Soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

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soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

For SoulCalibur III on the PlayStation 2, Tales of Souls FAQ by ruyeyama. Voldo Finish: 15 END r+K Cassandra Events List: 1: Encounter A6: Investigate the relationship between Soul Edge and the defeated man. As of Soulcalibur III, the series title seems to be Soulcalibur in a reference to Excalibur. The series underwent change in direction after this point. Soulcalibur V . Relationships . Soul Calibur III Cassandra's Ending B. Input Ending: Sophitia calls out to Cassandra Soul Calibur 3 - Cassandra - Ending A. Soul Calibur III.

Siegfried saves his allies, and together they march against the Empire's army. He confronts and defeats the Masked Emperor and stop her conquest. As he leaves her, Soul Calibur, and Soul Edge behind, Iska betrays him and takes both swords but Siegfried emerges victorious. As Iska dies he exclaims that in the end all will betray Siegfried and that only those with power will prevail in the end, leaving those without it to suffer and ultimately die.

As Siegfried leaves, he takes the unsealed Soul Edge with him again. In Soulcaliburhis group of followers Astaroth, Aeon Calcosand Ivy aided him in Soul Edge's quest to devour souls for a resurrection ceremony to be performed in his chosen stronghold, Ostrheinsburg.

soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

But as the ceremony was about to take place, both Aeon Calcos and Astaroth have been defeated, and Ivy had left after learning the truth of her past from Taki. Two young warriors confronted Nightmare: After a raging battle, the evil sword shattered and Siegfried regained some of his humanity and managed to briefly break free from Soul Edge's control.

But along came the memories of the sins he committed when he was consumed by Soul Edge. Moreover, he realized that he had been the one who murdered his father, and that his "resurrection" was only an illusion brought by his mind.

soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

Siegfried meditated on all he had done and decided that if he was to be successful in his new resolve, he must distance himself from the civilized society so that he never kills again. He could not see his mother until he was fully redeemed. He has been well aware that although he had regained his sanity and learned to accept his past sins, he was not yet fully redeemed.

At first it was for short periods of time during his sleep, but eventually he took Siegfried's body completely and used him to cause destruction once more. Four years passed, as he had assumed the azure armor for a second time, becoming Nightmare all over again, desperately pursuing fragments of the Soul Edge that he might fully restore it. As Nightmare plundered powerful souls and recovered shattered fragments, the cracks in Soul Edge healed one by one.

His goal nearing completion, Nightmare returned to Ostrheinsburg for the restoration of the evil sword's true power.

Raphael Sorela French former-nobleman pursuing the blade for his own scheme, challenged Nightmare and was completely defeated, but managed to pierce Soul Edge's eye with his rapier in one final attack when Siegfried's will awakened and he struggled to free his mind from the influence of evil.

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The sword now in agony lost control over Siegfried, and allowed him to defeat Inferno and break free once again. Siegfried then discovered Soul Calibur, released from Inferno's body after its defeat, and impaled Soul Edge's eye with it. Both swords sealed, Siegfried abandoned his old armor and left with them, swearing to seal away Soul Edge for all eternity and atone for his sins. His fate would not release him so easily, however. Created as an avatar for a disembodied Inferno using the original armor as a shell, he pursued and eventually recovered his true body, Soul Edge.

Nightmare also met Tirawho became his servant and manipulated others into protecting Soul Edge and sacrificing souls for Nightmare, to eventually become sacrifices themselves.

At the moment the swords struck a burst of energy was released; Siegfried was mortally wounded, while Soul Edge and its body were pulled into a warped dimension, eventually returning to Ostrheinsburg. Inferno then claimed the entire city of Ostrheinsburg as a vessel due to the fact that Nightmare lacked the capacity to contain his consciousness, and as a result, the city became cursed and many of its inhabitants were corrupted. Tira continued serving Nightmare and manipulating AstarothSophitia and others into serving Soul Edge, in order to weaken Soul Calibur and provide Nightmare with the strength necessary to destroy the spirit sword.

Nightmare would then clash against Siegfried in a final duel, though his plans were interfered with the appearance of Algol and the Tower of Remembrance. As revealed in Soulcalibur VSiegfried gathered his staunchest allies from the Schwarzwind, having reformed the bandits into mercenaries, including Hildegard von Krone and Viola.

soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

One day, after more than a decade of service protecting humanity from the malfested, Siegfried discovered that Soul Calibur had transformed into a new one-handed sword—a clear harbinger of Soul Edge's return. A new champion to wield Soul Calibur would need to be found and the now year-old Siegfried assigned the task to the young Z. Meanwhile, Soul Edge regained consciousness with what little pieces of it were found and collected by its servants; allowing Nightmare to gain a new body and assume the alias of Graf Dumas.

