Shawshank redemption soundtrack ending a relationship

Shawshank Redemption Analysis | The Movie Soundtrack

shawshank redemption soundtrack ending a relationship

The Shawshank Redemption: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Sorry, this item is .. The Marriage of Figaro / "Duettino" Sull 'Aria . music. Two tracks stand out as my favorites - the Shawshank Prison theme (Tr. 2) and End Titles (Tr. 21). The Shawshank Redemption is the original soundtrack of the film The Shawshank "The Marriage of Figaro: Duettino - Sull'aria" performed by Edith Mathis, Gundula Janowitz, Orchestra of the (); Lovely Raquel (); And That Right Soon (); Compass and Guns (); So was Red (); End Title ( ). The Shawshank Redemption () is based on the Stephen King short Mozart kept him company in the hole, stating, “That's the beauty of music. The film's final lines encapsulate the theme of hope, revealing the power.

On video, however, it was a different story. Despite its disappointing box office turn-out, Warners shippedrental copies of The Shawshank Redemption in the US, a figure which they happily admit was 'kinda outta whack' with its poor performance in cinemas.

Not only would Shawshank become one of the top renting tapes ofits subsequent TV airings would continue to pull in viewers in record-breaking numbers. Against all industry expectations, a film which had, in effect, been rejected by audiences in cinemas was rapidly shaping up as a home-viewing hit with both men and women. So what was happening?


Ask any video dealer and they'll tell you that the key factor in Shawshank 's unexpected success on tape was simply word of mouth. Renters who had given the film a wide berth in cinemas were now taking The Shawshank Redemption home on the recommendation of friends and family, increasing numbers of whom were having profound, even life-changing, experiences with the movie. Repeat viewing was a big factor, too, with fans coming back to rent the same film time and time again, developing an intense personal relationship with the themes and characters in the comfort of their own home.

The intimacy of the home-viewing experience seems to have been of crucial importance for The Shawshank Redemption. As Darabont attests 'I've gotten mail from people who say: Or "it got me through a really bad patch in my life" "a really bad illness" or "it helped me hang on when a loved one died". And from such intimate encounters came the quasi-religious readings which would transform The Shawshank Redemption into a latter-day Gospel for some viewers.

David Bruce, of the 'spiritual' pop culture website HollywoodJesus. The Shawshank Redemption gives you hope; you can go on; you can go forward. Some are deliberate and darkly ironic - none more so than the character of Warden Norton, described in King's text as a 'Jesus-shouting son of a whore', and played by Bob Gunton as a scripture-quoting demon closer to Richard Nixon than Billy Graham.

Here you will receive both. Put your trust in the Lord - your ass belongs to me. The deeper one delves into The Shawshank Redemption, however, the more the search for such religious symbols becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. While immersed in writing a short book about the movie for the British Film Institute's 'Modern Classics' series last year, I suddenly noticed an 'obvious' parallel between a key scene in which Andy procures beers for twelve fellow inmates which made them feel like 'the Lords of all creation' and the legend of the Last Supper in which Jesus hands wine to his disciples with the promise of eternal life.

When my manuscript was finished, I sent a copy to Darabont who expressed his delight at my 'beer communion' reading, but insisted that no such interpretation had ever occurred to him.

The more the merrier; bring them on. Morgan Freeman concurs, adding that the story of Andy and Red is the story of 'a sort of love relationship' which goes 'deeper than just friendship.

But to tell you the truth, I just don't know what it is about that film that resonates so with people. The tenth anniversary re-release of The Shawshank Redemption is on 9 September. Many scenes involved this ironic contrasts between the tone and the surroundings. On several occasions the background music is cheerful and upbeat while the physical settings and scenery are dark, dreary and depressing, particularly within the prison settings.

The Shawshank redemption, being a narrative film, has a narrative film soundtrack. This means the sounds create a particular structure allowing the viewer to identify with characters, objects, and themes that are in the center and in the peripheral of the narrative.

Throughout the movie, the sound runs parallel to the storyline of the movie, accentuating certain points of interest when necessary. During these points of interest, the sound is more often than not, defining the picture, to relay the themes of hope and despair upon the audience.

Composer, Thomas Newman manages to strategically balance the grim tones of prison life within the walls of Shawshank with the inspirational influences of hope. This mixture of sounds affecting mood, builds upon the plays dramatic elements of tension and empowerment, enhancing the audiences understanding of the story.

Overall, the movie uses sounds that both leads and synergizes with the images. The major synergistic, leading, and paradoxical elements at play within the Shawshank Redemption are that of voiceovers and the soundtrack music itself. Perhaps the most effective voiceover occurs during the narration of Brooks letter to Andy.

The background music during the narration is made up of a piano beat, adding a sympathetic and sorrowful tone to the narration, further supporting the theme of lost hope through its synergy.

The same background music is apparent, with the thematic piano beat, emphasizing the theme of hope or loss of it.

shawshank redemption soundtrack ending a relationship

This voiceover narration has the same synergetic component as the other one, only it also introduce the element of a paradox, because the mood of sorrow is introduce, only to later be contradicted by a cheerful and positive mood and outcome.

Lastly, the voiceover of Andy when Red is reading the letter he left for him, instructing him to come to Mexico is another example. The music throughout the film plays an important role in contributing to the movies overall themes and moods. Composer, Thomas Neman uses a lot of orchestrated pieces of music in this film, particularly piano and string instrumentation. This theme is a repetitive four-note motif performed by bass string and cello that seems to rise and fall, establishing a sense of wavering hope in relation to the image of the prison.

This theme synergizes with the images, both working to complement the mood of one another. The second instance of music contributing to the film, and creating a sense of synergy, is the music that plays in the background when Andy escapes from prison.

shawshank redemption soundtrack ending a relationship

The music has a monumental build to it, with the eventual climax coming when he rips his shirt off in the rain.

Thus, this music works to fuel the theme of hope, and what can be achieved if one never gives up on it.

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The movie is structured in the three part format typical of the classical structure, which organizes the story into the setup, the development, and the resolution.

Within the classical narrative structure, the setup of the film is where the main characters of the story are introduced, as well as their goals, and the obstacles their likely to face in the pursuit of their objectives. The beginning of The Shawshank Redemption introduces us to the main protagonist of the story, Andy Dufresne, as we quickly learn that he has just been accused and convicted of the death of his wife, and her lover.

He has suffered great misfortune, however, his determination and faith is a central element in the play, shedding positive affects on both himself and the people within his circle.

This hook, as it is more commonly referred to, engages the attention of the audience and suggests the direction that the story is likely to take. Having been sentenced to serve time at Shawshank State Penitentiary in Maine, this is where Andy meets the rest of the central and peripheral characters of the story.

The prison is run by a Warden named Samuel Norton, the peripheral character in the story, in contradiction to Andy, Norton plays the role of the antagonist villain of the film, however, not without a bit of ambiguity. Hadley, captain of the guard. Discipline and the Bible. Put your faith in the Lord.

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Your ass belongs to me. So, Just as we thought Andy had a way to prove himself innocent and achieve his desired goal, the door is slammed shut, allowing us to come to the realization that if Andy has any success of achieving his objective, he must escape. These obstacles are apart of the development of the story structure, contributing to the rising action and tension in the story, and setting us up for the dramatic climax. Furthermore, the two peripheral characters create a cause and effect relationship with the central characters, where there actions force reactions, all of which, further solidify this film as being of the classical narrative structure.

Other notable characters that are introduced to us within the confines of Shawshank and are central to the Narrative of the story, are Ellis Boyd Reading, nicknamed Red, and Brooks Hatlen.