Bad timing for a relationship

The Truth About Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time | Thought Catalog

bad timing for a relationship

Probably bad timing. That girl If you want the best opportunity possible for a potential relationship, only proceed if the light is bright green. In short, if the timing is simply all wrong for things to blossom between you of giving you what you need in a relationship in the here and now. Timing is the key to everything, inclusive of relationships. There must've been a time that you might've met the perfect person but the timing just.

I shipped a bag ahead of me, and then got on my bike and went.

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I could have made all kinds of excuses — about the weather, in the least! I just went to him. I did it without thinking about moving, and certainly without frenzy or mania or obsessive highs.

bad timing for a relationship

The assured, quiet energy of knowing, and then simply doing— obvious, composed energy, like it had been the plan all along. Because in my head? The right people make you want to throw away the plans you originally had for one and follow them into the hazy, unknown future without a glance backwards.

bad timing for a relationship

Everything is better since they came along. You rewrite your story so that they are the spine. Maybe I was just at a point in my life where he made sense — maybe he just happened to be what I was looking for, but I doubt it. With him, I borrow the words of Priebe: Because here we are, right now.

bad timing for a relationship

We have to be emotionally and mentally ready; be well-equipped with good standards — and mostly that means framing up a partner as a human being, not a physical manifestation of our ideals. We make the timing forever when we are the sort of people who are open to forever, who ready ourselves by not waiting on the universe to hand us things, by getting our shit straight and our heads right, for seeing people in healthy ways and not using people to fill gaps in our hearts.

It just will be. And Heidi Priebe wrote something beautiful when she captured what we forget when we say the timing was wrong: It would have been infinitely easier to meet you two years earlier or three years later or in a different space or place or country or time zone.

Or your relationship might have been going smoothly when you brought up moving in together a little too soon. There is no point in leading on someone to no end.

Maybe the best thing to do at that time is to actually focus on your work.

The Truth About Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time

No relationship is better than a bitter one, where all you ever do is complain. You complain about your partner not being understanding enough, while they complain about how you never have time for them.

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You two are never available at the same time: You wish for it to happen; but the two of you never seem to get a chance. Long distance relationships might not be that practical: You could be dating for weeks or for years and if you have to move for some reason, although you want that relationship; it just might not be possible for you to keep up with it. Things like different time zones, or the gradually decreasing communication or lack of seeing each other among other factors could all lead to an unavoidable end.

Neither one can really be blamed. Many people do actually live by this.

bad timing for a relationship

And they surely have to make a lot of sacrifices to live up to it. You might have planned a vacation with your partner and out of nowhere you have a sick family member you just cannot ignore.

bad timing for a relationship

You need to take care of them. That is an all consuming task in itself.