Flirt pole vs spring for sale

How to Build a Spring Pole (Exercise Equipment for Dogs)

flirt pole vs spring for sale

I want to start working Bella on either a spring pole or a flirt pole,in addition to her walks now that spring is here and she is 'old enough'.Bella is. your dog. Best practices, tips on where to mount the spring pole, and more. You may also enjoy this DIY article on making a flirt pole: -pole/. Cynthia . You can buy them on a variety of sites. Maybe. Reference to flirt and spring-pole devices can by found in literature as far Construction: No need to try and buy a flirtpole - it is easy enough to build your own.

What is the advantage of a flirt pole? How to make a flirt pole? How to play a flirt pole game?

flirt pole vs spring for sale

What is a spring pole? Why do Pit Bulls like a spring pole so much? How to make a spring pole? What kind of dog breeds that are best suited for a flirt pole or spring pole? You can play a flirt pole game anywhere as long as there is enough space such as in a room or backyard. Many dogs are addicted to the thrill of the chase and catch and a flirt pole offers your dog a mean to experience that high chase game. You can change the direction quickly, make the lure move fast, or change the height to keep the game alive.

By performing various exercises jumping, running, watching, changing directionyou can improve his physical condition, teach your dog self-control and hone his chasing and targeting skills.

Regular flirt pole activity helps to improve heart and lung function, fine-tune motoric response, and strengthen muscles and joints. How to Make a Flirt Pole? Some dogs might not feel challenged enough if the pole and rope are too short.

flirt pole vs spring for sale

After you find an ideal pole and rope combination, your next step is to thread the rope through the pipe and tie a knot at either end of the pipe, think of fishing pole, it has similar construction. Then tie a toy to the end of the rope and voila! Tell your dog to lie down, and leave the toy alone. This first step is important and must be done before and after the game to practice and impose self-control on your dog. You can do various movements, you can move the pole and lure, snap the pole to change direction, or swing the lure in the air.

The idea is to keep the toy moving and keep your dog from getting used to the pattern of our movements.

flirt pole vs spring for sale

For an expensive, really long one, click HERE. A piece of jute, burlap, a sock or a rabbit hide. Tie your "bait" to the end of the whip.

Flirt Pole vs Spring Pole – What are The Differences?

Make sure you have no metal or other hard objects anywhere near where the dog will be biting. Here the rabbit skin is tied to the end of the whip.

The flirtpole is excellent for tiring out your dog when you don't have a lot of time or space.

flirt pole vs spring for sale

Say, when traveling, and you want to let her her yah yahs out before you bed down for the night. Letting an out of shape, stuck-in-a-shipping-crate-all-day or stuck-on-a-chain-all-the-time dog have a go at a flirtpole is a good way to blow a knee or tear ligaments. Use common sense when working your dog. Remember that dogs love to chase If your bulldog has no desire to chase, try a different bait.

Try tying the dog up and having it watch other dogs. Or realize that your dog may have low prey drive and get over it; but DON'T think that hitting the dog in a teasing manner, or flipping it in their face will make them want to chase or bite at it - it will have the opposite effect. If you over do it, they will not be as thrilled to work it the next time. In order to be long and light, flirtpoles are flimsy by nature.

flirt pole vs spring for sale

They are going to break. That is why I advocate buying cheap longe whips. You can reduce wear and tear on your flirtpole by primarily using it to keep the bait away from the dog - in other words, not as a tug-toy. When the dog catches the bait, go with the dog, and don't pull against them too much. When working puppies, obviously you can pull a bit, in fact you want to, but with adult dogs, you will soon snap the pole.

The springpole is mentioned in many old books on conditioning dogs.

Flirt Pole vs Spring Pole - What are The Differences?

In fact, "springpole contests" of sorts are mentioned in medieval text. An advertisement from England stated that at the Bear Garden, at 3: What dogs they had then! Hannah describes the rather cumbersome "old fashion" springpole used circa This pole is placed at an angle of about forty-five degrees, resting in a strong notched stick or limb driven into the ground, the butt of the pole being stacked to the ground at the right distance to give the proper angle.

The sapling should be of hickory or of some other wood with a good spring. Attached a the other end of the rope and suspended two or three feet from the ground is a good coon hide, well sewed together.

This can be raised or lowered at will be means of the pulley. The dog will soon learn to fight it, and you can pull him up clear from the ground, if desired. This spring pole will develop jaw-power wonderfully. Fitz-Barnard, a noted expert on fighting dogs and sports, describes a simpler springpole used in the s, and notes dryly that only "real dogs" do springpole!

Another good way of working a dog is to suspend a piece of soft leather from the ceiling, with a cord and piece of rubber. He will fight the leather, and the rubber keeps pulling it away from him.

Spring pole vs flirt pole | Pit Bull Chat Forum

He will keep on for as long as you like. Of course you can only work dogs these ways; a cur would soon chuck it. Building a springpole is not difficult and can be done one of several ways: All a springpole is is a biting surface usually jute or burlap roll, or a rope suspended from a springy device either a garage door spring, or what I use, two wheelbarrow inner tubes and hung overhead.

So, decide if you have a strong branch, a strong rafter, or need to construct a device see picture below to hang it from, and go from there. I like to hang my rope as high as possible, allowing the dogs to swing out further. OK, here we go! Now you have a collar holding the inner tubes suspended in the air. From this, hang a rope to which your biting surface is attached. If you want to be fancy, tie loops in the rope, so you can adjust where you hang the biting surface.

The Flirt Pole: Dog Toy or Life Changer?

You may want it lower for some dogs, higher for the flyers. Use rope or some other soft material to connect the biting surface to the snap you will use to attach to the rope hanging from the "spring".

Dogs biting chain can break their teeth.