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star mobile flirt

Powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, the inch Starmobile Flirt runs on the Android Jelly Bean platform, and features Wi-Fi as well as. Starmobile Flirt. GENERAL. SIM. Dual SIM, Dual Stand-By. 2G Network. GSM / MHz. 3G Network. HSPA // MHz. We get to spend some time with Starmobile's latest star. Do we think it's okay for you to flirt with it?.

At this point, we'd like the sample pictures taken with the Flirt do the talking. Display With a screen measuring 4. By the same token, you'll appreciate looking at megapixel photos on the phone's above-average-sized screen.

The qHD resolution of this model is obviously not in the same league as p and p displays especially when it comes to clarity, but it nonetheless gets the job done.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What's more, the inclusion of in-plane switching or IPS technology means that colors tend to be more natural-looking than oversaturated and viewing angles are wide enough to comfortably view photos and videos from off-center.

And whether or not you see yourself actually benefiting from this smartphone's security blanket on a daily basis, reinforced cover glass is always a welcome feature that should be standard fare for all handheld electronics.

star mobile flirt

Specs and performance As for the rest of the features, the Starmobile Flirt sees a trident of familiar silicon: Fortunately, there's a microSD card slot in tow to give you more leeway after you've filled up the 4 gigs of onboard space up to 32GB.

The 1,mAh battery beneath the removable rear panel rarely gets past the first day without requiring charging. A quick glance at the spec sheet makes it perfectly clear that the Starmobile Flirt won't win over anyone expecting lightning-quick responsiveness, and that's fine with us.

For an Android Jelly Bean device with modest specs, the Flirt actually runs pretty smooth, with minimal lag when switching between home screens and apps. Also to its credit, Google Now works like a dream after firing up the Play store app and installing the requisite Google Search update.

It should have no problems playing bread-and-butter titles such as Angry Birds and Temple Run 2, though.

star mobile flirt

Try to re-install it to avoid this possibility. If is does not help, we will forward this problem to our Android staff.

Your account is not blocked. Which phone doesn't work for you? We can see last synchronization from Samsung two days ago. Is it that Samsung which doesn't work now? We don't see any error message which seems to be related to communication problem of your phone. Can you, please, restart it first to be sure. Check service or operator's shop. When does server not accept logins?

Review: Starmobile Flirt, a sub-P10,000 dual-core phone

And now i want just to download them in my new android phone samsung note 5. I lost all my contacts and these in phonecopy are all I have.

Now you solved it by yourself. I tried to synchronize it but I ran into several failures.

star mobile flirt

A nearly successful synch resulted in incomplete sms downloads and furthemore, the mobile numbers on these sms do not associate with the names in the phone directory. I have tried getting help from customer service but it appears they could not resolve this. I don't know how long it takes for PhoneCopy to include a device in its listing. I see a lot of Oppo models in that list but it appears the F1 model is taking months.

When I try to create an account from the phone Phonecopy closes unexpectedly - leading to Force Close. If I create an account through a PC this one and try to log in the same problem happens.

I am using WiFi. Is that the problem? Can you solve this please. Answered via personal email. But I don't see the sync option in Infinix X I am not able to synchronize. Appreciate your help here. Do I need to do a One Way sync? The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago. Please reduce number of items on website. Appreciate your help to enable my account. Please delete at least two devices to fit limits for free account.

Now i checked the profile and it is not blocked anymore.

BTS 4/6/2013 - Facebook Home, Starmobile Flirt, Cherry Mobile Festival, & More! #KrisAquino

Whenever I open Contacts it takes lot of time to open. After that i couldn't retrieve my contacts from SD card I have over plus contacts and SMSs.

To make matters worse I need to test if your process works prior to purchasing the Premium edition however I do not know if Huawei P8 Max is compatible as I can not see it clearly on your list.

Starmobile Flirt Review: Jaw Dropping Specs – Pinoy Techno Guide

Can you email me to ellieroya2 gmail. Will I be able to move contacts to my andriod? When you will exceed number of contacts again, your account will be automatically blocked again. Free account is provided for personal purposes with limit of contacts.

Almost nobody has personal contacts. If you are using phonecopy for business purposes or you installed it to business mobile phone, you should buy Premium. Not "Failed to send" but it just sits there saying "Sending" for every text message I try to send.

I have to delete all of the "Sending" messages and reboot the phone before I can start sending text messages again. We can help with PhoneCopy problems only.

We can help you with PhoneCopy issues only. We can't influence it.

Starmobile Flirt: Dual-core, Android Jelly Bean, 4.5 qHD Display and 12MP Camera

We can offer for synchronization only accessible data. It looks like that your issue is gone. Might want to change your supported Lillipop to Lollipop.

star mobile flirt

My Moto E2 is not detecting the contacts in my SIM card but, the same are displayed or being detected in other mobiles please help me solve the problem We can help you only with the second case. In the first case, contact your Motorola support.

I would just like to ask if the private sms will also be backed up when we do "Back up SMS" from the Messaging? Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern.

star mobile flirt