Why did your first relationship end

why did your first relationship end

Once it ends—typically months in—you'll face the first fight. It's also very likely that, when entering into your first relationship, you came from a frame of Write down three of the most emotionally jarring experiences you've had in your life. This happened 2 years ago. We were in relationship for 10 months. We met on Facebook in april Soon we became good friends best friends and then . When caring partners are first together, they accent the ways they can love each . A partner on the other end of an addictive mate is not given a vote to keep the and the relationship would still have had the vitality needed to reconfigure it.

8 Lessons From My First Relationship

He was unmotivated at work, and as a highly self-motivated person, I became resentful. I tried to change him, to urge him to become more responsible and ambitious.

The bottom line is: The relationship problems you face the first month will likely be there the third, fifth and seventh months I remember telling my friends and family that I had a weird feeling about this relationship and it had only been week two. Everyone told me to give it a chance, that it was too early in the relationship to call it quits. I waited…and waited and waited.

why did your first relationship end

One of the last conversations we had before we broke up seven months later was that he failed to give me my space. I helped him get organized for his work meetings, I facilitated a more positive relationship between him and his mom, I urged him to join a gym with me and get in shape. Letting go Naturally when the relationship ran its course, I was upset. Finally one day, it clicked. I learned not how to let go but instead I just did it.

From then on, I made a conscious effort to stop talking about him. Thoughts came, but I let them pass, instead of dwelling. Like riding your bike. You have to fall off a few times and scrape your knees, but eventually you get it.

And once you get, it stays with you for life. That's why investing in building your skill set has immense value.

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It comes at a price few initially want to pay. But if you make the investment the returns will be exponentially greater. That's why you see so many people trudging along in dysfunctional relationships. The magic and romance has long since gone.

Your First Relationship Should Fail

They have sex mechanically. The relationship becomes a chore. They become content with what they have and are afraid to risk losing it by speaking their mind. If you're not thriving in a relationship, you're better off without it.

If the relationship stagnates, take action or risk that it will fail. You have to identify the problem and bring it to light.

why did your first relationship end

This typically risks a fight, and a fight risks a breakup. Every relationship begins with a honeymoon period, a chemical infatuation designed to get you to reproduce.

why did your first relationship end

If you make it through the fight, your relationship can begin for real. Now you'll encounter the immense challenge of reconciling two differing world views. Sometimes, the two people involved are radically different. The differences were just masked by the initial infatuation. Reconciling these differences takes skill.

Your First Relationship Should Fail

And you'll naturally lack these skills on your first try. You'll have to fall off the bike. It's also very likely that, when entering into your first relationship, you came from a frame of scarcity.

You were like a thirsty man in the desert who finds a muddy pond. At first, it seems like the purest of mountain springs. But once you satisfy your thirst, you begin to taste the mud.

why did your first relationship end

Don't worry, there's good news. You can get on the bike again. You can, as you rightfully should and will, try to salvage the relationship.

In the rarest of cases the first relationship will work out and you'll be together for a decade or more. But I've never heard of this happening. It's one of those things that's technically possible, but you can never seem to find. More than likely, getting back on the bike will mean starting over with a new girl. I know what you're thinking. She's my dream girl. I've been there a few times myself.

I know the rush you get when you make-out and fuck.

why did your first relationship end

It's better than any drug. But like any high, it'll end sooner or later. Failure Builds Character You can't grow as person unless you experience adversity. Just like you can't get big muscles without first tearing them up at the gym, you can't have a strong psyche without experiencing psychological and emotional pain. Go where you've never been before. This is what a master does. This is what a king does. This is now your life. I know, there's a part of your mind that will protest against this.

There's a part of you that wants it to be different. There's a part of you that just wants to crawl into bed, forget this whole "becoming the best version of yourself," schtick, and just go back to numbing yourself with television and alcohol.

I know this part of you exists, because it exists in me.