Star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

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star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the follow up to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and was announced attempting to convince the clone that Juno and Starkiller's connection to her were both meaningless. Reunited: Light Side Ending. A sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, was released in October . If the player chooses the light side, Starkiller fights and defeats Emperor Palpatine, but The Infinities expansion content builds on this ending, though George Lucas Her introduction early in the game allows the relationship with Starkiller to. The Light Side ending involves the Starkiller clone taking Vader into custody, Didn't the The Force Unleashed 2 still take place before The Empire Strike to exist in any way, shape or, form in relation to the canon to be honest. story, basically someone writing historical fiction in the Star Wars universe.

I knew it was going to tie into a 3rd game, even though I hear it's been cancelled already, but I'm sure it will see the light of the day eventually. I mean I guess this Starkiller cared little for the actual rebellion compared to how much he cared for Juno, but I don't know I think they have to kill him at the end ala' Kratos.

Maybe have Starkiller become one with the force like all of them. Why would they kill of a character twice. Also, name me one part of the Original trilogy in which Starkiller would be extremely usefull. The story follows Luke, for all you know Starkiller could have been killing of generals, or siths,or he simply left the rebellion to be with Juno. Well they kill him the first time to wrap up the story in case there was ever a sequel.

In fact, I don't think they even expected to make a sequel. So the original plan was to have him die. Then it becomes the top grossing SW game ever, and a sequel is demanded. So they have to come up with a way to bring him "back", and Ta-Da!

Now this time it seems clear that they are expecting to finish this story in either DLC or another game.

Force Unleashed 2 ending (Spoiler)

So they can conclude the story in the next one and kill him like they planned too at the end of that. And the better question would be where wouldn't Starkiller be useful? As a major strike to rally the Empire's enemies and prove the Empire is vulnerable, Starkiller destroys a Star Destroyer facility on Raxus Prime. With Kota's instruction, Starkiller amazingly pulls a massive Star Destroyer out of the sky with the Force. Vader attacks Starkiller and reveals that he was never meant to overthrow the Emperor; from the beginning, he was the Emperor's tool to expose his enemies, and that Vader's plans to overthrow the Emperor did not include Starkiller.

star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

Starkiller uses the Force to ascertain the senators' and Kota's location: Upon arrival, Starkiller shares a kiss with Juno before bidding her goodbye. Inside the space station, Starkiller duels Darth Vader and manages to defeat his former master.

star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

As the Emperor goads Starkiller into killing Vader, Kota steals the Emperor's lightsaber and tries to attack him, but is incapacitated by the Emperor's Force lightning. If the player chooses the light side, Starkiller fights and defeats Emperor Palpatine, but Kota prevents him from killing Palpatine in hatred. The Emperor renews his attack and Starkiller, whilst absorbing it, sacrifices himself by opening his body to the Force, while Kota and the senators escape on the Rogue Shadow.

The Emperor and Vader look over Starkiller's corpse, concerned that he has become a martyr to inspire the newly formed Rebel Alliance. Senator Organa and the others agree to proceed with their rebellion and Leia decides to use Starkiller's family crest as the Rebellion's symbol.

star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

Outside, Juno talks to Kota, who tells her that among Starkiller's dark thoughts, Juno herself was one bright spot that he held onto right until his death. If the player chooses the dark side, Starkiller kills Darth Vader. Preordering the second game from Gamestop gave players Maulkiller costume, as well as silver lightsaber crystals. This dooms Starkiller not to survive into the original trilogy, although the sequel leaves it ambiguous what exactly his final fate is.

The protagonist of the second game may or may not be a clone, but one thing is for sure, he will do anything to be with the original Starkiller's love interest, Juno. The final and only choice you can make will unlock the non-canon dark side ending.

Oh, boy, is it a Downer Ending — Everybody gets dead or screwed over. And the Sith Edition expands on it with new levels. Well, I've got good news and bad news. Luke doesn't die and his friends escape Galen. Luke succumbs to the dark side and becomes Galen's apprentice. Oh yeah, Obi-Wan's dead and the Rebellion is pretty much screwed, but hey!

At least they blew up the Death Star. Starkiller gets thrown out of a the window of an Imperial spaceship and is left drifting until being recovered on the ISS Empirical. Maris Brood in the first game uses two short red lightsabers, which are closer to knives than anything else.

Dying Declaration of Love: Right before Galen heads down to the Death Star to save the leaders of the Rebellion from Palpatine, his pilot Juno Eclipse gives him a Last Kiss in case he doesn't return. Two occur on the Raxus Prime levels in the first game.

First time there, one thing you can pull out of the yellow toxic sludge is Luke's starfighter, a la Dagobah style. The second time you're there, you can spot a piece of junk in the wall - specifically, the front half of the Millenium Falcon. For the final boss of the sequel, Starkiller gains the ability to enter the Force Fury mode infinitely, greatly increasing the ferocity of his lightsaber combos and the strength of his Force powers.

