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0_ Cameo Cobalt Completes Airborne Magnetic Survey on Big Mac Gold Project; Adjacent to Aben Resources Ltd.. (“Ridgeline”) has completed the airborne. By cameo similar artists match cameo allmusic bbc music page discogs facebook imdb lastfm lyrics musicmoz rateyourmusiccom back and forth / flirt (45) $ 3. For similarly titled albums, see The Best of Cameo (disambiguation). Stay" – 3: 54 - Blackmon, Lockett; "Flirt" – - Blackmon, Jenkins; "I Like It" – - Blackmon, Campbell, Lockett, "The Best Of Cameo".

There is one factor, unique to me I suppose, worth mentioning in this context, that probably made MMM a bit more palatable to me: There was no casing around much of it to dampen the sound. Think of a library in terms of how it was physically laid outbut full of the noisy, chattering circuits and switchers that made the old analog telephone system work This machinery is what put the old school telephone operators—my mother was one—who connected your calls out of business in the s, basically.

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The gear there chattered like robotic crickets and cicadas. It also reminded me of the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet, the sci-fi classic seen often on late-night television in the 70s. It actually sounded kind of cool. The point of this digression is that I had some sort of a reference point that made MMM sound much less foreign to my ears than it would have otherwise: Have you, dear reader, ever actually heard Metal Machine Music yourself?

And equally important why? Perhaps the best way to approach MMM as a listener is to simply take Lou Reed himself at his word about the project, from the original liner notes. In them, he spells out quite openly what MMM is supposed to be, and what his goals were for the piece, but few reviewers or fans at the time would have had ANY idea of what he was talking about.

Try this on for size: The records were letters.

cameo flirt discogs

Real letters from me to certain other people. Who had and still have basically, no music, be it verbal or instrumental to listen to.

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One of the peripheral effects typically distorted was what was to be known as heavy metal rock. In Reality it was of course diffuse, obtuse, weak, boring and ultimately an embarrassment.


No one I know has listened to it all the way through including myself. It is not meant to be.

cameo flirt discogs

Start any place you like. It is the only recorded work I know of seriously done as well as possible as a gift, if one could call it that, from a part of certain head to a few others.

At the very least I made it so I had something to listen to.

cameo flirt discogs

Power to Consume how Bathetic: For that matter, off the record, I love and adore it. On one of his European tours inhe played some shows with the Beatles, who had just scored their first big British hits. He was drafted into the Army inand while in Germany played guitar in a band called "The Cool Flames". Part of the problem was that some of these were a bit too eager to recycle some of his stock minor-keyed riffs, as good as his prototype was.

cameo flirt discogs

Although classified at times as a teen idol, he favored brooding themes of abandonment, loss, and rejection. Shannon was a perennially popular artist on the oldies circuit particularly in Europe, where he had an especially devoted audienceand was always up for a comeback attempt on record.

Shannon, impressed by what he heard, would become the first American artist to cover a Beatles song when he recorded "From Me to You" for a single although it would give him only a very small hit. He performed pop-rock tunes and old hits. Crook had made recordings, and he persuaded Ann Arbor disc jockey Ollie McLaughlin to listen to the band.

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Balk suggested Westover use a new name, and they came up with "Del Shannon", combining Mark Shannon—a wrestling pseudonym used by a regular at the Hi-Lo Club—with Del, derived from the Cadillac Coupe de Villehis favorite car. Reviewer Chris Martin critiqued the album favourably, saying that Shannon never improvised, was always true to the original sounds of his music and that only Lou Christie rivaled his falsetto.

Peter and Gordon released his song " I Go to Pieces " in In the late s, not having charted for several years, Shannon turned to production. Following his death, the Traveling Wilburys honored him by recording a version of "Runaway".

Shannon followed with " Hats Off to Larry ", which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard chart and number 2 on the Cashbox chart inand the less popular "So Long, Baby", another song of breakup bitterness.

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In lateShannon produced a demo recording session for a young fellow Michigander named Bob Segerwho would go on to stardom much later.

In FebruaryShannon appeared at the Bottom Line. Shannon had intermittent minor hits over the next couple of years "Little Town Flirt" was the biggestbut was even more successful in England, where he was huge.

McLaughlin then persuaded Shannon and Crook to rewrite and re-record one of their earlier songs, originally called "Little Runaway", using the Musitron as lead instrument.