Flirt with sans undertake wall

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flirt with sans undertake wall

Papyrus isn't the skeleton you can date. Sans is. And this makes me telling him I left him spaghetti and not flirting with him (IIRC), but yesterday I watched . His breaking fourth wall, being strong af (genocide), strong hints of. As the royal couple undertake a round of official engagements, it is . Oh to have been a saucer-eared fly on the royal wall when Prince William. But he was filmed strolling along in a park and climbing over a wall up on tip- offs, undertaking surveillance and working with local councils.

That Qiu Ying himself produced paintings—like this leaf—at similar gatherings, and for consumption by similar intellectuals as those shown appreciating their ancient wares, underscores just how thoroughly imperial audiences engaged with bronzes and just how eagerly they refashioned them. What does it mean, then, for the Art Institute to present these bronzes largely through the lens of premodern antiquarian interest?

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To be clear, a final room features contemporary art by the likes of Hong Hao in order to suggest that the antiquarian interest still has some legs; but it fails to address just how much the stakes of investigating ancient art have changed over the course of the twentieth century.

And what does it mean to invoke charged practices like ritual through strategies of recreation in one gallery, where a series of videos present Chinese actors in period dress performing rituals with vessels, before persuasively showing that later antiquarian visions of vessels and their use owed much more to imaginative, historically-inaccurate comparisons of object and text in another? One section of the exhibition foregrounds the contingency of knowledge and interpretation while the other, trading on the authoritative weight of wall text and televised reenactment, sets that contingency aside.

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Nor can Midwestern museumgoers be counted on to have much background knowledge of the objects on display or the interpretive issues at stake. But these issues feel like significant missteps in an otherwise landmark exhibition, indicating that museums still have some way to go in the presentation of complex, non-Western art histories to general audiences. Triumphalist accounts of the exhibition have stressed how unusually generous Chinese institutions like the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Shanghai Museum have been.

Some of the objects on display are unlikely to travel much in the future and, for this reason alone, the show is worthy of note. The splendid selection of vessels, paintings, and ancillary artifacts clearly aspires to present an encyclopedic account of how bronzes were made and understood and the loans mean that, for the first time, North American museumgoers can get a real sense of how promiscuously they signified.

Numerous scholars have discussed the flea market as an orientalist trope. May Read more The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in s Chicago.

Reviewed by Tanner Howard When a group of interdisciplinary Black artists called The Organization of Black American Culture OBAC set forth their principles inthey declared the intention that their community would find power in a burgeoning Black experientialism that the group sought to define and refine.

With its fiftieth anniversary on the books, the wall has finally begun to garner the official art-historical attention it merits. While the publication of The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in s Chicago is another important step in cementing a retrospective appreciation of the work, this memorialization raises thorny questions about the nature of historical memory and the influence of institutional support, issues worth contemplating when discussing a work whose orientation was always community-oriented and politically radical.

As a collection, The Wall of Respect offers interested parties a trove of original documents, photographs, poems, interviews, and articles, richly contextualized by essays by Abdul Alkalimat, Romi Crawford, and Rebecca Zorach. Through these materials, readers will intuitively grasp the bombshell impact the work had on those who encountered it in its physical form. Courtesy of Northwestern University Press. On its own, the wall made its intentions quite clear: From the outset, the artists used their own supplies, seeking no external support that could introduce subtle sponsor-imposed censorship.

With the community rallying around the artists and the mural, the OBAC artists, already working within a collective ethos, found the bounds of individual authorship stretched even further as the community ensured that the mural faithfully represented their needs and desires.

[Maybe spoiler?] "You can date a skeleton!" : Undertale

OBAC set the terms of neighborhood engagement purposefully, and the response to their work exceeded their wildest ambitions. An incredible selection of OBAC documents, cataloging the nascent energy that quickly birthed the organization and soon thereafter the wall, reveals a set of self-consciously radical artists. While photographs capture the original composition of the wall, showing the many facets of Black strength that residents could gather inspiration from, the book captures the complex cultural forces that produced the wall and led to its transformation.

Our skeleton is in for a ride when Undyne challenges you to make a pass at the lazy skeleton, and all for the price of fifty dollars. Reader x Sans insert. Sans is a man-whore. Is now a series. Title subject to change. Summary subject to change. Had to change rating due to content.

It's officially a story. No promises if you like it because I had an idea of how I wanted it to go, then it went another way so You were busy typing away at the computer, putting the finishing details in your report when you heard a hesitant knock at your at your cubical.

You swiveled your chair, your eyes resting upon a stout reptilian monster, which was fiddling with her fingers, looking down nervously. You smiled patiently, "You know Alphys, I won't finish this report if you keep bugging me.

flirt with sans undertake wall

This wasn't your first time coming over to their home, so, you didn't understand why she was being so weird about it. Want me to bring anything? Her behavior suspicious, to say the least. The game is afoot. Into your clothes and come! With a small chuckle, you turned back to your computer screen, and resumed your task at hand. You parked your car in front of Alphys' and Undyne's house. There were several cars parked up and down the street, and their driveway was packed.

