Dolce flirt halloween 2012 lysandre

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dolce flirt halloween 2012 lysandre

Sweet flirt - episodul special de halloween(castiel) dolce flirt ep 29 ( castiel) parte 8 sweet flirt fotografii castiel,nathalien,lysandre. flirt ep special de halloween sweet flirt- episodul special de halloween part . Dolce flirt venerdì 16 novembre illustrazioni halloween kentin (funghi) lysandre (pesci) armin (cristallo) nathaniel (semi) castiel (carota) pubblicato da. Lysander: It would seem that as the story plays on, Lysander and Kentin become somewhat Current Kentin (); Old Ken (); Kentin (); Ken ().

Throughout the game prior to the point where Ken returns, he'll sometimes daydream whenever he has time, it'll be mostly likely about your Candy being his girlfriend. Once or twice he will unknowingly react or move, believing that it is all a part of his daydream, and not reality. He was one of the few characters who weren't redrawn inand so his art style is noticeably different compared to the rest of the characters, having a bold layout.

One of his most noticeable accessories are his glasses. His hair is brown and is in the style of a bowl cut, and he has freckles scattered across his cheeks and nose. Ken's pose is always with his arms open to Candy, as if preparing for a hug. He shows the most variety of facial emotions spanning from rivers of tears coming from under his glasses to large hearts showing up on his glasses. He has four expressions in total.

When he comes back from military school, he appears very different. He's more muscular and has windblown brown hair that seems to stick out a bit. He grew several inches taller and appears to lean slightly to one side. He no longer has a constant smile upon his face. Instead of the thick glasses, he wears contacts that reveal his green eyes.

He wears an open button up white shirt with a black muscle shirt underneath. From being in the military, he has dark green cargo pants and a dogtag necklace. He also wears black fingerless gloves.

dolce flirt halloween 2012 lysandre

Personality Ken in the Amour Sucre anime. Ken has a sweet and caring personality. He is in love with your Candy and has no trouble showing his affection. He offers your Candy cookies all the time and is willing to help her out and lend her money.

He gives your Candy a teddy bear before leaving that she can put on the dresser in her room. Ken is very easy to get along with and tries to make friends whenever possible. When he comes back, he prefers to be addressed by his real name, Kentin. He says that Ken is a childish name, not wanting to be called Ken anymore. Deep down, he is still the same sweet Ken, but he appears more mature and more confident.

dolce flirt halloween 2012 lysandre

If your Candy was mean to him before he left for military school, he is rude towards her, saying that she broke his heart. He even mentions that he should have done the same thing he did to Amber to her. If she bumps into him, he begins to apologize, but when he realizes it's her, he begins to get angry and tells her, "there is no need to apologize to a pest like you".

Kentin kissing Amber If your Candy was kind to him, he still likes her, but he doesn't have an obsessive crush on her anymore. He tells your Candy that he still cares about her, but is not madly in love with her anymore, although he still has moments of the old Ken. Kentin kissed Amber at the end of episode twelve. In the beginning of episode thirteen, he told her that she "isn't the slightest bit cute," and a bad kisser for revenge, smashing the cell phone Amber gave him into pieces.

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As the story goes on, it's revealed that Kentin is "one of the few people who doesn't get upset when people poke fun at him" as your Candy puts it in Episode He is shown to have a very tolerable personality, not getting too upset if someone like Alexy or Armin poke fun at him, or even your Candy.

As of now, he has adopted a german shepherd puppy named Cookie whom appears in future episodes. Non si sa se sia una vera fata o soltanto una zia eccentrica. Appare in alcuni episodi in cui offre brevi tutorial. Dice che la protagonista gli ricorda Maria e si comporta come un gentiluomo. Amico di infanzia della Dolcetta.

Genitori[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Lucia e Philip genitori della Dolcetta. Adelaide e Francis genitori di Ambra e Nathaniel.

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Valerie e Jean-Louis genitori di Castiel. Manon e Giles genitori di Kentin. Victoria e Arnaud genitori di Alexy e Armin. Josiane e George genitori di Lysandro e Leigh.

Armand padre di Violet. Crystal e Peter genitori di Rosalya. Josefa e Henry genitori di Melody. Georgia e Paul genitori di Karla. Charles e Irene genitori di Charlotte. Mei e Wang genitori di Li.

Sweet flirt episodul special de halloween

Isabelle madre di Iris. Eric e Geraldine genitori di Peggy. Denis e Audrey genitori di Kim. Manga[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Al momento disponibile solo in lingua francese e spagnola Ogni volume, per un totale di 5 volumi completi, offre dei regali come tenute o denaro ottenibili tramite dei codici direttamente sul gioco.

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Per l'occasione la studentessa vuole organizzare una festa con i suoi amici ma per sua sfortuna la zia le vieta. Viene poi confortata dai ragazzi e si decide infine di organizzare comunque una serata divertente. Volume 2 - "Campeggio Veloce" La scuola ha deciso di organizzare un'uscita in mezzo alla natura.

Con la guida dei professori Boris e Faraize tutta la classe si ritrova a campeggiare in riva al mare! Ma ecco che arrivano i guai Volume 4 - "Piano di Volo" Lynn si ritrova confusa e con mille idee da riordinare Lynn e i suoi amici si preparano a decollare per una nuova avventura!

Volume 5 - "Il Viaggio delle Risposte" Il viaggio organizzato dalla scuola diventa un incubo quando Lynn si ritrova a condividere la stessa casa per due settimane con Ambra!