Aishwarya at prayer meet for ashok mehta

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aishwarya at prayer meet for ashok mehta

1, Tribute to Cinematographer Ashok Mehta by Whistling Woods, Download 16 , Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the prayer meeting of Ashok Mehta. Download. Actor Arjun Rampal considered Ashok Mehta his mentor and a and director Ashok Mehta's family come together to the prayer meeting. Santosh Sivan pays tribute to his idol Ashok Mehta Ashok Mehta's prayer meet · Suniel Shetty at Murari Bapu's cultural & spiritual festival Aishwarya Rai at the inauguration of Kalyan Jewellers store in Kochi · Gitanjali Beti.

Asoka Mehta

What impressed me was his forthrightness. Even when I was year old, he gave me the kind of respect people would give the grown-ups, and had no compunctions referring to his virtues or his vices.

He talked about how he had studied only till Class IV fourth gradebut managed well, during all his experiences. He greatly respected my mother. I remember him once mention his age as He would surprise the youngsters with his energy and the elders would be forced to listen to him, as he talked sense. Once the room he was staying in had a faulty fluorescent tube light, and had been faulty for years.

He immediately got that fixed. He got a pump installed and personally made sure there was adequate water during all the days of the wedding. I really respected him when I saw his stature during a particular incident. Everyone quickly fell in line. He would be there wherever he could make any difference.

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He took the responsibility to see his granddaughters married and oversaw the entire process. These are, but surfaces of his life I know about.

His success reflects in the success of his kids today. In the last decade or so, he developed a skin condition called psoriasis. One would find his skin peeling off. He had told me about the disease and how it is non-infectious. It was perhaps an indication to the crowd around not to make a big deal of his skin condition. He had once, perhaps similarly, taken my engagement ring, and tried it on his flaky-pink finger. I forget the exact words, but he spoke in Marwari.

Every minutes, he would come back and repeat the same set of questions again. After about an hour or so, he suddenly recognized me and asked if I was still in Singapore and how was I doing. I was sad to see him in that state. I was told he had gotten lost in Delhi for a day or two. The police helped find him back. The next day, when I touched his feet to leave he was sleeping; then got up and came outside.

Is all the work done? That work related to the worship? I hope all the work is done. A month or two ago, I was further saddened to hear that he had fallen down and fractured his hips and supposedly underwent two surgeries.

aishwarya at prayer meet for ashok mehta

He was bound to a wheelchair and was bed-ridden with somebody taking care of changing and feeding him. Deepchandji has passed away. His sons and their families had gone to Haridwar to attend the Kumbh mela and were rushing back. These years would see his last on-screen appearances for some time. After the release of Khuda Gawah inBachchan went into semi-retirement for five years. With the exception of the delayed release of Insaniyatwhich was also a box office failure, Bachchan did not appear in any new releases for five years.

ABCL's strategy was to introduce products and services covering an entire cross-section of India's entertainment industry. ABCL's operations were mainstream commercial film production and distribution, audio cassettes and video discs, production and marketing of television software, and celebrity and event management.

Though Mrityudaata attempted to reprise Bachchan's earlier success as an action hero, the film was a failure both financially and critically. The fiasco and the consequent legal battles surrounding ABCL and various entities after the event, coupled with the fact that ABCL was reported to have overpaid most of its top level managers, eventually led to its financial and operational collapse in The Bombay high court, in Aprilrestrained Bachchan from selling off his Bombay bungalow 'Prateeksha' and two flats till the pending loan recovery cases of Canara Bank were disposed of.

aishwarya at prayer meet for ashok mehta

Bachchan had, however, pleaded that he had mortgaged his bungalow to raise funds for his company. He played a stern, elder figure who rivalled the character of Shahrukh Khan. Other hits followed, with Bachchan appearing as an older family patriarch in Ek Rishtaa: As an actor, he continued to perform in a range of characters, receiving critical praise for his performances in AksAankhenKaanteKhakee and Dev The film starred Bachchan as an aging teacher of a deaf-blind girl and followed their relationship.

Taking advantage of this resurgence, Amitabh began endorsing a variety of products and services, appearing in many television and billboard advertisements. All of them were successful at the box office. Shootout at Lokhandwala did well at the box office and was declared a hit in India, while Cheeni Kum picked up after a slow start and was a success.

He received positive reviews from critics who hailed his performance as his best ever since Black. The film was due to begin filming in February but due to the writer's strike, was pushed to September Sarkar Rajthe sequel of the film Sarkar, released in June and received a positive response at the box-office.

Asoka Mehta

Paawhich released at the end of was a highly anticipated project as it saw him playing his own son Abhishek's Progeria-affected year-old son, and it opened to favourable reviews, particularly towards Bachchan's performance and was one of the top-grossing films of Inhe debuted in Malayalam film through Kandahardirected by Major Ravi and co-starring Mohanlal. Inhe played the role of the friendly ghost in the sequel Bhoothnath Returns.

The next year, he played the role of a grumpy father suffering from chronic constipation in the critically acclaimed Piku which was also one of the biggest hits of His performance in Piku, without doubt, finds a place among the top 10 in his illustrious career. Bhashkor's life and conversation may revolve around his constipation and fussy hypochondria, but there's no mistaking the scene-stealing energy that Mr.

He bickers with the maids, harrows his hapless helper, and expects that Piku stay unmarried so she can attend to him. Inhe appeared in the women centric courtroom drama film Pink which was highly praised by critics and with an increasingly good word of mouth, was a resounding success at the domestic and overseas box office. According to Raja Sen of Rediff. Like we know from Prakash Mehra movies, into each life some Bachchan must fall.

The girls hang on to him with incredulous desperation, and he bats for them with all he has. At one point Meenal hangs by Bachchan's elbow, words entirely unnecessary. Bachchan towers through Pink — the way he bellows "et cetera" is alone worth having the heavy-hitter at play—but there are softer moments like one where he appears to have dozed off in court, or where he lays his head by his convalescent wife's bedside and needs his hair ruffled and his conviction validated.

Bachchan towers in every sense, but without a hint of showboating. His histrionics come primarily in the form of his well-modulated baritone, conveying his emotions and of course, from the well-written lines. Ram Gopal Varma 's Sarkar 3. He contested Allahabad 's seat for the 8th Lok Sabha against H. Bahugunaformer Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and won by one of the highest victory margins in general election history The resignation followed the implication of Bachchan and his brother in the " Bofors scandal " by a newspaper, which he vowed to take to court.

He was framed in the scam and falsely alleged. This was cleared by Swedish police chief Sten Lindstrom. Thereafter Bachchan started supporting the Samajwadi Partythe political party to which Amar Singh belonged. These activities have recently got him into trouble in the Indian courts for false claims after a previous incident of submission of legal papers by him, stating that he is a farmer.

In defence, Bachchan claimed to have banned the press from entering his sets until late Bachchan has denied the allegation. The show was well received. The show became a massive hit with audiences and broke many TRP Records.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: PIX: Aishwarya attends Ashok Mehta's Chautha

The Show also grabbed all the major Awards for its category. The sixth season was also hosted by Bachchan, commencing on 7 Septemberbroadcast on Sony TV and received the highest number of viewers thus far. He has been a narrator, a playback singerand presenter for numerous programmes.