Flirt berlin club

flirt berlin club

Flirting in Berlin: 10 Ways how to get to know your U-Bahn Crush Most hook-up lines in clubs or bars are random banalities. Why not try them. Two women in a Berlin nightclub flirt with strangers via an elaborate system of table phones and pneumatic tubes. Charm him or her with this complete guide to flirting in German! You take a trip with your friends to Berlin. Everyone is hitting Lass uns in einen Club gehen.

I got inspired to do this by the very romantic pictures of the wedding from Serena and Melissa in New York I found on the website of photographer Calvina Nguyen. The two girls met each other in NYC and wanted to dedicate their wedding to the city and the subway. If you want to share a similar faith maybe my 10 ways of how to meet the good looking stranger in the subway can help you to do so, after the jump.

What is actually the perfect U-Bahn crush? In my experience somebody who by entering the subway wagon rises your body temperature, makes the lights brighter and somehow even changes your perception of time between stations.

flirt berlin club

This never happens to you? Well I have to confess my experience of emotions can be pretty extreme.

Flirting in Berlin: To Flirt or not to Flirt? |

What happens more often is that you regularly have to take the same subway at a similar time of the day and you encounter somebody repeatedly that, over the weeks and months, you start to fantasize about.

If you are into music — good for you, but not so good for your flirting in the subway. So take them off if you see someone interesting entering the wagon. First step to a conversation is being ready for a conversation. Smile at any circumstance: I always try to remind myself how more attractive people look when they have a subtle smile on their face. Always try to have a positive thought coming around the corner if you see someone you find interesting.

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First act, than think and never be ashamed: Somebody gorgeous steps next to you and looks at you? Just say something random like: Oh, the sun is stunning today!

flirt berlin club

Most hook-up lines in clubs or bars are random banalities. Why not try them in another more relaxed environment? Never be ashamed and worry what the other passengers might think. They are just the extras to the big story that is going to happen right in front of you.

Flirting in Berlin: 10 Ways how to get to know your U-Bahn Crush |

Somebody has a problem with his heavy bike, kinderwagen, trolley whatsoever? Be helpful and attentive. To prepare yourself for it I will teach you how to write love letters, have trust in coincidence, make use of technological advances and some more ideas to restart flirting after the jump.

But believe me, without a good package of self-confidence and self-esteem going out and flirt in this city is psychological hara-kiri. As you may have read in most self-help love columns: First you have to love yourself before you can give love to others. How to get there? Start with writing a love letter to yourself.

flirt berlin club

Try to remember nice things people around you say about you and your personality and put it down on paper. Try to have fun with this creative exercise. To get rid of the anger you have towards the city start writing a love letter to Berlin, too.

flirt berlin club

Why do you love to live here and what defines your special relationship to the city? Last but not least write a love letter to a stranger walking by, sitting with you in the U-Bahn or just somebody you spot at the club. Maybe you start decorating the whole neighbourhood with love notes to somebody you see on your morning walks but never said hi to. Have Trust in the Power of Coincidence As I stated previously and with more emphasis herethere is nothing more important than to have trust in the power of coincidence.

This will make you desperate. I had friends who could not enjoy a party or any other kind of event because they had all their attention and energy focused on looking for Mr.

Right and were repeatedly disappointed. How to be open for more coincidence?

Flirting in Berlin: 10 Ways how to get to know your U-Bahn Crush

Go out with new people, start unconventional friendships and feel open for absurd activities. Running around the at same hip places will not do the trick.

flirt berlin club

The most awkward circumstances can be the most fertile ground for flirting moments.