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Poison's ending in USF4 also hints at her being a pre-op transsexual. . of Rufus and Ken Masters, who are confirmed to be in relationships. Poison (ポイズン Poizun) is a video game character who debuted as a common enemy in the beat-em-up game Final Fight. She would later join the Street. Poison Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers, match-up votes and discussion from The Relationships: Kanzuki Karin/Poison (Final Fight) · Karin Kanzuki/Poison.

Still, not really her best move. Jumping heavy punch j. There's quite a few uses for this move. It can be used to keep your opponent away from you if you're in the air. You can also use this as a great jump in and follow it up with crouching low kick, then whip of love.

Even using this as a neutral jump is a great idea, since it has advantage in terms of the range. Jumping heavy kick j. I find that this move will beat out some characters in the air over others. Use this as a great jump in so you can follow it up with various combos as well. Specials and ultras Aeolus Edge: The lp version goes the furthest, the mp version goes a little slower, and the hp version goes the slowest, but has a wider arch.

The EX version of Aeolus Edge goes faster and hits twice. Use this projectile to keep your opponent away or as a way to add pressure. The hp version can be used as an anti air to keep opponents from jumping in on you. Keep in mind that you will be vulnerable if you toss out Aeolus Edge at the wrong time.

Ultra Street Fighter 4’s new character is female, tipster teases relation to comics

It comes out quick enough where you are able to block if you miss, but it is punishable since you have a small window of vulnerability before the fireball comes out. The 3rd hit of this attack will knock down the opponent. The EX version hits 4 times, ending with a launcher as Poison will kick the opponent and send them in the air.

You can use this move up to 3 times in a row, but you are vulnerable if it misses during the 2nd or third hit. The first hit of Whip of Love can be focus attack dash canceled, allowing for more follow up attacks or to get you out of harm's way if you miss.

Kissed by a Goddess: The lk version goes the fastest and gets less air, the mk version goes a little slower but goes higher, and the hk version goes the slowest and leaves you the most vulnerable. Only use this attack if you're for sure it will hit, or if you use it to end your combos with. The ex version goes really fast and it will beat out most cross up and jump in attacks, but not all of them. If you hit forward and any of the kick buttons, she'll grab them with her legs and do a reverse throw to toss them on the ground.

Keep in mind that she is vulnerable during the start up of the move and if she misses too. However, you can use this move to add on pressure to the opponent, since if the move hits and you don't do the throw it can be followed up with other combos. I'll cover those at a later section of the guide.

The recovery from this move is pretty slow, so you'll want to toss it out mostly as a combo ender or use it as an anti air move. Since Poison ducks under during the start-up animation for the move, it is possible to duck under certain projectiles while the move is executed. She does a front flip kick on her opponent's head and stomps on their head heel first.

She'll take her whip and spank them multiple times in the rear and finish with a rising whip punch in the face. There are multiple uses and properties to her Ultra. For one, it can catch opponents out of the air when they jump in on you. It can also be launched right after you catch an opponent with a regular projectile in the air. I will discuss more about Love Storm in the later section. She'll blow a kiss at the opponent, and if it connects she'll slap them in the face twice, then wind up her leg and kick them in the nether region.

This ultra does a lot of really good damage. However, the range of her command grab is really small, so you'll have to read your opponent carefully if you want this move to work. Poisonous combos Now we can get to the fun part, doing combos with Poison. As far as characters go, Poison has a strong slew of combos that do great damage and can cause stun pretty fast. A lot of them can certain around her cr.

Not only do they cause knock down, but they allow you to set up your opponent for mix ups and add pressure.

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These are a few combos of mine that I love using when I'm in the heat of battle. Most of them chain together pretty well and don't take a lot of meter to use. I will post just a couple so as not to overwhelm the post with a wall of text.

Hp Aeolus Edge, cr. Poison's tricks of the trade Lastly, we'll get to the final part of the section: Using Poison's attacks to her advantage. Poison is a really fun character to play, and in the right hands she is downright deadly. Getting your opponent into a loop they can't get out of is one of her key strengths.

Take a Look at Elena, Poison, and Rolento’s Arcade Mode Endings in Ultra Street Fighter IV

In this section I'll go over properties that I didn't cover earlier in other sections due to the detailing behind them. Poison's projectiles can be used as great anti air attacks. If someone jumps in on you, use either hp or mp Aeolus Edge, and it can be followed up by either st. The main draw to this is using Love Storm right after the projectile hits. Yet strangely enough, he's never mistaken Akuma for Ken, despite the fact that Akuma wears a gi.

He narrates his long road to becoming such a formidable fighter in the UDON comics Though it's subverted when we're shown him jogging with two motorcycles strapped to his back. Would Hurt a Child: Though he's not too fond of doing so. This is a tournament an' I was just followin' the rules is all. Now is the time to test your strength!