Besides regular Stormtroopers, you fight a variety of elite special troopers, including flying, flamethrower-equipped Jumptroopers, black-armored Shadowtroopers with cloaking devices, and the Imperial Royal Guards.

Starkiller heads to Bespin and finds the destitute Kota Ram as Stormtroppers break in to kill the Jedi, forcing Starkiller to fight the Imperial Forces until he can get Kota to a ship. The escort part of the job is actually pretty trivial, because Kota can defend himself with his lightsaber and his health is practically unlimited. He's not invincible, but his health is so huge that basically the only way for him to die is to intentionally kill him. Even the windows on space ships!

Metal shutters automatically seal the holes after about a second, but everything close to them will be sucked through. The dark apprentice at the end of the second game is an identical clone of Starkiller, only without his memories or friends. After defecting to the Rebellion, Starkiller returns to two planets he helped conquer for the Empire, Raxus Prime and Felucia, to find Imperial Forces wiping out the native defenses with their superior firepower.

This isn't a cutscene only thing, the first thing the player will see in the second Felucia level is a group of stormtroopers running to their turrets and laying waste to a horde of Felucian Warriors who are rushing them. The players can jump into the middle and take on both armies at once, or just wait for the Stormtroopers to wipe out the Felucians so you only have one group of enemies to fight.

A lot in the first game - for starters, General Kota, with his own lighsaber. The final cinematic in the Dark Side ending has some of this in 1st person view. The Stalker model also has a small droplet of blood leaking from the visor, hinting at some nastiness underneath, which is in some ways even more disturbing than the previous instance. The finishing move for some Rancors invokes this as well Fake Difficulty: Happens occasionally due to interface troubles.

Proxy, due to his programming, becomes a hybrid of C-3P0 and HK Though given that he sacrifices himself for Starkiller in the end and there were signs of genuine fondness for Galen later Juno mentioned in the novel, PROXY wasn't Faux Affably Evil through and through.

The only reason he does qualify is that he really does try to kill Starkiller every time they duel though it's justified as it's meant to keep Starkiller's combat skills sharp.

In the prologue, Kento Marek is shown pulling down Tie Fighters. In one of the defining moments of the game, his son Starkiller puts all his energy into crashing an Imperial Star Destroyer and actually manages to succeed.

Shaak Ti's warning that the Sith always betray one another. It's already shown that Vader is training his apprentice to stage a coup. Then, Vader betrays his apprentice. There's also Kota's warning to Starkiller that fighting the Empire is pointless and doing so get's people killed or worse. Fate Worse than Death: The Dark Side ending in the first game has Starkiller enslaved by the Emperor and being transformed into a cybernetic monstrosity very much like Vader.

In his boss battle, the Emperor uses the Force to dash past Starkiller so fast its hard to see. Shaak Ti, the game's third boss, can whistle to call upon three alien warriors to help her fight the player. She's immune to attack while making the call, but since Starkiller regains health by killing enemies, the player may not always want to.

Ozzik Sturn only fights the player once he has a fully armored AT-KT tank walker and a troop of elite Stormtrooper to back him up. The Emperor will occasionally surround himself with a shield of lightning so that his Imperial bodyguards can come in groups of two or three to attack the player before the boss fight resumes.

For part of the final boss fight, Vader summons Stormtroopers to attack the player while Vader throws platforms from a distance.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: Spoiler Alert

A core gameplay mechanic is the player's ability to control the Force's mystical power to manipulate objects, shoot lightning, block projectiles by seeing into the future, and moving with incredible speed. Naturally, enemies pop up that are immune to some of these powers and most bosses can rival the player's characters powers with the Force. In the first game's prologue, Darth Vader can't actually die. If the Wookiees or the boss Jedi get Vader's health to zero, nothing will happen and the game will just act like Vader still has health.

Starkiller jumps off his ship on his first mission to Raxus Prime and lands on a crashed Star Destroyer. At the end of his second trip to Raxus Prime, Starkiller crashes his own Star Destroyer single-handedly.

A gameplay mechanic in the sequel involves Starkiller diving through the air while using the Force to blow away any obstacles in his way. The mechanic comes into play three times: After the tutorial, Starkiller jumps out the window of a tower and uses lightning and the Force to destroy other towers, spaceships, and platforms that block his path as he dives to the ground. The sequence ends with Starkiller crashing through a glass dome, hitting the ground with a massive shockwave, and sending all the nearby Stormtroopers flying.

The Force Unleashed (Video Game) - TV Tropes

A giant monster named the Gorog chases Starkiller and his friend up a giant tower, only to pull the tower into a pit with it's massive weight. Starkiller is more than willing to let the beast die, but since it managed to grab his friend, he's forced to leap after the beast and use to Force to kill it and grab his friend before jumping into a friendly spaceship. As The Salvation crashes through Kamino's orbit, Starkiller jumps out of the ship and starts diving beside it, giving the player a view as the ship crashes into one of the Empire's cloning facilities.

