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Precisely 23 minutes later, Mey said, she started getting mysterious hang-up calls that showed up on her caller ID as coming from her local county government. Dallas is so bad that it lost last week despite scoring 48 points and having quarterback Tony Romo throwing for yards and five touchdowns.

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He kept his team in the game before the Diamondbacks torched the Rockies' bullpen for seven runs over the sixth, seventh and eighth innings.

sweet flirt ep 23 romana panic

What you perceive as baseball turning a blind eye to the return of the spitball is merely an attempt to speed up the pace of play. It used to be that not only could you not be on the rubber when you went to your mouth, but you had to be off of the dirt portion of the mound. Of course a lot of players in certain atmospheric conditions suffer from dry hands and have to go to their mouths to get rid of the slippery grip.

That extra time under the old rule was killing the pace of play and so baseball mandated that you could actually be on the mound and go to your mouth if you at least made a gesture to wipe it off on your uniform before delivering the pitch. Meanwhile, Sheer is also searching for a Cosmos Stone and ends up causing a local village to think monsters from a nearby volcano are attacking after she sicks her Mapusaurus on some woodcutters who disturbed her sleep.

On a volcano, Shwan-dzang is captured by Sheer and her Mapusaurus just as the D-Team catch up to them.

sweet flirt ep 23 romana panic

Ace manages to rescue him as Chomp fights the Mapusaurus. Max and Sheer activate their dinosaur's armors at the same time. Heat Eruption the move card Sheer uses on her Mapusaurus accidentally sets off a volcano eruption causing her to recall her Mapusaurus and the D-Team fall back to the village.

At a nearby village, Dr. Z is posing as a priest with Ursula, Zander, and Ed as his followers when Gavro attacks by attempting to capture him and he activates his Achelousaurus. Ursula unleashes Spiny upon it, who doesn't do a good job on the Achelousaurus in Dinosaur King gameplay, Lightning is stronger than Water.

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Gavro recalls Achelousaurus as he gets away with Dr. After learning that Dr. Z isn't Shwan-dzang, he goes after the real one and unleashes Achelousaurus to fight the D-Team followed by armoring up the Achelousaurus. Chomp defeats the Achelousaurus, Gavro retreats with its card, but Shwan-dzang has already left the area. Gavro takes Shwan-dzang to where he had taken Dr.

Z for it is said to hide a Cosmos Stone in it. It's not long before Foolscap and Sheer arrive to help break up Shwan-dzang and Gavro's argument to make him move the large rock. In the nick of time, the D-Team catches up. Meanwhile, Ursula, Zander, and Ed are scaling the same mountain and Ed unleashes Tank to dig into the mountain.

When Tank comes near the Cosmos Stone, it moves the rock blocking the cave entrance. Sheer unleashes Lanzhousaurus to attack Chomp with Power Drain. With Chomp drained of energy and Tank still attacking, Gavro and Sheer armor up their dinosaurs.

Max and Rex armor up their dinosaurs as well. Upon the Alpha Gang catching up, Ed armors up Tank. When Shwan-dzang returned to the village, no one is responding to the D-Team's transmission back at the time ship. Taylor and the other parents are prisoners on Space Pirates' hip. Cretacia encounter Seth on the side of Space Pirates when they are put to work. The D-Team encounters Ieyasu after he fell off a cliff during Sheer's attack.

Sheer and her Gojirasaurus catch up and attacks. Max summons Chomp to fight Gojirasaurus. Meanwhile, Zoe's father falls from the Space Pirates' ship while treating one of the dinosaurs and his mistaken as Ieyasu Tokugawa by Ieyasu's escort. The kunoichi find her and take her back to their headquarters. Sheer awakens with the kunoichi, and decides to help them.

Foolscap is sent to look for Mihasa and abducts Ieyasu in the process only to be attacked by the kunoichi.

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Foolscap attacks them with Megalosaurus only for Sheer to arrive and counter with the Deinonychus Trio. After reclaiming the card, Sheer and the kunoichis escape. They run into the D-Team and attack by Terry results in Zoe, Ieyasu, and a bear cub being trapped under a pile of rocks.

During this, Ace gets attracted by the White Cosmos Stone. Chomp and Paris join the battle and free Ace. With that, both sides use their respective armor. Gavro goes after Ieyasu while the D-Team has a run-in with a larger bear. Gavro is still looking for Ieyasu and Hanzou, but the D-Team manages to catch up with them.

Upon getting closer to the battle, the D-Team and Ieyasu are attacked by Sheer and her kunoichi allies. Gavro and Foolscap see her fighting, and fly down to help.

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Zoe transforms Paris and armors her up to fend off some kunoichis. Foolscap and Gavro activate Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops to attack the D-Team and then armors them up. As Ieyasu and the D-Team run right into the battle, Chomp and Ace turn their attentions toward the Pentaceratops and the Tuojiangosaurus.