From there, Dumas worked his way into the grace of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II to be awarded the Kingdom of Hungary, exploiting the war with the Ottomans to initiate a widespread search to find the remaining fragments to restore Soul Edge to its former glory, while simultaneously wanted to consume more souls under the guise of massacring the "malfested", the cursed sword's minions.

Unknown to him however, his former servant, Tira had been working to create a new Nightmare as she is not satisfied with Dumas. One of his soldier, Patroklos Alexander ; whom he manipulated for the massacre in exchange for searching his sister Pyrrha, revolted and fled from service. Dumas eventually met with Patroklos and Pyrrha again; this time revealing himself as Nightmare, and forced Pyrrha's hidden Soul Edge power to consume her, causing Patroklos to abandon her.

Nightmare then initiated a war throughout Europe with his newfound power, but is eventually struck down and killed by Z. Though after Pyrrha Omega kills Z. Siegfried also appeared playable in Soulcalibur: Lost Swordswhere he is years-old. Shortly after becoming Nightmare, Siegfried slaughters thousands of innocents in an attempt to resurrect his father, with Soul Edge mimicking Frederick's voice to manipulate Siegfried. Nightmare is eventually defeated by Kilik and Xianghua.

After the Azure Knight's defeat, Siegfried reawakens in a nearby forest wracked with guilt over his memories of his atrocities as Nightmare and his role in his father's death. After facing off against multiple people who want revenge on him for Nightmare's crimes, his soul is partially purified by Sophitia, giving him the motivation to take down Soul Edge for good.

He then waits for his chance to regain control of his body once more.

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Deep in the Labyrinth Olcadan 7: Netherworld 1 G Zasalamel becomes Abyss Netherworld 2 G defeated Zasalamel becomes Abyss Victory defeated Abyss Zasalamel becomes Night Terror The Reckoning defeated Night Terror Place priority on searching for Soul Edge. Place priority on eliminating those who seek Soul Edge. Chase after the girl. Leave the girl alone and explore the castle. Lakeside Coliseum Defeat all the enemies before time runs out! Water Mill Valley Defeat all the enemies before time runs out!

Lost Cathedral Rock Juggernaut W5 post: Lost Cathedral - Ruin pre: Astaroth acquires the SoulEdge pre-match sequence before this battle, even if he's using it already. Astaroth will use the acquired SoulEdge during this battle. Old Toledo Defeat the enemy before it consumes you! Trust the man's words and pursue the Azure Knight. His words cannot be trusted.

Water Mill Valley Defeat the enemy before time runs out! Leave the man with the scythe alone and continue the journey of soul hunting. Search for the Azure Knight. Follow the man with the scythe. Valentine Mansion Defeat all the enemies before time runs out! Judge it to be an absurd rumour and ignore it. Find the man in question. Grand Labyrinth see II. Head for the exit.

soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

Move away from the presence. Chaos - Spiritual Realm pre: Secret Money Pit Defeat the enemy before time runs out!

Siegfried and Nightmare

Head east by land. Head east by sea. Fuji Yoshimitsu Kastane W3 E8: Fuji Defeat the enemy with special powers before time runs out!

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Battle in the Strait see II. Find the man with the scythe in order to remove the curse. Continue to follow the trail of Soul Edge. Just in case, hunt some worthy souls before pursuing the Azure Knight. This is already enough. Pursue the Azure Knight immediately. C2 Assassin 2 C3 Zasalamel pre: G 13,14 C11b Night Terror pre: The Demon Strikes G Astaroth 4: Search for the one who had controlled the skeleton.

Leave this land at once. Lost Cathedral Raphael Estoc W5 post: Ostrheinsburg Defeat the enemy with special powers before time runs out! Consider the man's words to be a trap. Follow the man's words and head east. Continue searching for Soul Edge. Focus the search on Soul Edge. Focus the search on the Azure Knight. It may be dangerous, but pursue the man with the scythe. Proving Grounds Defeat the enemy before time runs out!

Kunpaetku Shrine Ruin pre: Conclude that it's nothing more than empty boasting. Search for this man. Egyptian Temple Defeat the enemy before time runs out!

What happens then is unknown. Drift until a ship sails by. Hold onto the plank and try to swim towards land.

Underground Sanctum see II. Continue the quest carefully while preserving strength. There's no such thing as curses.

soul calibur 3 cassandra ending relationship

Continue the quest normally. Stay in this land for a while and rest. Leave this land immediately to destroy Soul Edge as soon as possible. A2 Ivy 2 A3 Zasalamel pre: The Roar Nightmare 8: Ending Gx20 Cervantes Stages, Details: