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Some classes (such as the Smuggler and the Imperial Agent) have one or It is only possible to kiss Cytharat if light side options are taken at critical moments involving him. Players of either faction and gender may pursue a relationship with either Retrieved from "catchsomeair.us?oldid=" . I replaced my main, male lightside Jedi guardian, with a neutral female It's a very good story, especially when you find Revan towards the end. .. I like the underlying relationship between the two when you go LS with a SW. SWTOR Jedi Under Siege releases on December 11th, Every single player is able to claim the reward until the end of the year. Following the devastating war against Zakuul, Jedi Master Gnost-Dural has retreated to this SWTOR - Everything you need to know (Light Side Jaesa).

She was present at the Jedi Temple when a contingent of Jedi, including the Kel Dor Gnost-Duraldeparted the capital planet of Coruscant for the occupied Minos Cluster, and she witnessed the riots that broke out across Coruscant as a result. A diplomat and political strategist, Dar'Nala helped to temper her student's aggression and impatience, and Shan became one of the Republic's most famous champions in the years to come. However, the Empire invaded Alderaan while she was there, [8] and Shan raced to the royal palace in order to protect Queen Silara Panteerthough the structure was in ruins by the time she got there.

Shan and Malcom had worked together on previous missions, and the soldier had tried to pursue a relationship with her, though she refrained from doing so because of the Order's restrictions on attachments. Sending word to the Jedi Council, [12] Shan rushed to the Juran Mountains to aid them in their guerrilla war against the Imperial forces marching on Castle Organa. Unleashing a powerful telekinetic blast into the ground before killing the three disoriented Sith, Shan located Malgus nearby and drew her lightsaber as a challenge to her opponent.

The Jedi then vaulted across the battlefield, destroying an Imperial war droid and eliminating four Sith in the process before engaging Malgus in a fierce duel.

After a series of blows, Shan was forced to her knees as she tried to hold back Malgus's blade, though she reached out with the Force and brought down a nearby tree to grant herself a reprieve. The two then continued their duel atop the fallen tree branch before Malgus threw her against another tree trunk with the Force, and Shan was barely able to somersault over the Sith Lord's head before Malgus buried his lightsaber in the tree where she had been moments earlier.

However, Malgus quickly spun and sliced her double-bladed saber in two before she could spin it and attack, and he immediately followed up with a stab directly at her chest.

The following few lines are a direct quote from an article that was published on swtor. From it you can learn a few bits and pieces about Ossus, its role in the new storyline and more.

In short — read this before you start your new adventure! A dark shadow looms over the once-forgotten world of Ossus. Fight for the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire as their forces battle for supremacy in the upcoming Game Update 5.

Amid the desolate crags of Ossus lay the ruins of an ancient Jedi bastion.

Satele Shan

Following the devastating war against Zakuul, Jedi Master Gnost-Dural has retreated to this forgotten world and established a hidden colony, seeking to safeguard the Jedi and their teachings for the future. As the Commander of the Alliance, you will play a key role in deciding the fate of Ossus and the Jedi hiding there.

There will be a separate storyline for both the Republic and Empire forces.

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  • Satele Shan
  • A new Conflict arises between the Republic and the Sith Empire!

Will you side with the Republic forces to protect this vital colony or will you side with the Sith and lay siege to the planet of Ossus? The choice is yours. Each one of them is a separate journey. The stats as well as the Datacrons are legacy-shared.

This means that once you pick them up on one of your characters, all of your existing and new toons will have the permanent boost. The stats themselves are not the big value here. The Datacrons are well placed and involve interesting approaches and techniques to get to them. The Endurance Datacron may make you hate yourself or even the game at some point.

But once you get it, you will be immensely satisfied. It is a very well crafted adventure that will demand you cross Ossus from one corner to the other and explore various ancient places. The Mastery Datacron involves a bit of rock-jumping and climbing, but is rather easy to get to. He was raised a Jedi Knight, of course he'd be terrible at it. Then act one ended and they were both a little messed up trying to deal with what happened, combine with being there and comfort and maybe some admittedly questionable judgment, and there you have it.

Well, I gave her a gold necklace as a gift just before this conversation, rp-wise as a recognition of her becoming a Knight, and she didn't get any affection gain.

After this conversation, she started to like those kinds of gifts. So I think that conversation really is the make it or break it moment for the relationship, and you might have to go all in here or miss out. Many agree that the Jedi Knight male's romance with Kira is the best in the game. Forbidden romance has a track record for being the most intriguing.

Kira would probably be somewhat skeptical. Then there's the people who put her in the slave girl outfits. My in game guess is that they must be a lot better at Force Persuasion. Originally Posted by DarthGile Yep.

Yeah, definitely the best romance in my opinion.

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I finished JK story twice already and now I'm doing it the 3rd time. Tried it different way, like ignoring at first and then falling for her or accepting jedi code and ending relationship. Now making some kind of love at first sight. You have to flirt to get it started and you can end it easier than you may think you can.

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I went this route with my jedi and managed not to lock the romance 'off'', but didn't fare so well with my first sith warrior. He was a bit too cautious about making sure his fomer slave didn't feel forced and lost the opportunity to romance her at all. My Agent is a cold, emotionless machine, my Jedi is a fire and brimstome dogmatic Jedi, my Warrior is a raging bully whose only interest is blood and death And then there's my Smuggler, who is a hound All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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