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Walter And Paige, Scorpion Tv Series, Series Movies, Movie Tv, Tv Shows, Random Stuff, .. the ring has been practiced since ancient times in countries like Mexico and Spain. Paige trying to teach Walter how to flirt for a mission:P. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Humor - Cabe Gallo, Walter, Paige, Happy - Words: 1, Walter. He had a definite history with the kid, going back to when he was Cabe had had to teach him some control as well, since he'd had a . ( Afterward, Sylvester had informed him of Paige's 'flirting lesson'. See more. SCORPION - #TeamScorpion - Walter trying to explain Ralph to Paige so she won' Well, it's more like Paige teaching Walter how to flirt, but.

That was an ineffective choice. They continue their small talk and Sima extends her hand and runs it up his thigh. Toby has an idea. The CIA lady gave him the gecko gloves that will allow a person to climb up glass.

Happy is not thrilled but plays along. She begins to scale the building and seems genuinely impressed with the tech.

Walter and Paige (1x15) - "I love hearing your voice in my ear"

Sima begins to move a little quicker. She gets Walter to remove his jacket in the hopes of checking it for his security card. Happy is still scaling the wall when Sylvester shows up.

The mere sight of a friend hanging on to a wall by her hands sends Sylvester into a panic. Rightfully so as one of the gloves stops working leaving Happy dangling by one hand.

The only plan is to use her one working glove and swing. Create enough momentum that she might land on the adjoining balcony. Which she is actually able to do with less difficulty that expected. How did she pull that off? Paige tells Walter he needs to stall. Imagine the expression on the face of a child about to kiss a girl for the first time and intensify the awkwardness and you might be close to what Walter looks like in this elevator.

They approach the room door and Happy is still not out yet. With few options, Happy is frozen. Sima opens the door and Walter is staring right at Happy. He does the only thing he can to prevent Sima from noticing Happy. He pulls her aside and kisses her next to the doorway.

Which is surprising to everyone, but appears to mean something else to Paige. In the hotel room, this is getting steamier than I ever would have expected from this show. Meanwhile Happy, Toby, and Cabe get to a storage facility that corresponds to a key Happy found in the hotel room.

Inside is a lone refrigerator. Happy opens the door and finds the chemicals they are looking for. There is a red light in the middle of the freezer. A pressure sensor that has tripped an alarm.

Sima now facing Walter from his lap strikes him in the head with the butt of a gun. Walter wakes up handcuffed to a seat in what appears to be a very nice private jet. A deal has been struck, apparently.

She gets all three chemicals and Walter gets to go home. Cabe is willing to comply if it means getting Walter back. Ultimately she shoots Cabe in the chest and kicks him literally off the plane, keeping Walter as collateral until they reach neutral airspace. Cabe was wearing another bit CIA tech. A shirt that uses electricity to prevent bullets from penetrating.

He unlocks the cuffs and goes full on MacGuyver. While Sima is not looking he grabs scotch, a fire extinguisher, and a couple other seemingly random items. He begins spilling the scotch all over the wall closest to him.

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He secures the chemicals just as Sima notices his movements. It ignites the area and blows a hole in the wall of the plane. The jolt knocks Sima and the pilot unconscious. The pilot was bearing down on the throttle so the plane is not slowing down. Happy hot wires one of those drivable airport stairs and begins to gun it for the plane. And idea that Sylvester is naturally not alright with since it involves Walter throwing the chemicals off of a racing plane.

Despite his concern, Sylvester is able to securely catch the bag. After falling a bit. Sima jumps Walter from behind. Using a small knife tries to cut him.

Kind of silly actually, considering her role in this, she should be more concerned with securing the chemicals not seeking revenge on the guy that blew a hole in the plane.

Walter thinks quickly and jams the small knife in an electrical outlet in the floorboard, electrocuting Sima steadily. With Sima subdued, again, Walter makes his way out to the wing. Walter then leaps from the wing to the driving stairs. He hangs on but dangles. Sylvester and Toby pull him up. In the aftermath, Walter has a hard time wrapping his head around the idea that Sima actually loved Leonard and was willing to risk her own safety and freedom to have him.

