Walking dead season 4 episode 1 ending a relationship

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walking dead season 4 episode 1 ending a relationship

The fourth season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series A fourth season of the show, consisting of 16 episodes, was confirmed in December Following the two previous web series in and , another set of webisodes titled The Oath was released on October 1, the possible relationships you can get at the end of episode 1 season 4? The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game developed and. Oct 13, Last season's ending paid off with the promised showdown between Rick's ( Andrew but let's take a look at the premiere's events through the show's various relationships. walking-dead-seasonepisodenorman-reedus-.

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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixonan antihero -like Southern redneckwho is also the group's primary hunter and has a strong bond with Carol, and later forms a bond with Beth. Steven Yeun as Glenn Rheea former pizza delivery man married to Maggie Greene, who has matured over the series. Lauren Cohan as Maggie GreeneHershel's elder daughter, Beth's half-sister, and Glenn's wife, who is a determined, fierce and capable fighter.

Chandler Riggs as Carl GrimesRick's adolescent son. Brave to a fault, Carl begins to develop a callous mentality in response to the lethal landscape of a savage, new world.

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However he is also emotionally conflicted with himself because of the brutality of his previous choices in the new world. Danai Gurira as Michonnea quiet and meticulous, yet fierce woman, who has recently joined Rick's group. She has begun to bond with the group, and shares a close bond with Rick's son Carl but is still fierce and secretive of her past.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletiera former victim of domestic abuse, who has empowered herself but has come to make several dark and questionable decisions for the good of her group. She is the only known female Atlanta camp survivor left. Scott Wilson as Hershel Greenea religious former veterinarian and farmer, who is protective of his daughters.

He maintains his faith despite many tragic events and acts as the group's primary moral compass as well as a surrogate father figure to Rick and Glenn.

David Morrissey as The Governorthe former leader of the now-abandoned Woodbury and a primary threat to the prison community, and the primary antagonist of the first half of the season, who is now calling himself "Brian Heriot". Having become alarmed of his cold ways he is attempting to redeem himself by caring for a family he encounters. Also starring[ edit ] Emily Kinney as Beth Greenea soft-spoken teenage girl, Hershel's younger daughter, and Maggie's younger half-sister.

Beth has become emotionally numb but is secretly still emotionally fragile, and later forms a bond with Daryl.

Coleman as Tyreese WilliamsSasha's peace-keeping older brother and one of the few survivors of Woodbury and Karen's boyfriend. Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha WilliamsTyreese's younger sister, who is seemingly fiery, ruthless and cold but deep down is a compassionate young woman.

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She has also developed an attraction to Bob. He also develops an attraction to Sasha. The Prison[ edit ] Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuelsa young girl, who has joined the prison community and suffers from psychological problems. Kyla Kenedy as Mika SamuelsLizzie's younger sister, who has also joined the prison community.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review – “30 Days Without an Accident”

Sunkrish Bala as Dr. Caleb Subramanian, a doctor, who has joined the prison community and is more commonly known as "Dr. Luke Donaldson as Luke, a young boy, who has joined the prison community. This will be the first season that yours truly has no prior knowledge from the comics.

walking dead season 4 episode 1 ending a relationship

The season premiere opted to reacquaint viewers with the central characters and their relationships after a bit of time had passed since the showdown with the Governor. While the prison appears to be in better shape now, with reinforced gates and a prosperous garden, their home, like the characters themselves, still bear the scars of the violent battle. Rick seems to be the one most affected by recent events and who can blame himbut Beth Emily Kinney has turned surprisingly cold and numb in the post-apocalyptic world.

Daryl Norman Reedus is his usual badass self, earning a bit of legendary status with some of the new faces, including Zach Kyle Gallner and Patrick Vincent Martella. While Daryl does his usual part to save the day by killing Walkers at just the right time, Carol Melissa McBride is up to some survival training of her own as she schools a bunch of new kids in the art of handling deadly knives.

Patrick gets a bit queasy at that suggestion, which does not bode well for the future of the group … Glenn and Maggie Glenn Steven Yeun continues to be overprotective of Maggie Lauren Cohanwhich is understandable given the events of season three, although Maggie has proven to be quite capable in taking care of herself. Coleman is still being worked into the main storylines, along with his younger sister, Sasha Sonequa Martin-Greenwho is basically the badass female version of Daryl at this point.

A relatively new relationship is heating up between Tyreese and Karen Melissa Ponziowho appeared in four episodes last season and looks to be here for the duration in season four.

walking dead season 4 episode 1 ending a relationship

Beth and Zach While Zach seemed like a go-getter and an asset to the group, his affection toward Beth was received rather coolly.