Undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

The Undertaker's streak ended at when Brock Lesnar defeated him at Plans for WrestleMania 27 were very different to what ended up. According to Dave Meltzer, The Undertaker was willing to lose to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 27 in and handpicked him to be the guy. In the hours after WrestleMania 27 the IWC is buzzing, and for good reason. in my humble opinion it topped any other Undertaker WrestleMania match, finally going to end, and there were times that I really thought it was.

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The second part of the match occurred when Hunter brought the chair into the match. He came back from the chair to the back to hit the Pedigree for a nearfall.

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Then you had Undertaker do his Last Ride powerbomb out of the corner spot. When Undertaker hit the Tombstone we thought that was it, but I also realized there were more big moves they were going to kick out of. The next big spot? Another Triple H Pedigree that Undertaker kicked out of. He was grabbing his neck and trying to get feeling in his fingers.

Then Triple H hit his third Pedigree, which Undertaker kicked out of. This one looked like it was more protected. A lot of people thought that was it even though we all knew Undertaker was winning. Hunter used the chair next, which included several shots to the back and also a chairshot to the head.

Unseen WWE Pics Show Vince McMahon Hug Undertaker Before Shocking Wrestlemania Loss To Brock Lesnar

Apparently they got fined for that since chairshots are banned in WWE now, which is a good thing. How much did they get fined?

I doubt they really got fined anyway. Then Hunter hit the Tombstone. Look at how everybody stood up. That was the biggest reaction of the night. Then he folded the arms, covered him and Undertaker kicked out. Then THAT became the biggest reaction of the night.

undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

That was a legit markout moment. And Hunter, to his credit, sold it perfectly. Hunter got the sledgehammer.

undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

Then he tried to power out. Then when he finally got the hammer he was too weak. I loved it as a finish. Perfect way to end it because if Undertaker beat him with a power move it would have diminished what Hunter did to him physically.

Taker had trouble getting back to his feet, so instead he won with a finishing move on his back. The total match time was The Undertaker is at WrestleMania. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Triple H and Undertaker. They worked their asses off to put on a great match here.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Streak vs. Career Match: WrestleMania XXVI

This was just barely below that. My reasoning is that this was more of a brawl with well placed spots while the other two were more like traditional wrestling matches. Rank them how you want. It was better for having him there. Nobody can touch him in terms of calling the big matches. The Undertaker sold that beating really well. A lot of us thought he was legitimately hurt.

undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

Did it happen when he crashed headfirst on the floor? We had no idea. How many times have you seen him get taken out by a stretcher before? This was the highlight of WrestleMania No question about that. After the match, we all let out a breath because they took us on this emotional journey and they told the story so well.

They deserved the standing ovation they got. The WWE people sitting 20 feet away from me were giving them that ovation too. You can read my full recap of WrestleMania 27 right here.

To get it from your peers? To do it with The Undertaker who just epitomizes — to me — what our business is about. Not just as a performer but also a behind-the-scenes standpoint. To go out there and do that with him meant the world — I think — to both of us. What I Think Now I had forgotten how long the match was. Kelly began to get the upper hand over Eve. Kelly tagged in Menounos who got off to a good start but was slowed down by interference from Phoenix.

Phoenix and Eve would continue to wear down Menounos who had already suffered two cracked ribs prior to the event.

Menounos eventually tagged in Kelly who began to dominate. Phoenix managed to wear down Kelly but Kelly countered a Glam Slam with a bulldog and tagged in Menounos.

Only 6 WWE Staff Knew The Undertaker Would Lose to Brock Lesnar - Mandatory

The climax of the match came when Kelly saved Menounos, knocked Phoenix into Eve on the apron, and Menounos rolled up Phoenix for the win. The first main event match was a Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee billed as "the end of an era".

undertaker wrestlemania 27 ending relationship

The match started with the two going back and forth. The match moved to the outside where The Undertaker dominated. Back in the ring, Triple H assaulted Undertaker with the steel steps and even countered a Hell's Gate.

The match intensified when Triple H brought steel chairs and a sledgehammer into the ring. After multiple big moves and weapon shots on each other the two men repeatedly kicked out. After suffering multiple Pedigrees, a Sweet Chin Music, and multiple chair and sledgehammer shots, Undertaker came back and executed a Tombstone Piledriver; however, Triple H kicked out.

Triple H delivered one more Pedigree before the Undertaker kicked out, took back control, performed another Tombstone, and won the match to extend his undefeated streak to 20—0. After the match, Undertaker and Michaels helped Triple H out of the ring and made it to the entrance stage, where they embraced. The match began with a back-and-forth between both teams.

After Booker T of Team Teddy entered he was worn down by most of Team Johnny until the rest of both teams engaged in an all-out brawl both inside and outside of the ring. Jericho immediately started attacking Punk. Jericho taunted and slapped Punk, trying to provoke him into getting Punk disqualified. Punk grabbed a chair and attempted to hit him but Punk quickly cleared the chair and continued on with the match.

Punk then successfully connected the GTS, only for a near fall. Punk then applied the Anaconda Vise, forcing Jericho to crawl through and was able to tip the rope. Punk missed the Turnbuckle Shining Wizard, which Jericho countered with a roll up for a near fall. Jericho caught by Punk with a dropkick, then Punk prepared for a GTS, which Jericho noticed and he fleed to the outside of the ring. The match began as Jericho was able to apply several Clothesline, followed by a seated dropkick.

Jerichio went for his signature submission, Walls of Jericho, but Punk countered. Punk missed the running knee as Jericho hit him with an unexpected 'Codebreaker' for a near fall. Later during the match, Jericho counted Punks springboard maneuver into a Codebreaker for another near fall. The final match pitted John Cena and The Rock in a match billed "once in a lifetime". Cena and Rock viciously went back-and-forth with each other throughout the match.

Chris Jericho being the match of the night for the 'wrestling purists. The Undertaker, describing it as "a barrage of violence, passion, and pacing displayed by all three performers in the brutal cage", while also criticizing the beginning of the show as 'underwhelming. They too applauded the main event match, calling the unexpected outcome a good way for the crowd to go home happy.