All is not lost on the Walter-Paige shipping plot line. Then Toby walks up and attempts to give Paige advise on her dream again by using Sima as an example. And she threw it all away for love. She helped them not end up in jail for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and kept their attitudes in check, something even Cabe wasn't able to accomplish. Paige took all the team's blatant blunders toward her in stride, smoother over obvious problems and ignoring the smaller ones.

She gave as good as she got, and Cabe respected that. You saw that in few people these days: Paige's son, and the grandchild he didn't have.

The youngster was brilliant, full of the same enthusiasm for learning that Walter'd had along with a childishness that Walter had never seemed to go through, or at least had lost at a young age. The boy always asked questions and understood the detailed answers, drinking in the new information.

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He adored Walter, and had latched onto him like himself had latched onto Cabe. It was wonderful to watch a kid who would've had no chance at all, despite his mother's enormous efforts, grow and thrive here. XxX The relationship between Walter and Ralph was that of a father and son.

Heck, if Cabe didn't know better, he would've assumed the boy was his kid. The two thought very much alike, and Cabe knew Walter saw himself in the boy, and wanted him to have an easier life than he'd had. Ralph looked up to Walter like the father that he hadn't had, wanting to be just like him.

It had become apparent when, on picture day, Ralph had dressed up like Walter. He'd even adopted some of the older genius's patterns of speech, along with his use of the word 'efficient'. XxX Toby and Happy. They'd danced around each other for a long time, Happy fending off Toby's blatant displays of affection with sharp replies and apparent disapproval, though he'd seen the twitch of her lips whenever Toby flirted.

He hadn't missed the longing looks being exchanged, though they were totally unaware. They fought and yelled, but when it came down to it, she'd never let anything happen to him. She cared, in her own way. Cabe sure hoped they worked things out after their failed attempt at a first date.

XxX Paige and Walter. They were polar opposites, yet somehow mirrored each other. Walter's practical knowledge was matched by Paige's knowledge of society and the workings.

He hid his emotions, and she wore them on her sleeve. He avoided physical contact whenever possible, and she often initiated it. And they both were utterly smitten with each other. Neither could deny it; Cabe saw the small touches that Walter didn't flinch away from and the smiles sent back and forth. He saw the genius going out of his way to convenience Paige, even though it sometimes caused himself slight troubles.

Take the cinnamon in the coffee. Walter used to hate cinnamon with a vengeance, yet now drank it in his coffee every morning without complaint because that's how Paige liked hers. And it wasn't just on his end. He saw how Paige seemed to find the tiniest excuse to touch his hand, his arm, his shoulder while they were conversing.

The art auction had really shown it to him. Walter's reaction to Paige's nice dress, her quick blink at his tuxedo. The dancing made it so utterly obvious he didn't know why they couldn't see it. Paige had talked Walter through the whole thing perfectly, and the device had just 'reset on its own' so they had to dance for a little while longer.

Looking back now, Cabe recalled hearing a small beep, like the reset button being pressed. Then, he brushed it off as hearing things.

Now, he wasn't so sure. And the whole ordeal with Sima. A few months ago, Walter would never have been able to pull that off.

He would've flinched away at the first touch and probably blown his cover by being uncomfortable. But he managed through it, even though Cabe saw him stiffen slightly at her touch, only relaxing when Paige instructed him as to what to do.

And the whole "I love hearing your voice in my ear" thing? A slip that had been the icing on the cake. He obviously meant Paige, and to say it while kissing another woman showed where his affections truly lay.

Toby had caught the slip as well, smirking at the prospect of blackmail material. Cabe had silenced him with a look. Afterward, Sylvester had informed him of Paige's 'flirting lesson'. Cabe had smiled and shook his head. XxX The two couples may deny their feelings, but Cabe saw, and he knew.