Two levels in the first game take place on the planet of Felucia, which is covered with giant flora and mushrooms that confine the scopes of the levels. The Militia Elites in the first level and the Rodian Heavy Defenders in the second and eighth levels both utilize gatling lasers in their attempts to stop Starkiller's assault.

Since Starkiller can simply stand still and deflect each of their shots, the odds are not in their favor. Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: The Dark Apprentice, who only appears in the Dark Side Ending of the sequel, at least in the main story.

As Starkiller tries to kill Vader, the Dark Apprentice, who was hidden with a cloaking device and watching the duel the entire time, stabs the other clone in the back before de-cloaking. He does not make an appearance in the Light Side Ending, but could still be hidden and awaiting his next orders from Vader.

There are unlockable videos showing the progression of the Dark Apprentice's training under Vader, which you can get after completing the challenge levels. The final one shows that Vader instructed him not to interfere with his fight with the other clone unless he was needed, like if Vader's life was in danger.

star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

The only other possible foreshadowing of the Dark Apprentice is that, in the Betrayal trailer, after Starkiller fights his way through the Imperials on Kamino, it shows Vader in a lab filled with Starkiller clones in cloning tubes. As he leaves, one of the clones suddenly opens his eyes. This clone could be one of the countless other clones Vader created, or it could be the Dark Apprentice. Regardless, unless you read the book first, you were probably caught off guard by the sudden appearance of this other clone in the sequel's Dark Side ending.

In the second game, Starkiller finds his old friend General Kota enslaved and forced to fight against increasingly ridiculous monsters in gladiator games. The end of the level sees Starkiller jump into the arena and save Kota from the most massive monster in the whole tournament. The novel mentions that Starkiller starts wearing robes more like those of the Jedi in order to be more presentable to the Rebel leaders, who all remember the Jedi as the good guys of times past.

His outfits are a bit more ambiguous in the game, where his last outfit is a gray and black robe. The "Ceremonial Jedi Robes" unlocked after getting the canonical 'good' ending.

It may look like the stomach at first, but the blade's going through that poor stormtrooper's codpiece. The second visit to Felucia features a steel Imperial base functioning as a sort of Eternal Engineonly they decided to make it in the middle of a Sarlaac's stomach.

star wars the force unleashed 2 lightside ending a relationship

Starkiller and to a lesser extent, Juno, slowly become more and more sympathetic with the Rebels over the course of the game, although it is ultimately up to the player whether they reject the Dark Side or stay as evil as ever. In the canonical light-side ending, Galen sacrifices himself to buy time for the senators to escape from the Emperor - and, as Vader and the Emperor note, in doing so, he's become a martyr for the Rebel Alliance that will ultimately be their undoing.

The second one might not be the case. In the non-canon Ultimate Sith campaign, you find his remnants in the basements of Jabba's Palace, where he is being reconstructed to be used by the Hutt for his own malicious purposes.

When Galen and the Rebel founders arrive at Corellia to sign the Declaration of Rebellion, General Kota suddenly shows up, having shed his blindfold, and dressed in full Jedi General regalia. A bewildered Galen says, "I thought you were passed-out in the cargo hold," to which he responds, "I finally came to! Given that the other members were all known and had to go underground or were under careful watch by the empire this is probably not that far from what happened in the lightside ending either.

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Hoist by His Own Petard: Darth Vader sends Starkiller to collect the enemies of the Empire so he can rally them against the Emperor. Naturally, these rebels cause a lot of problems for Vader later in his life. In the sequel, the death animations for the War Droids involve Starkiller using their own weapons to kill them, with the Carbonite War Droid being frozen before being shattered and the Incinerator War Droid having his fuel lit as he bursts into flames. The "Poor Bob" Achievement in the sequel involves Force Gripping a Stormtrooper, impaling him with saber throw, zapping him with Lightning, then throwing him into an object.

Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: As part of his apprenticeship under Darth Vader, the player character starts the game by hunting three fugitive Jedi that survived the Empire's genocide. Galen responds by ripping one of the guns off the AT-ST and clubbing the walker with it.

The first game's difficulty modes are based on titles held by the Sith; "Apprentice" is the easy difficulty, "Sith Warrior" is the medium difficulty, "Sith Master" is the hard difficulty, and "Sith Lord" is the Harder Than Hard mode. The second game's difficulty's modes are all named conventionally except for the Harder Than Hard mode, which is titled " Unleashed " mode.

I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Starkiller looks to very nearly take Senator Organa's head off with his lightsaber in his Reverse Grip style while the senator is standing right behind him. You can see it here at 3: After Starkiller gathers the leaders of the soon-to-be Rebel Alliance in an attempt to distract the Emperor long enough for him and Vader to stage a coup, Vader himself crashes the party and tells his "apprentice" that the whole plan was a ploy to get all the rebels in one place and capture them in one swoop.

I lied when I said the cloning process was not yet perfected.