Incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

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incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

Free online Dictionary including thesaurus, children's and intermediate dictionary by definition 1: incapable of being controlled or influenced for the better. incorrigible + noun behavior, boy, criminal, drug, flirt, habit, joker, kid, learner, liar, . flirt meaning, definition, what is flirt: to behave towards someone in a way that. terrible/dreadful etc flirt (=someone who flirts a lot) She's an incorrigible flirt!. Source: Oxford Dictionaries “Incorrigible” is a word used to describe a person or their tendencies that are supposedly difficult (if not impossible) to correct from their undisciplined state (e.g. an incorrigible flirt). This definition shouldn't be difficult to memorize, since it stems from the Latin adjective.

Against, off, on a line with, opposhabby, bad. Abhor, detest, exe- Abridge, v. Shorten by comnprescrate, hate, loathe, nauseate, shrink sionepitomize, condense, compress, from, recoil from, shudder at, view make an abstract of. Diminish, reduce, contract, curAbomination, in. Contamination, pollution, defile- Abridger, n.

Epitomizer, writer of an ment, taint, uncleanness, impurity, epitome. Primitive, primeval, - 2. Compendium, compend, epitome, primordial, pristine, primary, prime, summary, abstract, digest, synopsis, original, first, native, indigenous, au- syllabus, breviary, brief, conspectus, tochthonal.

Failure, disappointment, want of Abroach, ad. Broached, tapped, on success, vain effort or attempt. Unavailing, vain, fruitless, use- 2. Forth, out of the house, out of less, bootless, ineffectual, ineffective, doors, in the open air. Extensively, before the public. Without as opposed to within. Annul, disannul, reAbound, v. Teem, swarm, super- peal, revoke, rescind, cancel, abolish, abound, swell, flow, increase, multiply, nullify, quash, vacate, invalidate, overbe in great plenty, be numerous, be rule, set aside, do away, make void.

Exuberate, luxuriate, revel, wan- scinding, abolition, annulment, annulton, be well furnished, be well supplied. Around, round, encir- Abrupt, a.

incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

Broken, cragged, craggy, cling, surrounding. Near, near to, not far from. Concerning; touching, respecting, 3. Sudden, -unexpected, unanticirelating to, relative to, with respect to, pated, precipitate, hasty, unseasonable, with reference to, in regard to, with ill-timed, unlooked for.

Short, blunt, unceremonious, curt. Inelegant as stylestiff, cramped, About, ad. Around, here and there. Nearly, near, approximately, not Abscess, s. Sore, ulcer, fester, impostfar from.

Ready, in a state of readiness, on Abscond, v. Withdraw, flee, fly, the point. Abstaining, refrainaway, run away, run off, sneak ofilf, ing. Hide, secrete one's self. Non-attendance, non- Abstinent, a. Inattention, abstraction, preoccu- Abstract, v. Separate, disunite, pation, distraction, revery, musing, disjoin, dissociate, isolate, detach, disbrown study, absence of mind.

Want, deficiency, lack, default. Take, seize, appropriate, steal, 4. Away, gone, not present. Abridge, abbreviate, epitomize, f. Abstracted, preoccupied, inatten- make an abstract of. Separate, isolated, not absent-minded, in a brown study. Occult, recondite, subtile, refined, SENT. Absent one's self, Be not present, Abstract, a9. Abridgment, epitome, stay away.

Independent, unre- pendium, synopsis, syllabus, outline, stricted, unqualified, unlimited, uncon- digest, brief, breviary, sum and subditional, unconditioned, complete, per- stance, concise statement.

Despotic, arbitrary, tyrannical, stract, abstruse. Inattentive, preoccupied, lost, thoritative, autocratic, dictatorial, irre- dreaming, musing, absent, absentsponsible. Positive, actual, real, veritable, Abstraction, n. Separation, discondeterminate, decided, genuine, cate- nection, disjunction, isolation.

Preoccupation, inattention, revAbsolutely, ad. Completely, un- ery, musing, muse, absence, absence of conditionally, without limit. Truly, actually, positively, indeed, 3. Taking, abduction, seizure, approreally, in fact, in reality, in truth. Acquittal, remission, difficult, dark, enigmatical, mysterious, discharge, release, liberation, deliver- mystic, mystical, high, abstract, abance, clearance, forgiveness, pardon, stracted, subtile, refined.

