German word for nice to meet you dictionary :: I'm pleased to meet you :: English-German translation

german word for nice to meet you

Jun 21, Could you please give me the German equivalent for the following phrases? -It was nice to meet you all. I learned how to say “the ghost” and “the ice cave” in German before I learned how to say “nice to meet you” or “can I please pass by?” And I'm not alone. 13 Swiss-German Phrases to Help You Talk Like a Local . This is the equivalent of “pleased to meet you” and is another one of those phrases.

Find out on the Rosetta Stone blog. Why are so many words capitalized in German? How to Learn to Pronounce German Words Because German is a much more phonetically consistent language than English, German words almost always sound the way they are spelled. You can use this phonetic knowledge to pronounce long, multi-syllable words that otherwise might be overwhelming.

English-German Dictionary

Let's breakdown some of the more difficult sounds. In words like Buch book and Bach streamit sounds like the Scottish pronunciation of the "ch" in Loch Ness.

These vowels appear with two dots above them. These double dots are called umlauts and they signal special vowel sounds.

german word for nice to meet you

Some sound like English vowels, but other pronunciations are a little harder to master; let's try to break them down together. By far, the best way to figure out how to pronounce these tricky vowels correctly is to practice and get feedback from native speakers.

Because there's no point in knowing the words if people can't understand what you're saying. Learn German Words with Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone gives you a skillset beyond vocabulary with an immersive approach that combines learning vocabulary with real-world situations, building toward a greater contextual understanding of key German phrases.

At Rosetta Stone, we believe every person can learn to read, write and speak German with confidence. And then they describe themselves as "verabredet. I am simply not understanding this. Fahne A man takes a nap after a few too many beers in Cologne.

DPA This does not just mean flag. It's also the special type of flag that flutters in your face and stings your eyes when a drunkard tells you he always loved her, you know, honestly, really loved her, despite how it looks.

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DPA You've stayed out late and you weren't supposed to. Your wife has put the kids to bed, made your dinner, and given it to the dog. I'm absolutely off my face and I need some Drachenfutter. DPA The English have "comfort food," but the ever-thorough Germans have taken that concept to its obvious biological conclusion. Kummerspeck, literally "sorrow bacon," is the extra bulges that develop once you've consumed too much comfort.

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DPA This is a truly vital word, missing from English, and indeed every language in the world probably - except German. It means to be ashamed FOR someone else.

german word for nice to meet you

How often have you wanted to express that feeling in one neat, perfect word? It literally means "raven mother". Apparently baby ravens in the wild eat nothing but ketchup and are allowed to play with scissors. DPA In the Germans' skewed image of the universe, the bird, soaring free through the sky, is an unlucky beast, but to be a mushroom is a fate associated with good fortune.