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same roof-; Kanojo no Kako (Her Past) - By Wakiyama Hiroaki (of Shuukyuu Shoujo). . This is a nod towards the never-ending nature of the game. at one point, referring to the relationship between Holden Caulfield and his sister Phoebe. Looking for information on the manga Shuukyuu Shoujo (Football Girl)? Find out more with GE: Good EndingAutoRec GE: Good Ending. Amidst their instinct of a cat-dog relationship, things get a bit risqué. —During which, Wataru's older sister's baby, Momoka, suddenly appears!.

Going Through the Motions - The 3D models of the girls can show a variety of emotions, especially the faces, doing fairly well considering the difficulty of doing 3D on the DS. What kind of presents the girlfriend would like. Talk to the girlfriend in Love Plus mode to find out When and where the flea market is.

The fountain park during sunny Sundays The aforementioned Character Customization Hair Decorations - Manaka and her bow naturally; all three can acquire this by changing their hairstyles. Of note is that Manaka's bow colour changes according to day of the week.

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Hello, [Insert Name Here] - You can name your character anything you want, but the game offers a much smaller range of possible names that the girls can pronounce.

Also, only the three heroines can pronounce your name, while the other voiced characters will find other means to refer to you.

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The protagonist is named Wataru Aikawa in the manga. Headphones Equal Isolation - Rinko can be seen sporting a pair of headphones fairly often, even at school. In fact, the first time you hear about Rinko, it's when a female student tells her friend how Rinko ignored her greeting and doesn't seem to fit in with the other students. She's noticeably not wearing one when she started to become closer with the protagonist.

Notably after the second time the protagonist goes out with her. In the Kinugawa vacation for the 2nd 3DS version, you kind of get to see how the girlfriend views the protagonist based on how she draws him on the activity log.

Hidden Eyes - Aikawa's eyes have never been shown in Manaka Days due to a combination of his hair and constant blushing. High School - Towano High School, the game's main setting. Otherwise, there's no real clock to speak of.

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Joshikousei - The three heroines. Although, Rinko seemingly randomly chooses not to wear her uniform in school and to wear her uniform outside of school. You later learn that the latter is partly due to Rinko avoiding her house because of her discomfort with her father remarrying. Justified Tutorial - Upon reaching the second part of the game, You have the option to practice showing physical affection towards your girlfriend.

Accepting the practice makes you daydream about doing so, and the game will make sure you know every location you can and cannot touch and how to kiss your girlfriend. Unfortunately for those lacking a translation guide, you WILL need to be able to follow the directions on the "top" screen, and non-Japanese players people have gotten stuck in this tutorial.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall - At one point while walking home with Rinko, the protagonist asks what would happen if hypothetically he told her about his love for her, to which she would replywith shock, if he has been playing dating simulators lately.

Leitmotif - Each of the three heroines has her own theme song. Love Interests - Unlike most dating sims, there are only three datable girls, though this game arguably offers far more depth in these three girls. For example, the personality of a girl may change, depending on the actions you choose. Nene acts like a Cool Big Sis.

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The name "Takane Manaka" translates to "flower of love on the high cliffs". She has short red hair and dark green eyes, and wears a boy's uniform to avoid the awkward situations that would arise from using her feet while wearing a skirt.

Rin's unique personality has brought about awkward situations with her peers, especially for Hisao, and as a result, some people do not talk with her such as Lilly. She is nonchalant with the other students and about their disabilities in general; she often inquires about other people's disabilities as a hobby.

As a result, she is seen as extremely blunt, especially with the mention of her period. She is Emi's friend and hall mate, as their physical abilities complement one another. Her role in the school festival is being the sole painter of a giant mural posted in front of the dorms. Her name was designed as both a homage to legendary cartoonist Osamu Tezuka as well as a pun based of her talent as an artist and disability the first kanji in her surname means "hand".

This bespectacled girl has short dark blue hair and eyes; she is both deaf and mutecommunicating primarily through Japanese Sign Language. Her friend, Misha, is almost always at her side, translating everything from and to Shizune, allowing for communication with other people.

As others have described her including herself, Shizune is strong-willed, forceful, and manipulative; but occasionally displays a softer side and reveals her emotions. She has an intense intolerance of Lilly and initially indirectly dislikes Hanako as a result. Her name was designed by the game's developers to be a pun based on her disability; the kanji for her given name mean "silent" and "sound". She serves as her interpreter, and is the first to befriend Hisao in Yamaku.

She has long curls of dyed pink hair and gold eyes. She is friendly and cheerful, though her enthusiastic tone for most things have sometimes tired those around her. Despite being a relatively major character in Act 1, she is not a potential romantic interest to Hisao, but instead, she helps him get used to the school in his first few days of his transfer; she does however become a potential love interest in the Shizune arc as Hisao can engage in an affair with Misha, leading on to the bad ending.

Misha attends Yamaku as part of a sign language recruitment program, making her one of the few non-disabled students attending the school. He appears to be a hikikomori and very anti-social, claiming to be the "last sane man in an insane world. Kenji's route is the bad ending of Act 1 if the player does not choose one girl to befriend over the course of Act 1. Plot[ edit ] In Act 1, as the story progresses, the reader may choose their reaction to prompts that pop up at certain scenes.

These choices eventually lock the reader into a "path" that focuses on one of the five girls that the reader may take a romantic interest in.

Acts follow that girl's story where choices are prompted throughout the narrative until the reader reaches an ending. The endings vary from Bad to Neutral to Good.

The bad ending ends the relationship on depressing terms or rather at a point where it would be impossible to salvage the relationship. The neutral ending is arguably the most bittersweet of the three as, while Hisao does not part on bad terms with his partner, their partings are more ambiguous and heart-breaking. The good endings all end with Hisao coming to a better understanding of his relationship to the girl in which the reader had been locked into and an optimistic outlook on the future.

All endings end the story in each respective girl's in Act 4, with the exceptions being both Emi's and Rin's "Bad Ending" that finishes their stories during Act 3. Depending on the choices made in Act 1, the reader can also be locked into an early "Bad Ending", in which Hisao spends the act-ending school festival on the school roof, drinking whiskey with Kenji.

The scene ends with Hisao falling off the roof and dying. Kenji's direct involvement in the fall is never made clear. Critical reception[ edit ] Katawa Shoujo received generally favorable critical reception. Upon release, it was praised by some reviewers and fans, who most notably praised the game's sincere and respectful treatment of the setting. Raita mentioned that he had been "closely watch[ing] over" the production of the game and that he was "deeply affected" by the thought of the challenges that the development team had to overcome.