Unreasonable, irrational, Absolutism, n. Absoluteness, arbitra- foolish, nonsensical, ridiculous, inconriness, despotism, tyranny, autocracy. Acquit, clear, release, -Absurdity, n. Unreasonableness, irliberate, free, discharge, loose, deliver, rationality, foolishness, folly, foolery, exculpate, exonerate, excuse, forgive, extravagance, absurdness. Consume, exhaust, destroy, en- Absurd story, Cock-and-bull-story, gorge, devour, engulf, swallow up.

Engross, engage, immerse, occupy, son. Flow, overflow, exuAbsorbent, a. Engrossment, occupation, engage- ampleness, wealth, affluence, store, ment, immersion. Refrain, forbear, desist, Abundant, a. Abstinent by habitbountiful, lavish, rich, teeming, thick. Misuse, misemploy, sparing in diet. Temperance as profane, make an ill use of. Maltreat, harm, injure, hurt, illAbstergent, a.

Cleansing, puri- treat, ill-use. Assisting, aiding, abetblacken, disparage, berate, rate, up- ting, helping, accessory. Violate, outrage, ravish, deflour. Addition, increase, Abuse, n. Misapplication, misuse, enlargement, augmentation, extension.

Coming into power as a new dytion, desecration, perversion, ill-use. Maltreatment, outrage, ill-treat- Accessory, a. Vituperation, railing, reviling, 2. Accomp'animent, attendant, concontumely, obloquy, opprobrium, in- comitant.

Grammar, rudiments or vective, rude reproach. Reproachful, opprobrious, Accident, c. Abut against, Meet end to end or sidle 2. Property, quality, modification, Abut upon, to sidebe contiguous. Gulf, gorge, great depth, Accidental, a. Casual, fortuitous, bottomless gulf or pit. Incidental, adventitious, non-esAcademical, ] ary, lettered.

School, seminary, insti- tuity. Consent, agree, assent, Acclaim, n. Applause, plaudit, Accelerate, v. Acclimatize, inure or push on, press on, urge on. Hastening, increase Acclimatize, v. Ascent, slope upwardsAccent, cc. Intonation, cadence, tone, rising ground. Stress occ a certain syllable. Accentuate, lay stress the wants of, minister to the convenupon, pronounce with accent. Fit, suit, adapt, make conform, Accentuate, v.

Mark with accent, make conformable. Reconcile, adjust, settle, compose. Accent, lay stress upon, pronounce Accommodate with, Furnish, supply, with accent. Take what is offeredAccommodation, n. Admit, assent to, agree to, accede ply of wants, provision of convento, acquiesce in.

Agreement, adaptation, fitness, Acceptable, a. Welcome, pleasing, suitableness, conformity. Accepting, taking, Accompaniment, n. Accepted bill of exchange. Attend, escort, conAcceptation, n.

Meaning, signification, voy, follow, wait on, be associated with, significance, sense, import. Avenue, approach, pas- with, go hand in hand with. Explain, give a reason, show the consummate, compass, carry, carry in reason, render a reason, assign the to effect, carry through, carry out, get cause, make explanation. Accountableness, out, turn off. Finish, end, conclude, terminate. Fulfil, realize, effectuate, bring to Accountable, a. Book-keeper, expert consummate, ripe, thorough-bred, in accounts.

Polished, refined, polite, elegant, Accoutrements, n. Credit, give trust or conconsummation, fulfilment. Acquirement, attainment, profi- ceive as an envoy, receive as commisciency, stock of knowledge, mental re- sioned, empowered, or authorized. Growth by accessiou Accord, v. Grant, concede, vouch- of parts. Gradual accumulation of agree, tally, quadrate, be in unison, be soil, as at the mouth of a river.

Result, proceed, come, Accord, o. Accord, concord, agree- added, be derived, be gained, be got, ment, concurrence, concordance, con- come in. Pile, amass, agAccordant, a. Agreeable, agreeing, gregate, collect, collect together, gather suitable, consonant, congruous, sym- up, pile up, heap up, bring together, phonious. Consequently, as a natural conse- lay in, set by. Increase, grow, be or the occasion.

According to, By, in accordance with, Accumulation, n. Collection, pile, heap, conformably to, agreeably to. Address, salute, greet, Accuracy, n.

Exact, correct, precise, Accoucheur, n. Record, register, inven- Accurateness, a. Bill, charge, registry of debt and unholy. Detestable, execrable, hateful, 3. Reckoning, computation, calcula- abominable, odious, horrid, horrible, tion, enumeration, tale, count.

