Sword art online philia ending a relationship

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sword art online philia ending a relationship

The following is a list of characters from the light novel, anime and manga series Sword Art . He soon begin to develop a relationship with Asuna and later married her Towards the end of the SAO arc, she saves Kirito from a killing blow by Kirito met Philia immediately after being suddenly teleported to the Hollow Area. For Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on the PlayStation Vita, Chat Philia · Version Log · Credits You can increase your partner's mood level after you end a chat with a full Enjoy gauge. . Relationship can be better. Kawahara notes at the end of the volume 2: Since the release of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (the recent movie addition to the series) it is.

With Kirito out of the way, Philia continued staying with PoH while he began his plans. After he finished, Philia asked to be released, seeing as she did what he wished. But PoH then revealed the true reasons for wanting Philia's help, making her realize that she truly did send Kirito off to his death.

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Heartbroken and on the verge of tears, Philia tried to hurry off to help him, but PoH got in the way and began to abuse her physically and emotionally before concluding that she was of no further use, deciding to decapitate her with his Mate Chopper. But before he could, Kirito charged in and sliced off his hand, freeing Philia from his grasp.

sword art online philia ending a relationship

With his defeat, Kirito helped Philia back to the Administration Area. Upon return, Philia was sure that Kirito would hate her for deceiving him, but all was forgiven as Kirito reassured her that she did nothing wrong. Slightly mistaking his words as a confession, she was surprised when Kirito told her she was important to him.

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Philia jokingly mocked Kirito afterwards, but truly told him that he had helped her regain her "human emotions", as she had felt hollow inside after becoming trapped in the Hollow Area. Having dealt with the guardian of the area and an uploaded Hollow Kirito, they stopped the upload.

Philia's orange player status was actually a system glitch, which occurred when Philia was teleported into Hollow Area, when Kirito fought against Heathcliff after the 75th Floor boss battle.

sword art online philia ending a relationship

In the Hollow Area, the Hollow data of herself collided with her and they fought each other. The system would automatically delete the data clone of a player should they come in contact with the real life player, but the glitch prevented it from reacting in time and mistook Philia injuring her Hollow clone as attacking another player, thus giving her the orange cursor and trapping her in the Hollow Area. It is written to help you raise affection levels with your in-game friends through the chat system.

The FAQ is made by writing down the lines in the game and the correct buttons for each line, which is done though trail and error. The character lines will be typed as they appear in the game, so please don't message me about typos or grammer errors.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (DLC) part 143: Philia's Skill Fusion

This FAQ is still incomplete, as there is a lot of lines for each character. The Chat System To initiate a chat, you first have to take your partner to a dating spot. Then you have press the Circle button when you see an orange chat bubble above your partner's head. For this FAQ I will be calling those orange chat bubbles that pop up before you begin the chat as chat triggers. Chat Triggers You can press the Triangle button to target your partner before chat triggers appear to make it easier to talk to them in crowded areas.

The lines your partner says during a chat are grouped together under two or three chat triggers. Some chat triggers may only appear in higher mood levels or approval rank, some are just rare.

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Chat Mini-game Once you are chatting with your partner, you have a limited amount of time to please your partner. The partner will keep talking in nonsensical and poorly translated sentences until you get a prompt to press either the Circle button or the R shoulder button.

At this point you have about 3 or 4 seconds to press the correct button and increase the Enjoy gauge. I will be listing the correct buttons for each sentence that is displayed when you have to press a button.

The sentences will be grouped together in one table based on the chat trigger you get. For example, a table might have 2 or 3 chat triggers, but a chat trigger can only have 1 table. The Enjoy gauge consists of 4 bars, correct button presses will increase the gauge by either half a bar, 1 bar or 2 bars.

Chat time depends on the Talk time gauge, which decreases after every 2 or 3 successful Enjoy increases. Time can also decrease randomly if you press the wrong button, this may also end the chat. You can cancel a chat at anytime by pressing the X button. This will deplete the rest of the Talk time gauge, but the chat won't end until after the Talk time gauge's next expected decrease.

sword art online philia ending a relationship