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twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

A page for describing Recap: Twilight Zone S 5 E The Masks. Though by the end of the episode, he is dead, thus playing the trope straight. . A prime example of this being her marriage to Wilfred a marriage which broke her dear late. The end of this romance clears the space for the emergence of the black female of Beau Willie Brown and his relationship with Crystal: a relationship governed by resident in the scary, paranoid, twilight zone between sanity and insanity. Only in the Twilight Zone could glowing skin ever be so damning. be sure your challenger has the loot to hold up their end of the bargain.

Sam Thorne Willis Bouchey observes, "This must be death. No horror, no fear Mardi Gras incident, the dramatis personae being four people who came to celebrate and, in a sense, let themselves go. This they did with a vengeance. They now wear the faces of all that was inside them—and they'll wear them for the rest of their lives, said lives now to be spent in the shadow. Tonight's tale of men, the macabre and masks on The Twilight Zone.

Sam Thorne takes Jason's jibes in stride, even laughing openly at one point. A darker variation of "You cannot hide who you truly are". And There Was Much Rejoicing: The heirs don't attempt to mask their joy over Jason finally dying, but it's cut short when they take off their masks.

Jason describes Emily as such, who puts her petty ailings and entitlements over everything else. Jason Foster as a wealthy man who has taken on a personal mission to atone for his own debts and deal out some long-overdue karma to his less-than-ideal heirs on the deathbed. Anytime the heirs act hurt by Jason's accusations that they're only interested in his wealth.

Jason knew that the threat of not getting the inheritance would get the family to wear the masks. Jason Foster forces his worthless heirs to wear masks caricaturing their worst personality traits - if they take them off before midnight, they get cut out of his will.

At midnight, he dies and they shed the masks, only to discover that their faces have taken on the shapes of the masks permanently. Averted with Jason, who keeps his humble, human face and not gaining the skeleton appearance of Death's skull. Though by the end of the episode, he is dead, thus playing the trope straight.

twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

The relatives are now loaded with an estate, stocks, bonds, and millions of dollars, but are permanently disfigured by the masks they had to wear to get it. Given the relatives' behavior, the fact they're disfigured could be considered the sweet part. Jason's relatives insist to anyone who will listen that they are there because they care about him and not because of his inheritance. He doesn't buy it for a second, but they all do.

twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

To be blunt, Jason is not content to spend his final hours sugarcoating his words to the heirs. Jason also values this as a trait in general—he tells Dr. Thorne that he outright expects to be treated with absolute honesty. Thorne has learned to accept this and does as he's requested.

Jason Foster, considering what he managed to pull on his own greedy relatives. Jason gets some truly stinging one-liners in on his relatives. Jason was determined to stay alive at least until midnight—largely because the masks' magic seemed to require it.

Emily definitely has the "coward" part down. She's a petty hypochondriac who treats every little discomfort as though it were an ailment, to the point that she tried unsuccessfully to convince Dr. Thorne to look her over when he clearly has other patients to attend to. Later while wearing her mask, she whines about how she's 'suffocating'. And she wasn't too proud to beg her father to let them prematurely remove their masks before midnight.

Five in a row—each of the heirs removing their personal mask and seeing their now grotesque faces, and Dr. Thorne slowly removing Jason's to discover his calm expression in death. The entire prologue gives Jason one. He may be snarky and grouchy to his doctor, but he's also good friends with him and appreciates said-doctor's honesty. This gives us the implication that Jason is far more sympathetic than his relatives. The relatives get their respective ones, before and during their visit with the dying Jason.

Emily complains over her aches and pains. Paula is applying make-up. Face Death with Dignity: Jason never once laments his impending death.

twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

Thorne comments on the peaceful look on his face while examining the body. The relatives' motivation for visiting Jason. Hidden Heart of Gold: Jason is Brutally Honest with everyone, but you can tell he's actually kind to his doctor and butler i. Her first scene involves asking Jason's doctor for some medicine for a pain in her arm. Jason comments for the last 25 years, she has claimed one ailment after another after another. She claims to be at Death's door so often, he notes she must have worn a hole in the welcome mat.

It's All About Me: Paula is exceptionally self-absorbed and obsessed with her own looks, that Jason comments she lives in a mirror, and sees the world as nothing more than a reflection of herself. The episode surrounds Mardi Gras night. Justified because it makes Jason suggesting they wear masks not seem unusual. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He may be brutally honest and snarky, but he's nothing if not honorable, hard-working, or morally sound.

The goal of Jason's ploy was to inflict this on his relatives, making them as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside.

twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

Jason Foster's greedy relatives get what they deserve when he dies and they take their masks off. Nice to the Waiter: Jason is genuinely polite to his butler Jeffrey, and treats him well.

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It's especially surprising because Jeffrey is African-American; considering that Jason's lived through most of the twentieth century and at least some of the nineteenth and is quite rich, it would be easy for him to be a racist, but there's no indication of any kind that he is. Jason makes it clear that in order to inherit his fortune, his heirs must wear the masks into midnight, otherwise they get nothing beyond their return train fare.

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They fulfill the requirement, only to find it had permanent effects. Jason Foster's will dictates if they wear their given masks until the unmasking midnight they will inherit all of his vast fortune. If any one of them removes their mask before hand, they will have only enough for train fare back to Boston.

twilight zone the masks ending a relationship

Jason recalls seeing him torment small animals since he was a young boy and implies he has never grown out of that behavior. All of the heirs. But at least they gained the whole estate, which dovetails into: Emily is a cowardly hypochondriac who whines about her perceived ailments.

Wilfred, a successful businessman, is introverted and greedy, thinking of everything in monetary terms. Paula is vain, constantly checking her appearance in the mirror. Moreover, Jason believes they are only there in order to claim his fortune once he dies. Jason is not shy about his opinions and openly insults each of them. He says he has a special Mardi Gras party planned for the group that night.

After dinner, the family gathers in Jason's study where he instructs them to put on special one-of-a-kind masks, which he says are "crafted by an old Cajun ". Jason informs his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren that a Mardi Gras custom is to wear masks that are the exact opposite of one's true personality.

Thereupon, he says sarcastically that these masks are just that. Jason offers the mask of a sniveling coward to Emily, a miserable miser to Wilfred, a twisted buffoon to Wilfred Jr. He dons a skull saying that the opposite of life is death. The family declines to wear the ugly masks, until Jason quotes his demands as a proviso from his will.

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Unless all four of them don the masks and leave them on until midnight, all they will receive from his estate is train fare home to Boston.

They comply in spite of their disgust. As the hours tick by, all four beg to be allowed to take off the masks, saying that they are unbearable.