Description, statement, narration, Accusation, n. Crimination, impeachrecital, rehearsal, relation, narrative, ment, arraignment, indictment, charge.

Charge, impeach, arraign, sentation, portrayal, detail, word, ti- indict, criminate, inculpate, incrimidings, report, nate, tax, inform against, call to ac5.

Consideration, regard, motive, rea- count, take to task. Habituate, inure, use, tion, note. Esteem, regard, deem, Accustomed, a. Usual,habitual, wontthink, hold, consider, view, reckon, rate, ed, customary, familiar, common, freestimate, look upon.


Render an account, Ace, is. Single point in cards or in answer in judgment. Particle, atom, jot, iota, bit, tittle, Acquaintance, n. Familiarity, fawhit, grain, scrap, mite, corpuscle, miliar knowledge. Friend with whom one is not intiAcephalous, a. Roughness, astrin- Acquainted with, 1. A friend of without being intimate 2. Acrimony, severity, harshness, with. Yield, comply, subrancor, crabbedness, churlishness, mo- mit, bow, rest, resign one's self, be roseness, sullenness, ill temper, bad reconciled, be resigned, be satisfied, blood.

Assent, consent, agree, accede, Ache, n. Aching, pain, continued pain. Be in pain, feel or suffer in, go with the stream, go with the pain. Be painful, give pain. Accomplish, perform, mission, resignation. Assent, consent, agreement, conconsummate, effect, realize, bring currence.

incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

Complying, yielding, carry out, work out, bring to a close, submitting. Gain, obtain, achieve, 2.

incorrigible - definition, etymology and usage, examples and related words

Obtain, acquire, procure, gain, attain, procure, earn, win, get, secure, win, get. Performance, ac- of, get into one's hands. Master, learn thoroughly, make realization, consummation. Exploit, feat, deed, work. Escutcheon, shield, ensign armo- ing, gaining, mastery. Accomplisllnent, attainment, acAching, n. Pain, ache, continued pain. Absence of color, Acquisitive, a.

Acquiring, disposed to want of color. Love of acquiring, Acicular, a. Aciculate, aciform, desire to acquire. Discharge from an accuAciculate, a. Sour, tart, sharp, pricked. Sourness, tartness, acidness, quit, set free. Acquit one's self Act, behave, conAcidness, n. Sourish, somewhat acid, one's self. Discharge, release, deAciform, a. Recognize, take Acquittance, n. Receipt, receipt in full. Admit, grant, concede, allow, ac- Acrid, a. Sharp, biting, pungent, cept, indorse, subscribe to, agree to.

Express gratitude for, give thanks 2. Own or admit the validity of. Sharpness, pungency, Acknowledgment, ai. Admission, avowal, concession, Acrimonious, a. Corrosive, allowance, acceptance, indorsement. Expression of thanks or gratitude. Severe, harsh, hard, acrid, sarcasAcme, is.

Summit, top, apex, zenith, tic, bitter, virulent, malignant, censopinnacle, utmost height, highest point, rious, crabbed, snarling, snappish, tesculminating point, climax. Inform, apprise, tell, notify, make ness, causticity. Severity, harshness, sourness, tartcommunicate to, signify to, give notice ness, asperity, virulence, bitterness, to, send word to, write word to.

Player, performer, comedian, traAcroamatical, j secret, private, acro- gedian, stage-player. Real, veritable, true, subAcroatic, a. Athwart, over, from one aginary, not supposed or fancied, not side of to the other. Present, now existing, now in in action. Behave, conduct one's self, demean Actually, ad. Really, truly, absolutely, one's self, acquit one's self. Do, perform, execute, car- Actuate, v. Induce, impel, move, ry into execution. Personate, play, simulate, enact, upon, prevail upon, work upon.

Influence, effect, have inAct, n. Deed viewed as a single exer- fluence upon. Abide by, conform to, perment, turn. Statute, enactmefit, ordinance, Acumen, n. Acuteness, shrewdness, edict, decree, law, bill. Fact, reality, actuality, real exist- nuity, perspicacity, discernment, peneence. Deed, performance, AC- Acuminate, a. Acuminated, j pointed, cuspidate, 2.