Project MUSE - Flirting with the Chamaleon: Alberti on Love

Hm, but what's the occasion? You climbed out, shut the door, and clicked the lock button on your key fob. Your boots clicked against the pavement, and you sucked in a breath of brisk cold air, bracing yourself for the people inside. It's not that you had trouble navigating crowds. You were uncomfortable in such busy environments, and it was hard to have fun when your attention was being pulled in so many directions.

It only made it more difficult when the only people you probably knew would be the hosts, and therefore too busy you contend with you, leaving you to fend for yourself.

You opened the door, current pop music becoming much louder. The lighting was dim, perfect for dancing and chilling, and you could hear people talking and laughing. Your eyes scanned the room, searching for any familiar face. Across the room, your eyes locked with a skeleton monster, with dark eye sockets, and small pinpricks of lights, giving the appearance of where he was looking. He wore a huge grin, and you wondered briefly if it always stayed fixed like that.

You consciously smiled, and looked down and away. Man, it was always awkward whenever your eyes locked with someone. You found it caused less hostility if you smiled before looking away, given the fact that you had a few altercations in your past by not doing so. You blamed your resting bitch face. You gotta hit me harder than that! Alphys shook her head and Undyne face palmed while muttering. You chuckled to yourself, sipping your beer.

Undyne never paused thoughtfully… never… "Wanna make a bet? You would've done her shoulders, but she was really tall, and you were not. She scanned the room before chuckling. You released her, and stood beside her, turning yourself sideways to the room, to allow you to casually scout without being obvious. You hadn't actually flirted with a monster before, but you were always open to new experiences. Your eyes slid to the right, and there you saw him, leaning against the wall, acting aloof.

Ah, okay, the 'too cool' type. Or maybe too lazy… or maybe both. Cheesy pick up lines.

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Points to ground Your standards. You look like my mom. Yeah, not that one. You wanna know what's big? Pause My house weirdo. Ok… guy pick up lines won't work. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears. Take a photo of him I want to show my mom what my next boyfriend looks like. Woah… just woah… like… no… Wait.

That made you remember a pick up line you felt forever ago. Like 10 years ago, but man, it was a classic. You took a deep breath, and a big swallow of your drink. Okay, maybe downing a beer in less than five minutes was more than you could handle. You technically weren't a lightweight… you were a featherweight.

You stopped in front of him, standing close to him but not too close to be creepy, noting that youonly an inch or so on the skeleton monster. His arms were folded across his chest, and his eyes were closed, which you thought was peculiar, given his face being a skull.

Who are you kidding, you are casual. He opened one eye, "hey. What's it made out of? He opened his other eye, his smile faltering for a moment. Ah, so his smile is malleable. Man, he was so cool. Chill, yes, very chill.

He quirked a brow. Your eyes grew wide, your GABA flooded brain catching up to punderful retort. A small and delighted chuckle escaped. Undyne made me a bet that I could get a date here, I'd win fifty bucks. Now, I don't make bets I don't win. So, help me out. You and me leave here, go grab some real food, have some bad laughs, and we both walk away 25 dollars richer.

He gave Undyne and Alphys a side-long glance before looking back at you.


Your world was unsteady, and defiantly you took another sip of your beer. You made a move to take another sip and realized your beer was empty. Hoo boy, you're in trouble. You could feel him smirking. I get the irony. The short answer was yes.

He opened the door to your Dodge Charger, and you crawled in like a baby bear. He helped get you seated, and closed the door, walking around the front the car.

You pulled on the seat belt, and fumbled with the buckle, but it would slip out of your grasp. You could feel him watching you, and hear amused snickers. Once he was satisfied, he leaned over, pressing himself into you, and reached for your buckle. Your heart jumped and butterflies danced in your stomach. A small unaffected part of your brain yelled that he did that on purpose, and the drunk part of your brain said, 'well duh'.

flirt with sans undertake wall

Sans was totally hitting on you… right? He snapped your buckle, 'there we go, pal. You sat across from him, and a plate of delicious burgers and fries sat, their tempting and sinful smell wafting across your senses. It wasn't your cheat day, but here you were cheating. Undyne was going to kill you, but y'know what? This date was her idea, and who could say no to a bar burger and fries. It was as if he was trying to woo you. He would subtly touch your hand when you least expected it, and give these calculated and smoky glances at certain pauses in the conversation.

Truthfully, the jokes were the best, but there was that ever burning attraction. And when the feeling would start to subside, he would 'casually' rub your boot with his slipper. You knew it was on purpose because of the constant eye contact, and at one point you tucked your ankles together and he still 'brushed' it.