Spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

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spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

10 Things You Might Have Missed in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing. Go to the The actors and political activists also had an open marriage. 90% of Spike Lee's masterpiece Do the Right Thing is a perfectly developed American cultures form the dynamics of the relationships that drive the story, and . In Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, the story follows members of the and has a bad relationship with Sal because he won't put any black people on the wall. This leads to Sal in the end brutally destroying Radio Raheem's.

Some of the stereotypes are that most of the black characters do not have jobs in the film. Actually the only black character with a job is Mookie. The man warns them several times to not get his car wet but they proceed anyway.

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Some of the characters jumped on the firemen and began to fight them. How come Mother Sister gave everyone such a hard time? The movie never really included any information about her background and what causes her to be so angry with every other character. I sat behind a woman at the press conference who was convinced the film would cause race riots.

And perhaps the other cop is terrified because he is surrounded by a mob and the pizzeria is on fire.

spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

On and on, around and around, black and white, fear and suspicion breed and grow. The article dates back to the year the movie came out. The ending is shattering and maybe too ambiguous for its own good. Yet the telling of all this is so buoyant, so fresh, so exact and so moving that one comes out of the theater elated by the display of sheer cinematic wizardry. The New York Times, 29 June Spike Lee questions why this is still a problem in the U.

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The film also demonstrates the racist behavior of the police and their brutality towards the black community specifically with the killing of Radio Raheem. The oppositional resistive reading of this film is that in the end was the fighting worth it? You see this fucking place?

spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

I built this fucking place, with my bare fucking hands! Every light socket, every piece of tile, me, with these fucking hands! Race and money do not matter in life; just live your life to the fullest. Spike Lee shows how Mookie can successfully work in an all white Pizza Place.

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Overall Spike Lee shows us that people are meant to mix and that racial tensions only lead violence and hate. The potential effects of believing this false model is that it can seriously limit a person to living their life with meaning. If you stay with your culture and people like you your whole life then in the end you will miss out on some of the best parts of life. Meeting new and different people is how you grow, learn, and it changes your personality.

Meeting people unlike yourself instills your interest and literally opens up the world to you. The murder is supposed to be a tragedy, meant to provoke outrage in the audience. But the killing of a fictional character isn't enough in itself to warrant a reaction.

It's not that audiences are jaded, but drama usually elicits judgement based on the narrative alone. If a character is a jerk, his death won't elicit much of a response. Like Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, Do the Right Thing relies too heavily on the personal baggage audiences are supposedly bringing to the film.

spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

Drawing on contemporary events and feelings may be provocative, but it dates the film and makes for poor drama. The reactions of Mookie and Mother Sister to the murder may have been understandable to a disenfranchised group, but in the context of the plot they appear unmotivated, almost random.

spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

The somewhat ambiguous nature of the movie could easily be trumpeted as a selling point. Lee doesn't want to hold your hand; he wants you to make up your own mind. But there is a fine line between "bravely ambiguous" and "maddeningly directionless. Lee made a movie about racism; but we're so starved for challenging works, for thematically mature movies, we've embraced a film that ultimately says nothing more than "racism is bad" and "no one person or group is to blame.

spike lee do the right thing ending a relationship

No differentiation is made between the listed artists, and no context is given for the black leaders mentioned. Sal and Raheem are in direct contrast to each other through the use of two-shot; as opposed to typical form, the back of Raheem is not shown in the shot of Sal, and vice versa.

Raheem is displayed closer to the camera than Sal, which provides a further distinction between their images. The love and hate knuckle rings are obvious opposites, but Raheem highlights their close relation in his speech.

Critical Viewing: Do The Right Thing

The camera gives them equal attention in the scene, focusing on them both while also evenly giving each ring a spotlight. The framing, composition, and angles of shots included in this particular sequence simultaneously characterize Raheem, elucidate and emphasize his relationships with Mookie and Sal, and build tension.

When taken together, the differences in how each scene is filmed add to their overall effectiveness, as they provide a fruitful comparison of encounters across racial and cultural lines. Adelaide Powell Adelaide Powell is a freshman studying communications and film.