Personation, representation, sim- cuspidated. Keen, shrewd, discerning, know2. Deed viewed as requiring a con- ing, quick, sharp, smart, bright, sage, tisnued exertion of powerperformance, sapient, sagacious, intelligent, astute, exploit, achievement, -procedure, pro- ingenious, subtle, penetrating, piercceeding, acting, turn, ACT. Severe, violent, intense, poignant, 4. Battle, engagement, conflict,'con- exquisite, pungent. Acumen, shrewdness, penetration, 6. Subject, fable, plot, series of sagacity, sagaciousness, astuteness, events.

Suit, process, case, prose- cernment, ingenuity, mother-wit, quick cution. Severity, intensity, poignancy, vioActive, a. Practical, operative, liv- lence. Proverb, saying, saw, dictum, 2. Busy, diligent, assiduous, indus- aphorism, apothegm, maxim, by-word, trious, indefatigable, unremitting, la- sententious precept. Diamond, crystallized hard at work, diligently employed, carbon. Adamantine, hard as 3. Alert, nimble, agile, supple, brisk, adamant, very hard. Adamantean, very hard, hard as ited.

Enterprising, energetic, strong, Adam's-needle, sn. Yucca, bear-grass, efficient, in earnest. Drastic as medkcisepowerful, Adapt, v. Alertness, agility, nimbleness, Adaptability, n. Intensity, energy, strength, force, appropriateness, aptness, adaptability, power, vigor. Join, subjoin, annex, affix, Adherent, a. Adhering, sticking, clingappend, superadd, tag, tack. Sum, sum up, cast up, add to- Adherent, a. Increase, augment, make dependant, vassal.

Addition, appendix, clinging, tendency to adhere. Sticking, clinging, Addict, v. Accustom commonly in a tending to adhere. Sticky, tenacious, tough, viscous, apply habitutallygive, give up. Accession, increase, augmentation, well, God bless you. Appendage, adjunct, appendix, taking. Fat, fatty, unctuous, oily, Additional, a. Superadded, adsciti- sebaceous, greasy. Nearness, vicinity, extra, more.

Adjacency, I vicinage, neighborhood, Additive, a. Putrid, corrupt, spoiled Adjacent, a. Adjoining, conterminous, as eggs. Barren, unfruitful, fruitless, abor- contiguous, in proximity. Be contiguous to, lie near Addle-headed, a. I was driving to work this morning when I heard the 'incorrigible' duo on the morning radio talk show. Cities are complex and demand innovative representational procedures capable of conveying their 'incorrigible' plurality.

I mean, you've celebrated your second-year anniversary, and you've got this little guy, who I hear is an 'incorrigible' flirt. The usual plan is to hit town and grill the nearest toothless old codger or 'incorrigible' oddball. I must admit to being an 'incorrigible' optimist. I bet she knows her husband is an 'incorrigible' flirt who seems to have sex on the brain all the time. All the while, a hapless Maggie sits in the drivers' seat, helpless to stop the 'incorrigible' bug from exercising its mighty will.

flirt meaning and pronunciation

We see the main character's transformation from innocent, Hello-Kitty kid to corrupted, drug-using, sex-having, shoplifting 'incorrigible'. Are they saying that? Or are you adding your own interpretation of the actions? Going on a date means different things to different people. That isn't the same as being duplicitous, as you seem to be implying, it is just that different people communicate different ways. In my experience, it didn't matter how many times I said it, nor how bluntly, some women just filtered that bit of information out and ignored it because they wanted something different.

There comes a point when you the OP need to stop feeling responsible for the other parties misinterpretations. If you can look yourself in the eye and be sure you said what was needed to make your point clear, and just accept that it isn't always going to be taken at face value by some. Therein lies the problem. Some people always interpret rather than listen. To my mindset male engineer type that isn't at all logical and was the source of major exasperation to me for being unable to get my point across without pissing people off.

Some people will always interpret, no matter what you say. You'll just have to deal with it. It doesn't mean you have to change. I don't mean to suggest that the OP's being duplicitous. I just mean that when he makes the effort to take a woman out his actions suggest that he's interested in more than what his words say he is interested in.

I think that you're right that some people always "interpret," but not that they do this "rather than listen. It's being attentive to the whole of the message, not just one small part. Again, look at the example I gave of someone making dinner and walking the dog, but never saying sorry. The person who only listens to the words and hears that no apology was given is missing the point. You state that you're a male engineer type, and find interpreting or whole-message listening to be illogical.

