Stefan and elena ending relationship

Vampire Diaries: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Damon And Elena's Relationship

stefan and elena ending relationship

Ever since Stefan and Elena broke up way back when, no one's stopped that Stefan "doesn't have the emotional energy for a relationship" when TVD life miserable, but they ended up getting together anyway in the end. Here are the relationships that crashed and those that soared. It was Damon who Elena ended up with, but it took a few seasons before he. The core relationship in The Vampire Diaries is between Elena and Damon. . Thus, it's understandable why they ended up together in the.

Elena and Stefan

Still, if Elena had learned how violent he was to Isobel to make her leave town, Elena would be bothered. While Elena was sitting in a cemetery, writing in her diary, Damon conjured fog and crows. She acted like it was an everyday occurrence. With Damon, she focused on getting him to act good, despite knowing what he was capable of. The sired then shows their loyalty by following the orders of their sire-- sometimes called a master.

Elena realizes her strong love for Damon and professes her love to him, but Damon only thinks she is saying that because of the bond.

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We learn in the show that the bond only affects actions, not emotions like love. If anyone should know this, Damon should. Why was he skeptical about her love confession? They each had other relationships, but it was their love and desire that took center stage in the television program. While the show was on the air - and even to this day - fans were either Team Damon or Team Stefan. To choose to be with Damon more than once may have meant she had fallen out of love with him-- or it could have meant Elena always had feelings for Stefan, who she probably fit better with anyway.

Stefan and Elena had diaries, which were catalysts to how they met.

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It was interesting to see her viewpoint of events through her human eyes, and vice versa with Stefan. But what about Damon? He didn't start writing in a diary until season 7 and it wasn't really seen again.

With how much they had in common, Stefan and Elena should have stayed together.

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Eventually, she sees the harm and goes to Alaric to remove the memories of Damon. Not one of her friends steps up to force some kind of intervention, subtle or direct. No matter how hazardous. Some humans want to change. Still, Damon turned her. While Elena is trying to adapt to drinking animal blood, Damon pushes his own blood on her. It could be considered selfish, but afterward, Elena was just fine with Damon turning her and giving her his blood.

Could she have been angrier at Damon for doing what he did? Eventually they just parted as Jeremy, having discovered he was a hunter, wanted to be off slaying vampires more than he wanted to make out. Perhaps their lackluster relationship is for the best.

He survived eight seasons of Vampire Diaries staying flesh-and-blood the entire time. Mortal characters drop like flies in Mystic Falls, but he survived. In between there was some romance, but it was sparse. At the end of season 4, Rebekah convinces Matt to join her on a summer in Europe, getting hedonistic and forgetting about duty or vampire hunting. He jumps at the chance. And he might just survive that long. Silas and Amara, the ancient root of much of what bloomed in Mystic Falls, just made everything more complicated.

As viewers and most of the characters learned in season 4, Silas had been a powerful witch two millennia earlier. He tricked Qetsiyah into brewing a potion he used to render himself and Amara immortal, so that their love could last forever.

Because immortality imbalanced the forces of nature, the potion caused the later birth of mortal doppelgangers such as Stefan and Elena.

stefan and elena ending relationship

The doubles' mortal lives expiring, generation after generation, kept things into balance. Another side effect was the creation of the Other Side, the limbo in which holds the souls of witches after they perish.

stefan and elena ending relationship

Qetsiyah hoped to trap Silas there with her, away from Amara; if centuries of witches were trapped too, so be it. Josette Laughlin racked up a pretty good human life before we first met her. Too bad her career path led her to the hospital in Mystic Falls.

stefan and elena ending relationship

She and Alaric started striking sparks off each other as soon as they met. Jo was also a valuable ally as she knew about magic and vampires. They soon got horizontal and turned out to be a great couple. Before long, Alaric put a bun in her oven — actually twin buns, following the coven tradition.

Jo and Alaric were young, happy, in love and had everything to live for — so of course, the romance was doomed. After Jo left the coven, the Gemini eventually locked Kai up in a prison dimension. Bonnie and Damon, unfortunately, got trapped their two and Kai used them to help escape. Stefan was the good guy, Damon his dark and dangerous mirror with bad boy attitude over a vicious inner core. Still bitter that Katherine had chosen Stefan, his sole goal in life was to make his brother miserable.

stefan and elena ending relationship