The sixth man ending relationship

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the sixth man ending relationship

Women take just six days to end a relationship but men drag the One in six men would stay in an unhappy relationship for six months if. The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell Series) [David Baldacci] on the continued building of the relationship between the two protagonists is the of the book made it a worthwhile read but I could have done without the sappy ending. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Authentic scenario, mystery piled on misdirection, and more . Even the possible loss of Ms Maxwell at the end of the novel. To accept the concept that a persons mind is capable of analyzing the wall and delivering in real.

the sixth man ending relationship

Due to such success in basketball both brothers earned a scholarship to play at the University of Washington. While at Washington the two lit up opposing teams scoring on them at will and carrying their team to success.

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Then just as quickly as their success together it fell apart and shattered and was never able to be reconnected. As Kenny and Antoine are running down court to perform their trademark alley-oop, and as Antoine is slamming the ball into the hoop his heart stops, and he collapse to the ground.

the sixth man ending relationship

He's rushed to the hospital in the hopes that they will be able to save him, unfortunately he dies of his heart attack on the way to the hospital. Once Kenny is informed about his death he becomes belligerent and has to be controlled by his fellow teammates and coaches. After Antoine's death the Washington Huskies go on a four game losing streak losing all four games by 20 points or more. After a team practice Kenny stays in the gym and breaks down and begins to break down and calls for his brother to come back to him and to help him.

All the lights in the gym begin to flicker and a strong gust of wind begins to make its way through the gym. Antoine appears to Kenny, and Kenny becomes ecstatic he wants to call and tell every that his brother is back alive but then Antoine tells him that he's the only one that can see him, and that he will be with him for the rest of the season.

the sixth man ending relationship

There next game comes around and they next game comes and they win and they continue to win thanks to Antoine's help. Kenny's teammates begin to question his concerning behavior as only Kenny can see Antoineand he informs his teammates about Antoine's reemergence, who are skeptical until Antoine uses supernatural forces to persuade them. Under Antoine's influence, the team storms through the competition and eventually make it to the NCAA tournamentfor the first time in over a decade.

Meanwhile, Kenny's relationship with R.

the sixth man ending relationship

The rest of the team begin to have misgivings about Antoine helping them in their games. Kenny informs Antoine, who becomes irate, and wrecks the room they're in. After calming down, Antoine relents to Kenny that he never wanted to pass away. Kenny tells the team he wants Antoine to stay, because he doesn't want to lose his brother again.

While Kenny visits Jerrod at the hospital, R.

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Kenny tells Antoine not to interfere during the championship game with the team by his side, or they will voluntarily forfeit. Disappointed, Antoine leaves, but lingers nearby.

the sixth man ending relationship

The team plays poorly in the first half of the game. At halftime, Kenny gives a speech to fire the team up, telling them that they still have Antoine in their hearts, with the coach and Antoine proud that Kenny has finally stepped up as a leader. The team goes back in the second half with an impressive rally to bring the game close. Kenny attempts the game winning shot.