Togainu no chi keisuke ending a relationship

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togainu no chi keisuke ending a relationship

Togainu no Chi is the first Boys Love Game made by Nitro+CHiRAL; it is Akira then carries Keisuke in the same way at the end of the same episode. . and all of Akira's relationships with the love interests directly involved in the game take. With Akira's inability to forgive, their relationship becomes increasingly complex, many misunderstandings leading to another (essentially. Togainu no Chi is a Japanese BL visual novel created by Nitro+CHiRAL. The plot centers on Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has . This drama CD centers around Akira and Keisuke's relationship.

An irresistable impulse began to rise within Akira. Every fiber in his body screamed at him to run. As if Gunji could sense his thoughts, he laughed under his breath and then shoved a knee between Akira's legs, effectively keeping him in place. The blades retraced the three cuts. One at a time. Driven further and further into a corner by this gradual torment, Akira fought to shove Gunji's body away from him, regardless of the danger involved.

In response, he laughed under his breath, "Hey Akira held his breath when a pain ran through his chest. The tips of Gunji's claws had sunken into his skin, to control his writhing. He yanked down Akira's jeans. Akira tried to shift away, but he had no room to move.

One of Gunji's claws nicked his back and tore through the jacket as Gunji shifted to pin Akira against the wall. He went dizzy at the pain that shot through him. His mind was being blotted out by red. Gunji's laughter sounded in his ears. This is what ya call proof that you're alive! Ain't nothin' more of a treat than blood and screams!

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Gunji's body temperature seeped into his freshly torn wounds. He stayed as silent as he could and pressed his lips together in agony, hoping the Executioner would tire of him. Even now, even with his body slowly going numb, Akira resisted. His very thoughts were becoming torpid, and he was losing strength as blood continued to flow out of him. As he fought to maintain consciousness, suddenly, Gunji hoisted up his legs.

Although he was in a daze, Akira could feel the weight of his back and hips shift onto the concrete wall behind him. Akira felt something pressing into the depths of his body. Before he could realize what it was, Gunji hauled up his knees. Akira couldn't hold back an agonized scream.

A ripping pain tore him apart. Enough pain to make him forget the injuries on his chest. His throat convulsed, stifling his pained voice. Considering there is a ratio of seven official bad endings two of them are seen as better than the good ending of that certain character, though to five official good endings, this trope applies to the entire game.

A rather violent one, at that. Even the Guys Want Him: Akira, especially in the anime. Everybody Has Lots of Sex: In Shiki's ending, Akira goes out of his way to seduce men and let them have their way with him.

togainu no chi keisuke ending a relationship

Admit it, you thought Gwen was Phoenix Wright when you first saw him. Fate Worse than Death: Akira also prefers dying over losing his dignity. Courtesy of Nano in the anime. Bl ster started out as this. Get Ahold Of Yourself Man: Akira does this to Rin after he saves him from being killed by Shiki. Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: Keisuke, who had big puppy dog eyes for the first five episodes, now has narrower, crazier eyes after his corru ption.

But he gets better after episode 9. Nano does this to Shiki. In the game, whether Shiki accepts Nano's challenge or not — and conversely what kind of ending the player gets — depends of if Akira reminds him of his original goal.

Apparently Kau to Arbitro. Also, Akira to Arbitro in Arbitro's bad ending. Arguably, Akira in Shiki's route, at least towards the end. He Is All Grown Up: Some of the more deranged characters.

Most of the characters appear to have a simple yet sound reason behind their actions. However, the motivations of individual characters are explored in more detail in their individual routes, including their pasts and previous experiences with Project Nicole and the war.

Though he is a bit quiet and shy, if Akira is involved, he suddenly becomes bold.

Upon hearing Akira's situation, Keisuke chases after Akira and also joins Iguradespite his weakness and lack of fighting experience. Contents [ show ] Personality He is kind hearted and well-meaning, but somewhat naive and shy.

He has low self esteem, and greatly admires Akira for being "stronger" than him, holding him up on a pedestal while berating himself. He has also developed much deeper feelings for Akira, which multiply dangerously after he takes Line.

He's quite determined and does his best, even if he knows he won't succeed. Appearance Keisuke is a handsome boy with medium brown hair and brown eyes. He is approximately cm tall. He wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath, and blue coveralls that are tied around his waist. He wears brown sneakers. Abilities Increased Strength - Keisuke becomes much stronger and faster after taking Line, because he is extremely compatible with the drug.

Heightened Senses - Keisuke's senses are also increased by Line; he can find Akira by scent. Relationships Akira - Keisuke's childhood friend from the orphanage. Keisuke greatly looks up to Akira, and in his route admits he's been in love with Akira for years. Rin - They meet in Igura, and while he is initially wary of Rin's overly friendly personality, he quickly comes to trust him.

Motomi - They meet at Meal of Duty. Keisuke is less wary of him since he's not in Igura. Shiki - Shiki and Keisuke do not interact much. In True Bloodthey duel at one point. Arbitro - Keisuke thinks Arbitro is a little creepy.

They mostly only interact when Keisuke is signing up for Igura. Takeru - Takeru tries to steal Keisuke's tags. After taking Line, Keisuke kills him and takes his knife. Keisuke was later adopted by loving parents and treated kindly, and maintained his friendship with Akira over the years.

Common Route Keisuke is first introduced when Akira is taken into custody by the police. Keisuke attempts to attack the police, but is quickly pushed to the ground.

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Akira notes Keisuke's pained expression as he's taken away. The next night, after Akira agrees to Igura, they once again meet in the hallway outside Akira's apartment. Wanting to explain the situation and say goodbye in private, Akira tells the officers watching him that they're "the type of friends who wanna do stuff that might be a tad questionable" outside and quickly pulls Keisuke into his apartment.

While in his room, Akira explains that he is competing in Igura. Keisuke is disappointed and worried, but is amazed by Akira's strength. Unknowingly to Akira, Keisuke follows him to Toshimawhere they meet in an abandoned coffee shop. Akira is initially irritated that Keisuke followed him, though he's impressed that he managed to make it that far without getting killed.

togainu no chi keisuke ending a relationship

He agrees to let Keisuke stay with him because he knows there's no way he'd be able to get back safely. In the old Red Light distract, the two men meet Rinanother Igura competitor. Despite being enemies, Rin is quite friendly and urges Keisuke to join Igura. Reluctantly Keisuke agrees to at least check it out. He leaves the two alone to go searching for this friend. While alone, Keisuke confronts Akira about Igura.

Akira tells him he doesn't want him to participate because of how dangerous it is, and because Keisuke doesn't know how to fight. Keisuke tells Akira he's going to sign up, and knowing that it's too late to change his mind, Akira stops trying to convince him otherwise.

On the way, they witness the Executioners beating a participant to death. Afterwards, Rin brings the two to a neutral-zone club where they meet an information broker named Motomi. At the club, Akira and Keisuke see drug addicts using Line, and have the drug explained to them by Motomi. At the Palace, they meet up with Motomi.

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The three go inside and Keisuke officially signs up for Igura, looking quite sickly afterwards.