But the OP's audience isn't male engineers. It's women that he's flirting with. So your standards aren't the appropriate standards to apply in determining whether OP's behavior is acceptable. I should state that I am an incorrigible flirt too, and that I personally like being flirted with, even no, especially by men who have no interest in a relationship.

So this isn't a tirade against flirty men. But he's not asking how I feel -- he's asking how women feel in general, and I think that some women will look more closely at what he does than they listen to what he says, and that that's not outside of the norm. Indeed, I think that's what makes a person sympatico -- the ability to read between the lines and understand what a person is saying even when he is not explicit.

There's not a lot of advice here, other than a suggestion to be aware that many people attend to more than your words, and look also to the manner in which they're spoken, the gestures, the actions, and the surroundings, in order to figure out what they mean. Perhaps there is some middle ground between holding back and flirting like a madman that allows you to be flirty and funny and happy, without making people uncomfortable.

I guess I am suggesting that tacking on small print isn't that middle ground. But without knowing how women react to you which you don't mention I can't tell you what it might be. It astonishes me that your male friend raised this with you. What on earth is making him concerned?? It doesn't seem so strange to me. This is entirely hypothetical, because I don't know the OP's situation, but I could see the topic being brought up in the following situations: You don't need others to validate your behaviors.

If you want to flirt, then flirt. Lots of cool viewpoints to consider. I actually asked my roommate if he thought I flirted too much, and he said "yeah, I think you do sometimes. I don't think he was concerned that I blatantly hit on every new woman we meet which I don't door even that I flirt with everybody; it seemed like he thought I should save it for people I really thought there could be something special with.

Brockles seems to have a pretty similar viewpoint that I do; I do understand that some women are going to take things more seriously than I'd like, but I make an honest effort to be serious and clear when I'm saying I'm at a point in my life where I really don't want a serious girlfriend.

incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

I know people will read what they want to into it but I try not to make it seem like I am making a big production. I feel like it's totally valid for me to get to know people better in this setting and not feel like I'm committing to something bigger than that, even if there is some flirting going on.

It doesn't matter what he says or does. At this point he's apparently pulled this enough times with enough women that word is out on him. The wild emotional reactions are largely about their loss of face with other women, both the women he's already dumped as well as the women waiting for their chance.

They realize that they are now one of the "losers", those who have failed at the challenge. And if he's anything like the types like this that I've witnessed, he's probably inadvertently giving these women some kind of subliminal but false hope that they will be The One, and then getting satisfaction out of the resulting drama.

But I don't even understand what you're asking any more. You seem to be saying that you flirt the right amount, that no one should be misled by you, and that what you do on dates and whatnot is valid. That sound per se reasonable, or at least free from self-doubt. Originally, you described yourself as flirting relentlessly, and asked if you should flirt like a madman. It sounded like you were describing a different form of behavior.

I think I've seen enough to realize it's far from a clear-cut issue but I don't think I'm going too far. Thanks for the input everyone! If you get creeped out, you were seducing.

I don't see the point - to me flirting is a form of manipulation, else why would you do it? What's wrong with just being smiley and friendly? If it's just a demand for attention that is all about you, you can't start pouting when people react in a manner that's all about them. People who charge every interaction with a sexual angle irritate me.

But then I'm pretty emotional. What seems like harmless flirting to you can be interpreted as a whole lot more, what people say and what they do are very different things, we don't have a complex enough language to mitigate the way in which flirting can arouse emotional response - saying 'I'm not interested' after you've been signalling 'I am interested' is actually very confusing. If you don't want to deal with the fallout, don't stoke the fire.

incorrigible flirt meaning dictionary

This isn't a moral question. It is a karmic one--like every other action a person takes, you'll find that if you continue to do this, there will be karmic responses, some you like, some you don't.

The answer is--some of these people will take it more seriously than you intend and you will face some turbulence from them. Some won't and will enjoy it. It depends on the person, where they are at that time and a million other things. You won't really know ahead of time what will happen. One fine day all was made clear to me by a young lady who explained to me that women in general think that if they can change themselves, or do something differently, your intentions may change.

In my case, I found the revelation more true then not. In other words, to communicate one thing while meaning another. Not to say it's right or wrong, but you need to understand what it is you're doing. If I tell you I hate you 10 times over the course of a day and interject that I like you once or twice, what are you going to believe? Now some people have enough social experience or are jaded enough not necessarily a bad thing that they have the proper filters in place to deal with this unbalanced communication.