The originals 1x02 ending a relationship

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The family relationship between the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson and the hybrid, Hayley Marshall-Kenner. They met Status. Were Family, Good Friends, Former Allies; Ended (Hayley is dead) .. Rebekah and Hayley 2 TO 1xjpg. Oct 21, Music Featured On The Originals | See more ideas about Originals cast, The Originals - 1x02 Music - MsMr - Hurricane - YouTube The. Oct 10, As much as I hate to admit that I was doubting The Originals, I was a . the ending, though deeply upsetting, was the only one that made sense.

Please do a better job of avoiding them? The exposition on this show is reaching deadly levels of dumb, but I'm holding out hope it's just a vestige of setting up the world. Because man, I don't know how much more I can take of the characters having these dramatically inert, off-puttingly obvious exchanges. If these are network notes we're seeing, tell those execs this: I would never change the channel over confusion. Feel free to mystify me, guys. I can handle it. All that being said, for every scene that landed like a dead pigeon on the patio, there were scenes both incredible and excellent.

When Marcel forced the two best friends and newly turned vampires to choose who would live and who would die? THAT was the kind of scene I wanted to see. I didn't need to know any backstories, I only wanted to see how that simple conflict would play out.

Then Marcel's decision to murder the more ruthless of the two in order to set an example about how much he valued loyalty? Perfect and profound, credit where credit's due. But I loved how their relationship began contentiously only to slowly become meaningful after Rebekah defended Hayley from a Klaus temper tantrum and Hayley returned the favor by gifting Rebekah some magic daggers she'd found while snooping around the mansion.

I even enjoyed the downright gutsy plotline of Hayley attempting to get a werewolf abortion, deciding not to, and then having a quiet, powerful moment with Klaus in which they both acknowledged how much they actually want to be parents now, if only because they're both cast-offs who fight when backed into corners. Look, I know a lot of people weren't thrilled with the pregnancy plotline, but right now it may be the richest source of storytelling this show's got.

And now Rebekah as a protective godmother just makes it even better. I can't believe I didn't mention this sooner: It turns out slavery DID happen in this universe!

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He was a straight-up slave whose moxie toward his owners attracted Klaus' attention and sympathy. Before we go further: But these flashbacks were undeniably compelling, especially when it became clear that a grown-up Marcel and Rebekah had fallen in love with each other. Sweaty, shirtless, dueling matches just sort of have that effect on people. Even that particular flashback's denouement—a jealous Klaus daggering Rebekah for 50 years and Marcel's decision to become a vampire rather than undagger her—felt surprising and meaningful.

We can build a home together. We can leave behind Klaus, and this city, and those orphan Annie vampires. Those orphan-Annie vampires are my family and this city is my home. It was my home too once. This empire, it thrives because of me, and you want me to run?

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A man does not run from his home. I have lived a lot longer than you, Marcellus! I have seen kings rise and fall, and if there's one thing that I know to be true it is that no matter how big your empire becomes, it is nothing if you have no one to share it with. You want New Orleans? I won't be here to stop you. My mother was consecrated and buried here. She is forever bound to this land, but not me. I'm finally free, and you? Your brothers came into town like they own this place, like they own me.

The Originals 1×02 Review: Rebekah, Werwolfbortions, & the 1820s

They took my home, my people, everything I can't just run away. I'm not asking you to. I'm not a fool.

the originals 1x02 ending a relationship

I see how much you love this city, and I am not the kind of girl who likes to share. Rebekah begins to walk away, but stops and turns around Rebekah: I do wish you had finished building our home. Even if we never set foot inside, it would have been nice if there was something beautiful left standing after all of this. Rebekah continues to turn around but Marcel grabs her and kisses her Rebekah: Rebekah was so sure that he was lying about Hayley's whereabouts that she threw him against the church walls, but eventually believed him when he said that he had no idea what happened to her.

House of the Rising Son

In Reigning Pain in New Orleansafter Rebekah and Elijah had betrayed Klaus before he had overthrown Marcel as King of New Orleans, the two siblings began to worry about Hayley's safety and broke into the compound to rescue her. However, Hayley was more worried about her family's pack, the Crescent Wolf Clan, who lived out in the Bayou and who Klaus had given orders to kill in order to win over the loyalty of his new vampire army.

She then begged Rebekah and Elijah to save her biological family, which they reluctantly did; while there, they learned that the descendants of Klaus' biological father 's pack were also living in the Bayou, a fact that they passed onto Klaus in order to both make amends with Klaus and to further protect Hayley's pack.

In Crescent CityRebekah was instructed by Elijah to take Hayley to the plantation house on the night of the full moon to ensure her safety and that of her baby after several attacks on the family by the witches. Because Hayley was pregnant, she was not forced to transform on the full moon for the duration of her pregnancy, so she used the good timing to convince Rebekah to allow her to throw a party at the plantation house to get to know her family, as their Crescent Curse reversed their werewolf nature and kept them in wolf form at all times except for the full moon, when they returned to their human form for several hours, leaving Hayley very little time to speak with them.

Rebekah helped Hayley prepare for the party, and even flirted with Oliverone of the members of Hayley's pack. Hayley and Rebekah's goodbye scene In Farewell to StoryvilleRebekah visited Hayley in the Bayou to say goodbye before being exiled from town by Klaus, during which time she warned her that while Klaus is quite broken, there's still hope for him in the child she carries.

She also asked her to be careful. Hayley, sad to see her closest friend leave, assured Rebekah that she was always welcome to visit, because she is quite good at keeping secrets from Klaus. Rebekah agreed with her, but added that in the case that she couldn't come visit, she wanted Hayley to tell her daughter stories about her "crazy Aunt Bex" and to always remind her how much she loves her.

Klaus and Hayley then made the difficult decision to fake Hope's death and send the child away to live under the protection of her aunt Rebekah, in hopes of convincing the coven that she had truly perished. Additionally, Hayley and Klaus determined their best course of action would be to stay behind and make New Orleans safe so that one day, Hope and Rebekah could return to live with their family.

Jackson tells Hayley that Hope needs her to be there on Thanksgiving to which Hayley replies that Rebekah is her friend and she needs to find her. Hayley is seen throughout the episode fighting with Aurora to find the location of Rebekah's body.

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My bags are in the car — get them, will you? You're that werewolf girl my brother, Klaus, knocked up. I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural, miracle baby bump. Guess you're not showing yet.

the originals 1x02 ending a relationship