Meredith vieira who wants to be a millionaire flirt

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host Meredith Vieira gets flustered by younger |

meredith vieira who wants to be a millionaire flirt

But Meredith Viera has decided to quit her plum role as host of hit game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire after 11 seasons. Meredith Vieira says she's an old horny woman while flirting with a naval pilot contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Vieira, the “Who. Horny Millionaire host Meredith Vieira flirts with navy pilot - Host Meredith Vieira of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" goes from flirty to openly wanton with a young .

This felt so weird haha. Like watching you mom shamelessly flirt with your friend Yeah, she wants to sex him up real good. Actually the uniform makes sense.

meredith vieira who wants to be a millionaire flirt

So it shouldn't be upvoted? I think most people agree it's pretty inappropriate and that is probably why it got upvoted. Also it's kinda cringe-y. Surely that poor man pressed charges against that sexist pig.

This is why I need masculism. Goddamnit man, every thread. Ah, so that's what a woman flirting looks like. The word hypocrite only applies to personal behavior. She's only hypocritical if she says men shouldn't hit on women and then does it. Don't lay your perceived societal imbalance at her feet.

meredith vieira who wants to be a millionaire flirt

Seriously she is pretty damn attractive Exactly, no one should be doing any dating under It all works out just fine. Everybody wang chung tonight. You guys are just being stupid. Male talk show and game show hosts have casually flirted with their guests for decades and the one time a woman does it you suddenly get bent out of shape over an imagined double standard.

Get your heads out of your asses. This isn't an example of pussy pass. Didn't look to me like he was uncomfortable in the least! If you think that's great then you would have loved the 50's. Sexual harassment for sure! He looks so uncomfortable hahaha Dude, gross.

I wanted her since I was 12 shes mine Maybe with a gag ball. I mean definitely with a gag ball.

Meredith Vieira

She's no Connie Chung. That guy used to kiss kids on the lips. I'm fine with them. The guys are having a good time, the ladies are having a good time, and they are all just putting on a show for a crowd and it's entertainment. The guests arrange to be on the show and things like that happen all the time. I just find it funny that there is ONE video of a woman hitting on a dude and the top comment is complaining about unfairness towards women and how a man could never get away with that, when that's not the case.

I'm not a feminist or anything and could give a shit less, I just hate this trend of dudes on Reddit pretending to be oppressed. I feel like there is a lot of bitterness and resent towards women on Reddit, and it's growing. They latch onto anything that they see as remotely unfair and just run with it. That's my two cents. This was so painful. Vieira explained what led her to become The View's moderator in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazetteby making the following statement: Once I realized I was a reporter who didn't want to report because it required a tremendous amount of travel, nobody was too interested in having me work for them.

I had to reinvent myself. She said it was "very sad" what's happened to it: It's hard to watch. It sort of became a joke. She said the interview was taken out of context.

Meredith Vieira - Wikipedia

Time added a clarification to its website, saying "[Vieira] assures Time that in no way were her comments meant to be insensitive or derogatory Rosie O'Donnell who would later succeed Vieira on The View was originally offered to host the syndicated version, but rejected it almost immediately. In addition to hosting the show, Vieira also served as its co-executive producer, [14] a title that she would hold from until her departure from the show.

ABC originally offered Vieira hosting duties on the syndicated Millionaire to sweeten one of her re-negotiations for The View. After O'Donnell declined the opportunity to host the syndicated version, Vieira was the one that the team settled on, because she had the above-mentioned qualities. I did the show because I fell in love with the show, and really, first and foremost, as a parent, [I feel that] there aren't that many shows on television that you can watch as a family.

And when [the U.

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I am so there! She finalized taping of her last episodes with the show in November The following day, Vieira announced on The View that she would be leaving the show to be co-anchor of Today, a role View co-host and ABC News journalist Barbara Walters had filled nearly four decades earlier during her tenure at NBC during the s and s.

As part of her contract with Millionaire, Vieira agreed not to appear on Today during hours that would conflict with the airing of the game show on competing stations. As a result, she rarely appeared on the third or fourth hours of Today.

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