She has no formal background on entrepreneurship but through the Naga City Council for Women which Cong. Fe has been part of the Great Women Project and has been recognized by different organizations for her perseverance and passion for her business despite her disabilities.

Together with her family and a few employees, they are also supporting feeding programs for more than 3, students. Leni Robredo and women entrepreneurs from Bicol. The policies and programs of our 4 VP candidates were very encouraging.

These are the kinds of programs we wish the next national leaders would support. We in Go Negosyo will continue to support them in the task of nation-building thru entrepreneurship empowerment. This is our way to help spread prosperity and beat poverty.

Marriage and Mentorship Thursday, March 10th, Marriage is one of the most important unions in life.

go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

More than just a legal contract, marriage to me is a commitment one shares with his or her partner for the rest of their lives. A relationship that surpasses physical connection as it also entails spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of the couple. It feels like it was not too long ago when my wife, Marissa and I wed in a simple church ceremony.

Our relationship was not a perfect one. We had also experienced trials that challenged us. This is what we have learned through the guidance of our parents. My parents who have been married for more than 60 years is truly an inspiration not just to me and my siblings but also to others.

Just last week, my one and only son Christian married Olivia, his girlfriend for nine years. Just like what Archbishop Socrates Villegas had said during the ceremony, family is the most important teacher in their lives.

They have to continue to love and understand each other for the rest of their lives.

go negosyo meet the presidentiables for 2016

And this is what I have always advised them, that the key to a happy life is a happy family which they can achieve through strong faith in God, communication, and most importantly, love. As parents, we are the first mentors in their lives.

The Go Negosyo meet the vice presidentiables forum

I congratulate Christian and Olivia and I look forward to the day when there will be little Christians and Olivias running around. Speaking of mentorship, Go Negosyo is continuously mentoring young entrepreneurs who are eager to level up and succeed in their respective industries. Today, in partnership with the US Embassy led by Amb. This forum is a gathering of innovators and enablers whose expertise will cover major topics such as innovative products or services development, operation processes, and innovative business models.

YEDW-MMIF aims to gather participants from the youth sector, micro and small and medium entrepreneurs MSMEsaspiring young entrepreneurs, and academe to enhance their innovation models as a way to take the business to a higher growth plane.

Bam Aquino will be gracing the innovation forum to inspire the delegates. The delegates will be experiencing a group mentoring through the fora and plenary talks we have prepared for them.

They will surely get learnings from the experts. For the past 10 years of Go Negosyo, we aim not only to inspire but also to mentor and guide the aspiring, micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

Through mentorship, they do not only acquire the essential business knowledge an entrepreneur must possess but also develop the proper mindset, characteristics, and important values. But before you release the money, they entrepreneurs have to be educated to be sure that the money isn't wasted," Duterte replied during the forum when asked if he will make any drastic changes to promote entrepreneurship in the country.

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Let your experts do it. Do not commit anything. When you become the president, create a committee to deal with the business sector," Duterte said. When you become the president, create a committee to deal with the business sector,' Duterte tells the GoNegosyo crowd After his pronouncements, some of the panelists concluded business and economics are not his strength.


He is very focused on fighting criminality and corruption. So he really needs many consultants to help improve our economy," Lapid told Rappler after the forum.

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Fighting crime is a good start But with Duterte promoting peace and order, Concepcion said it is a good start for a better business climate. Duterte still best bet for president in - businessmen "When you fight crime, you have a peaceful nation. Then all the other things happen. You can see that he is against corruption and he lives a very simple life.