Gouken refined the special techniques from the assassination art taught to him by Master Goutetsu into a non-lethal martial art, then passed on his knowledge to Ryu and Ken. He was believed to be dead, but he managed to survive his battle with Akuma by using the Power of Nothingness — which empties the mind and soul of all thought and sin — to render the Shun Goku Satsu useless.

As a side effect, however, he was rendered unconscious for several years. Gouken now hopes to reunite with his pupils and test their strength. He makes an appearance in Street Fighter V as an NPC during the game's tutorial mode, which involves Ryu having a flashback to the Alpha era, back when Gouken was training him. In his backstory managed to beat Akuma in the first fight, and when they fought again he had resort to the Shun Goku Satsu to win.

He even has all of the moves in one way or another that the joke detailed! One of his win quotes: As befits an Old Master. The closest thing the series has to one. Being extremely wise, powerful, and benevolent certainly helps. And unlike most of the other protagonists who could fill the role, he is actively aiming to snuff out evil. Brought to You by the Letter "S": Like Akuma, Gouken has a personal kanji of his own, although it is rarely displayed.

The Abel to Akuma's Cain. And Akuma nearly killed him. Before that, Ryu and Ken's master was just a nameless unseen character. One that lasted years. An old man who not only trained Ryu and Ken, but also survived the Shun Goku Satsu is really a cool guy.

His Kongoshin "Diamond Body" will stop any non-armor breaking attack in the right directionthen he simply stomps and sends his opponent flying across the screen. Unlike most other practitioners of Ansatsuken, Gouken only has the Shoryuken available to him as Super and Ultra combos. Assassin's Fist may give a story explanation for this oddity; while training Ken and Ryu, Gouken demonstrates each of the three principle techniques of his own variety of Ansatsuken, with a fairly average Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

However, when he demonstrates the Shoryuken, he performs it with such skill that Ryu and Ken are left in awe. Presumably Gouken spent so much time trying to remove the Satsui no Hado from the Shoryuken that he managed to devise two incredibly powerful forms: Gouken probably decided to use these "purer" forms of the Shoryuken, while abandoning their more violent and basic variations.

In the Japanese dialogue in SSFIV, it's heavily implied that Gouken did die shortly after Akuma attacked him, and that his appearance in the game is actually his spirit.

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Traces of this were removed from the translations however. Street Fighter V makes it clear that he is very much alive. In Street Fighter IV. Like Akuma although he performs the technique differentlythe Tenma Kujinkyaku, which can be done from a jump or during his Hyakkishu. He refuses to kill his brother Akuma both times he defeats him, which comes back to bite him in the form of a ten year long coma.

When executed, Gouken rushes forward, ignoring attacks, and strikes his opponent with the flat of his palm so hard they go flying, depending on the variation used sometimes high enough to land another Senkugoshoha afterwards. Gouken refuses to kill Akuma, even after Akuma makes it clear, on multiple occasions, that he has no qualms about killing Gouken if he ever defeats him. Justified since his goal is to show Akuma that their arts do not need the Satsui no Hadou and that strength is attainable even without sacrificing one's humanity.

Thus it does make sense that he would not kill the brother who intends to kill him, as doing so would not only make him a hypocrite, it would prove Akuma correct instead.

Furthermore, should Oni manifest and consume Akuma to the point that his soul is all but dead, Gouken is willing to drop this compunction in no time flat, since it's the force of pure destruction that he'd be killing. A particularly awesome rising variation called the Tatsumaki Gorasen. I Have No Son! His win quote to Evil Ryu.

Why he refuses to kill Akuma, despite defeating him twice. Exclusive to his japanese VA; Gouken is the only Ansatsuken practitioner to emphasize the "ken" in Shoryuken, while every other practitioner emphasizes the "Shoryu". Has a chargeable, angle-able variant. Martial Pacifist Meaningful Name: Just check his win quotes, if Gouken has something bad to say about you, you deserve it.

Ultra Street Fighter 4's new character is female, tipster teases relation to comics - VG

A huge-ass one in one of his alternate costumes. This seems to be the explanation for him appearing in IV. Never mind that he's the sagacious old man who taught Ryu and Ken how to fight, he canonically defeated Akuma prior to the first game although Akuma would seemingly pay him back in a second duel, one which ended with the infamous Shun Goku Satsu.

And when he comes back to settle the score, he manages to momentarily one-up his brother again by shrugging off the SGS. Possibly, depending on your interpretation. His victory quote against Oni is a short and dry "Goodbye, brother.

To Ryu, his adopted son. He's also something of a second father to Ken. You can't really tell with Poison. Not saying that's proof of anything, but Poison was clearly designed as a female.

No amount of estrogen can make a male look like Poison. Any PR statements are as useless as the "She looks like a little kid, but she's really 10, years old! At the end of the day, they were still designed to be little kids.

There are many beautiful transsexual women out there who pass fully as females. It's not just estrogen, but a combination of estrogen and surgery. Anyways, you are just adding fuel to this person's post: I dunno, even if they go through taking estrogen and surgery, it's usually very easy to tell if they are trans, mainly due to the facial structure of males.